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Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed - A ...

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Hogwarts Too Exposed - A Slytherin Among Us Chapter Nine


Sunday, September 5, 2004

"Get away, don't touch me," Jamie shouted as she opened her eyes and tried to get her bearings.

Jamie had spent the previous night with Caitlin and Emily, and, as normal when they got together, very little actual sleeping took place. Therefore, she had taken advantage of the boring afternoon to take a brief nap from which Amanda had just awakened her with startling results.
Amanda jumped back in shock. She'd nudged Jamie awake on many a previous occasion, but never with this type of response.

"Oh! It's you. I'm sorry Amanda. I must have been having a dream. Did I frighten you?" Jamie asked, still faintly disoriented.

"I'll say you did," Amanda responded. "Who were you fighting off in that dream, or should I say nightmare?"

"I don't remember now. I just remember trying to avoid being touched," Jamie answered. "Forget my stupid dream, where have you been? I looked all over for you yesterday afternoon to no avail. Then, no one knew where you were this morning when I got back."

"Yesterday I was with Tony," Amanda said as if regretful. "This morning I just took a walk after brunch to be alone with my thoughts."

Amanda had a solemn look on her face that troubled Jamie. "You and Tony didn't have a fight, did you?" She asked, genuinely concerned.

"No, we're all right." Amanda replied unconvincingly. "I just worry sometimes that maybe we're rushing things. After all, neither of us seriously dated before we got together. I envy you being able to know for a fact that Alex is your chosen."

Jamie nodded her head. "I appreciate what you saying. It must be tough not being one hundred percent sure. You think you are, but there is always that little doubt in the back of your head that nags you."

"You got it," Amanda said shaking her head dismally. "Witches and wizards live too long a life to be married to the wrong person."

"Fortunately, we both have quite a few years to go before we have to worry about marriage and children. But speaking of rushing things, I have lots of stuff to tell you about Caitlin and Emily."

Amanda gave Jamie a forced smile. "Have you finished you're parchment for History of Magic yet?"

"No. I've been waiting until I needed something to put me to sleep," Jamie said, depressed at the thought of tackling the assignment.

"Let's go to the library and get it finished this afternoon, then maybe you, Alex and I can do something together this evening. You know, just the three of us, like it used to be. You can tell me about the adventures of Emily and Caitlin on the way."

Jamie laughed. "We'll have to walk to the library by way of Hogsmeade for me to finish by the time we get there; the girls have been extremely active."

Monday, September 6, 2004

"Kim, it's time to get up," Emily said, shaking the girl's shoulder.

"It can't be. It must be the middle of the night. The sun isn't even up. Let me go back to sleep," Kim moaned.

"Kim, we're underground. How would you know whether the sun is up or not?" Emily said, aggravated. "You're the one that said you wanted to be a part of the exercise group. If you've changed your mind, just say so, and you can go back to sleep."

"Can anyone join, or do you have to be invited?" Marta said groggily.

"I'm sorry Marta," Emily apologized, "I didn't mean to wake you. In answer to your question, it's open to anyone not too lethargic to get out of bed early!" Emily looked disgustingly at Kim who appeared to have fallen back to sleep.

"What should I wear?" Marta inquired.

"Socks and trainers, of course," Emily responded. "The balance is up to you depending on the weather and how easily you get cold. It's still fairly warm so most people will be wearing shorts and a top."

Marta took off her pajamas and stood in her bra and knickers as she searched for a pair of shorts. Marta had only started putting her socks and trainers on when Emily finished dressing and went over to her dresser and looked in the mirror. She said a few words that Marta didn't catch and then started to undress, but even though she seemed to take her clothes off, she didn't.

"How did you do that?" Marta asked in amazement. Emily was still dressed in her shorts and top, but Marta saw her put them back in her drawer.

"It's a concealment charm that Mum... I mean Professor Granger taught me. I use it all the time to exercise in nice weather. It looks like I'm fully dressed, but actually, I only have on my trainers and socks."

"Wow! So you can go outside naked and no one knows." The concept seemed to intrigue Marta. "Would you teach me how to do that?"

"Sure," Emily said without hesitation, "but there are a couple of glitches you should be aware of. The charm doesn't fool mirrors and if someone touches you, like to hold you for sit-ups, they see you as you are."

"Oh," Marta exclaimed, sounding rather disappointed. "I imagine, in that case, you have one of your sisters hold you?"

"Not generally," Emily answered nonchalantly. "Usually it's Randy, but sometimes Matt, Alex or Tony holds me."

"And they've all seen you naked?" Marta asked in disbelief.

"Okay, okay, I give up," Kim said, as if extremely aggravated. "I guess I'll go with you two, seeing as how you won't shut up and let me go back to sleep. Give me two seconds to dress."

Kim tossed her covers aside and quickly slipped on her socks and trainers, then hurried to her dresser and grabbed a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. As she pulled the shorts over her butt, Emily commented. "I love those shorts, but are you sure you want to exercise in them? The inseam is almost non-existent. Your holder will probably be able to see everything."

"I'm sure you are both tired of looking by now," Kim said, holding back a yawn. "Let's get this healthy stuff over with so I can have a nice greasy breakfast."

Kim headed for the door, not letting Emily warn her that there was no guarantee that she or Marta would be her holder for the exercises.

"I hardly see the need for exercise when it's necessary to run up and down twenty staircases to get anywhere in this castle," Kim grumbled, still half asleep, as they finally reached the main entrance. Hermione, Harry and most of the regulars were already stretching as Emily and the girls arrived.

"Good girl, Emily," Hermione said with a smile. "You brought us two new victims. Suppose you help Marta today and let Randy assist Kim."

"Sure," Emily answered quickly, a devilish smirk on her face.

"Couldn't Randy help Marta? I'd be more comfortable with Emily," Kim practically begged, now suddenly very conscious of just how short her shorts were.

"Kim, it's only for one day," Emily said, trying to fight laughing. "Randy won't bite. He holds for me all the time."

Yes, but you don't mind boys seeing your private area. You're doing this to me on purpose, just because I ignored you and didn't change shorts. You are evil, Emily Zacherley.

Since it was the first day that they were exercising as a group for the year, Hermione only had them do twenty-five repetitions of each exercise. Both Kim and Marta felt twenty-five seemed like a lot, since neither was accustomed to a workout.

Quickly, they got to the last of the exercises, sit-ups. First, Emily and Kim held for Marta and Randy. Marta was amazed when she saw that Emily's holding of her ankles negated the charm. Then, they switched places. Kim took a deep breath. She felt like the sacrificial virgin about to be placed on the altar. If her inseam stayed centered, she might get away with this, but if it went right or left, she'd be exposed. It slipped to the right, the far right.

With each sit-up Kim felt like she was exposing more and more. She knew that Randy had to be able to see all of her, but he didn't seem the least fazed. He certainly wasn't staring like he had at Emily on the train; actually, he seemed to be looking away as if turned off. Kim jumped to her feet, as soon as the count hit twenty-five, and brushed down her shorts.

"That's all the exercises," Randy said nonchalantly. "Now we run."

Kim just stood staring at his back as Randy ran off following Hermione and Jamie, who as usual led the group.

"Are you annoyed with me?" Emily warily asked, as she tapped Kim shoulder. "Let's get going before they get too great a start."

"Actually right now I'm more confused than annoyed," Kim said. "That was a dirty trick on your part, but then again, I didn't use much common sense wearing these shorts, especially after you warned me."

"If you're not angry, what's the dilemma?" Emily asked as they started to run, Marta directly behind them.

"I know this is going to sound ridiculous, especially bearing in mind that I certainly didn't want Randy to see my bush, but he didn't react at all," Kim said. "I know he could see me, but he didn't stare. It actually seemed as if he didn't want to look."

"That's weird," Emily said, shrugging her shoulders. "I'll have Caitlin cross-examine him. He's certainly not acting like the Randy I know."

Thursday, September 9, 2004

"You're certainly not Hermione, but you're just as pretty," Harry said as he stuck his head out of the kitchen to glimpse at who had slammed the door.

"Only in my dreams," Emily said as she quickly finished removing her clothes. Once finished, she ran to give Harry a hug. "I miss us not being together every day."

"I miss you, too. How are the Slytherin's treating you and Kim?" Harry inquired.

"Its getting better," Emily said with a half-smile. "Kim sticking Bancroft to the ceiling and Tyler and I finishing the initiation challenge helped a lot. Of course, there are some who will always hate us, but, after all, they are Slytherins."

"So are you, but you're hugging the heir of Gryffindor."

"I'll do more than that," Emily said as she jumped up and threw her arms around Harry's neck, kissing his cheek several times as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"My, but you're certainly in an atypical mood today," Harry said as he wrapped his arms around the young girl in order to help support her. "Where's your shadow?"

"Kim went to the library with Becky and Marta. I have something important I have to discuss with you and Mum. I mean Hermione," Emily said apologetically.

Emily suddenly looked ready to cry. Harry held her tightly and kissed her forehead. "You have a big heart, sweetheart. There's room in there to love a lot of people. Calling her Mum, doesn't mean you've forgotten your real mother. You're incapable of that; you love her too much. It simple means you care for Hermione a great deal.

"I'm not telling you that you should call her Mum, that's a choice only you can make. I'm only saying that it's not wrong. Your parents are up there watching and I'm sure they are extremely proud of their youngest daughter. I'm also sure they'd understand. I know how wonderful it would make Hermione feel."

Emily hugged Harry even tighter. "I don't know how to explain it. It's not that I love my parents less, but every day I love you two more. I shudder to think what would have happened to Jamie and me without the both of you."

"It's a two way street," Harry responded. "You, Jamie and Caitlin have brought a great deal of happiness to our lives. Even if we eventually have children of our own, you guys will always be our little girls. And don't you ever forget that." Harry gently squeezed Emily as he finished telling her this.

Emily could no longer hold back the tears as they flooded forth. She squeezed Harry with all her strength. "I love you too, Dad!"

"I love you too, Honey." Harry replied, his usually steely green eyes now quite moist with tears.

They stood there holding each other until at last Emily said, "Do you know where Mum is? I really have to talk to you both."

"No. I expected her to be here by now. Let's check on her whereabouts," Harry said as he deposited Emily on her feet. "You'll find this interesting."

Harry took Emily's hand and led her into the room that Jamie used as a bedroom, but also served as a study for Hermione and Harry. He walked over to the desk and took a seat, and Emily quickly perched herself on his lap. Harry opened the large double drawer, Emily spied the invisibility cloak, but Harry pushed it aside and reached for a rolled up parchment beneath it.

Emily watched as Harry unrolled the large, square, much worn piece of parchment. She was disappointed to see that there was nothing written on it. "Is there something special about that old thing?" Emily asked.

"You could say that," Harry said as he took out his wand, touched the parchment lightly, and said,/ "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."/

At once, thin ink lines started to sprout from where the wand had touch the parchment. They spread about joining and crossing each other until they formed what appeared to be a map. Then words began to materialize across the top, wavy green script, that declared

Messrs. Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs

Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers

are proud to present


Emily was amazed. It was a map showing every aspect of the Hogwarts castle and grounds. Then she notice the tiny ink dots moving about, each labeled with a name in diminutive writing. "There's Kim!" she shouted excitedly, pointing to the library. "Caitlin and Jamie are in the Gryffindor common room."

"And there's Hermione," Harry said, pointing to the headmaster's office. "She must be having some sort of meeting with the Headmaster and Professor Malfoy."

Emily's face turned pale. "I think that meeting might be about me," she said uncertainly.

"You haven't got yourself in trouble with the Potions Master, have you?" Harry asked, concerned.

"Not exactly trouble, but that's what I wanted to talk to you and Mum about."

"I don't see the necessity of involving her in this," Draco said caustically. "You're the headmaster. Only your approval is required."

"Quite true Draco, but under the circumstances I feel Hermione's contribution is important," Severus answered calmly. "After all you are the head of Slytherin House and I am the former head. We could be considered bias."

"Like she is Miss Impartial," Malfoy spouted angrily. "The last time I checked she was still head of Gryffindor House."

"I don't welcome being argued about as if I weren't even in the room," Hermione said, annoyed. "If you want my opinion, I will try to be impartial, but I don't intend to stand here all day while the two of you come to a decision about whether or not to even inform me as to what you want my opinion on."

"Professor Malfoy would like permission to bend the first year rule for Quidditch," Severus announced.

Hermione just looked at the two men, irritated. "I hate to see a first year play Quidditch. Firstly, the game is extremely dangerous. Secondly, it takes such a great deal of time away from their studying. Getting accustomed to Hogwarts is difficult enough, but...."

"What did I tell you?" Malfoy yelled, interrupting Hermione. "If it was Gryffindor house, there would be no problem. They've done it twice in the last twelve years. But let's not help Slytherin. Are you afraid we might give you a run for the cup?"

"Draco, you have a bad habit of not letting a person finish speaking," Hermione answered tersely. "Although I had nothing to do with it, Gryffindor has had two first year players on their teams in recent years. And as much as I'm against it, you did have a horrible season last year. I can't see how I can go in opposition to it as long as it's agreed that the student's grades are monitored. Studies are more important than Quidditch."

"Then it's agreed," Severus announced. "Draco, you may have the team captain inform the player."

"Who is the first year and what position will he be playing?" Hermione asked.

"It's not a he, but rather a she," Draco corrected Hermione. "Emily Zacherley will be the first female seeker in the history of Slytherin house."

Hermione mouth dropped open, but she was too shocked to speak.

"She's leaving Severus' office," Harry noted. "Now will you tell me this deep dark secret?"

"Let's wait for Mum," Emily answered. "Depending on their chat, I might not have a choice." Emily tried to change the subject. "Are we allowed to use this map?"

Harry looked at the map and then glanced in the drawer at the invisibility cloak. How would he have ever gotten through Hogwarts without those two items?

"I mean to find you or Mum in an emergency," Emily added.

Harry smiled. "Show Caitlin and Jamie how it works the next time you're together. But if Hermione catches you with it, I'll deny having any knowledge of how you discovered how to use it." Harry tapped on the map again and said, "Mischief managed." The parchment went blank, and he put it back in the draw just as the door slammed.

"Hermione isn't happy," Harry said. "She never slams the door. We're in here Mione."

Emily waited in anticipation. Was the slamming of the door a sign of good or bad news? Emily wasn't even sure which news she would consider good.

"You realize, of course, that this is your entire fault, Harry," Hermione said as she stormed into the room. "You're the one that's been teaching her to fly the past few months."

"Did the Headmaster say yes or no?" Emily asked hesitantly.

"He said yes," Hermione answered. "You, young lady are a double first. Not only are you the first first-year to ever play on a Slytherin team, but you are also the first female seeker in Slytherin history."

"Quidditch!" Harry shouted excitedly, as he hugged Emily. "You made your house team as a first year without out even a tryout. And you're going to play seeker." Abruptly the enthusiasm went out of his voice. "But Jamie's the Gryffindor seeker. You'll be playing against your sister."

"I know," Emily said gloomily. "That's what I wanted to talk to you and Mum about."

Hermione just stared at Emily. She wondered if the young girl even realized what she had just said. It didn't matter. She had said it. Hermione rushed to Emily and literally swept her up into her arms.

"I didn't expect you to be this happy about me playing Quidditch," Emily said between hugs.

"I'm not," Hermione said. "It's what you said."

"I love you Mum."

Neither could fend off the tears as they stood holding each other. Harry watched, with a smile on his face, a tear in his eye.

Finally, Emily said, "What am I going to do? I want to play. It's a dream come true, but I can't play against Jamie. Maybe I should just say no and wait until my third year to try out after Jamie is gone"

"Is that what you think Jamie would suggest?" Harry asked.

"Jamie would tell me that I'd be crazy not to play," Emily answered. "As far as us playing against each other, she'd tell me to try my best and that we just play it out."

"Sounds like good advice to me," Harry answered. >BR>
"But what if I beat her?" Emily asked, seriously doubting that possibility.

"Either way, we'll be proud of both of you," Hermione said as she gave Emily a reassuring squeeze.

Friday, September 10, 2004

"Caitlin, did you see Amanda this morning?" Jamie asked, concern in her voice.

"No, but I did notice she missed our morning run again today. Has she quit the fitness program?" Caitlin asked is response.

"She says she hasn't, yet she's had some excuse or another not to attend every morning this week and this is the second time she's missed breakfast," Jamie replied.

"Well, wherever she is, Tony isn't with her," Caitlin commented. "He's sitting with the other Slytherins. You don't think they've had a fight, do you?"

"Amanda says not, but she doesn't seem to be spending anywhere near as much time with him as she used to," Jamie answered. "I feel like Amanda is keeping something from me and that's just not like her. I think I'll ask Alex to talk to Tony."

"I don't think Amanda is the only one keeping secrets," Caitlin said, a rather disgusted look on her face. "Dick Bancroft's brother seems to be making a habit of sitting next to Emily at meals. You don't think she's going to dump Randy for him, do you?"

"I hope not," Jamie said as she stared at the Slytherin table. "He seems nice enough, but after all he is Dick's brother. That single-handedly should tell Emily to be vigilant around him. I know, I shouldn't judge him by his brother, but it's hard to believe they could be complete opposites."

"Must I go to bed already, Daddy?" Timmy begged fervently.

"Yes, you must." Ron said. "It's already way past your bedtime." He glanced at Sam who was curled up on a chair in the corner of the room wearing her favorite at home outfit, absolutely nothing. "If I allow you to stay up any longer, I'm afraid Mummy will punish both of us."

"You mean take away our treats?" Timmy asked, aghast.

"Exactly," Ron answered, although Timmy and he were thinking of two extremely different types of treats. "Run, give your Mummy a kiss good night and then I'll tuck you into bed."

Timmy ran across the room and climbed up on his Mum. "Daddy says I have to go to bed now or neither of us will get treats."

"Is that what he said?" Samantha laughed as she gave Timmy a hug and then before kissing him, said, "If that's the case you better hurry off to bed. I know the two men in my life certainly love their treats."

Sam watched as her son ran back and grabbed Ron's hand. "Daddy, is it okay if I sleep nudie again tonight. I'm a big boy. I promise not to dirty my bed."

Ron shook his head in bewilderment. "You're getting more like your mum everyday. Go to the potty quickly while I get you an extra blanket so you're not cold."

Sam continued to observe Ron and Timmy until they both entered Timmy's bedroom. "I love them both so much; life without either of them would be unbearable. If only I could shed this burden of doubt. Of all people, why did Timmy's birth father have to be Draco Malfoy?"

"He's amazing," Ron said as he reentered the room a few minutes later. "Claims he's not tired, but fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow."

"Typical man," Sam responded. "You guys will never admit to being tired. Part of the male sense of self."

"Not true," Ron said defensively as he knelt down on the floor in front of Sam. "Timmy had me tuckered out and ready for an early night, but then I looked at you and suddenly felt invigorated."

"Really," Sam said playfully. "And I suppose you're on your knees begging for your treat."

"Actually, no. I want to see if what they say is true," Ron replied mysteriously.

"Who is they, and what do they say?

"You know. It's better to give than to receive." With that said, Ron reached for Sam's foot. Before she knew what was happening, he was licking her toes and tickling the sole of her foot. But he didn't stop there. After several minutes of concentration on her foot he moved to her ankle and calf, caressing and kissing.

Sam tried to relax and enjoy the pampering, but Ron had done this before and she knew where he was headed. Her body was already tingling with anticipation as Ron reached her knee and the sensitive area behind it. Then he started caressing and kissing her upper leg getting closer and closer to his objective.

Sam could feel her body reacting as Ron began kissing her inner thighs. He was just inches away and the keenness was driving her crazy. Unexpectedly, there was a loud rapping at the door.

"Damn," Sam said aggravated. "Some people have the worst timing. Ron, will you please get rid of whoever it is, my robe is in the bedroom."

"Sure, just remember where I was when we were interrupted."

"Don't worry," Sam said, assuringly. "I know exactly where you were."

Once again there was a pounding on the door. "I don't know who the hell that is, but they're certainly impatient," Ron said as he climbed to his feet and headed for the door.

"I hate going out on a custody case," the chartreuse haired girl said. "This isn't proper duty for an Auror."

"This is rather more than a simple child custody battle," Sergeant Anders replied. "Child endangerment is involved. This tart of a mother is living with a werewolf, a werewolf who is a known attacker and has spent time in Azkaban. That's why the captain assigned four of us to pick up the kid rather than sending the normal patrol. Even though the animal's bite is allegedly not dangerous except during the full moon, they're still exceedingly strong. I don't want anyone hurt. If any of my actions tonight seem overly aggressive, just remember Smithy."

The girl tugged the sleeve of the other female Auror. "Who is Smithy?" she whispered.

"Smithy was an Auror and the Sergeant's best friend; stood up with him when the Sergeant got married," Churchill replied. "Smithy and his partner were sent on what was thought to be a simple disturbing the peace case about three years ago. The scene of the disorder turned out to be the apartment of a known prostitute. The door was locked, but from the noises emanating from the apartment it sounded like an argument with a client had gotten out of hand."

"They wasted no time deactivating the locking charms, but neither was prepared for what faced them inside, a female werewolf. Before they could react, the she-wolf lunged at Smithy's partner causing him to crash backwards and out the third floor window. Then she turned on Smithy and in an instant had bitten through his jugular vein. She actually severed his head from his body. It was never found."

"Wands ready," Anders ordered. "I'll take the woman. You three guard the werewolf. Take whatever action necessarily other than the forbidden curses to put him down if need arises."

"Who the hell do you think you are banging like that?" Ron shouted as he opened the door.

"Official business, Ministry of Magic, Department of Child Welfare. Step back and no one will be hurt," Anders ordered as the Aurors shoved their way into the apartment, the green haired girl tripping over the threshold and practically falling.

Sam jumped to her feet, about to flee the room in order to screen her nudity. "Freeze lady. I don't want to hurt you, but I will if necessary," Anders shouted.

Sam didn't move, her embarrassment suddenly forgotten and substituted with fear.

"This is our home," Ron shouted. "What the hell gives you the right to burst in uninvited? For gods sake at least let her get something to shield her modesty."

"No one moves," Anders bellowed. "As for modesty, I doubt she has any. A whore that sleeps with a werewolf has probably been in bed with half of England."

"You fucking bastard," Ron cried as he made for Anders only to be thrown to the floor by a curse hurled by Powers.

"Sergeant Anders, that's Ron Weasley," Tonks declared. "He was part of the covenant that defeated Voldemort. Shouldn't he be treated with more respect, and, the poor girl, can't she at least be allowed to cover herself."

"He's a werewolf and she's a whore," Anders answered angrily. "Neither deserves respect or kindness. And you, Tonks, will find yourself in a menial pencil-pushing job if you don't learn to follow orders without question."

Anders turned his attention to Samantha. "Are you Samantha Bowman?"

"Yes," Samantha answered determinedly.

Anders walked over to Sam and handed her a parchment. "This is a court order, demanding that you without delay turn Timothy Malfoy over to our protection. He will remain in the care of the Ministry until proper custody is determined. Where is the boy?"

"No!" Samantha screamed as she ran to block the entrance to Timmy's room. "You're not taking Timmy from me. He's my son, and his name most certainly isn't Malfoy."

"Churchill, get the boy," Anders ordered.

"No one is taking our son from us," Ron roared as he once more lunged for Anders, this time successfully pinning the Sergeant to the floor and delivering a number of winning blows before Churchill and Powers sent him hurtling through the air with their combined curses.

Ron hit the wall with such force that the resulting impact left him unconscious and literally in the next room. Sam rushed to his side as Anders staggered to his feet. "Churchill, get that damn kid."

Timmy was already awake and crying when the Auror enter the room. "He's naked." Churchill yelled. "They don't even dress the poor child."

"Damn perverted people," Anders said, shaking his head in disgust. "Just wrap the child in his bedcovers."

Timmy started screaming as Churchill wrapped the bedcovers about him and carried the boy out of the room. "Mommy, Daddy please help! Don't let them take me!" Timmy cried in panic, tears covering his face.

Sam made for Churchill, but Powers grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the floor.

Tonks looked on in horror, not believing she was a part of this atrocity, as Anders opened the door for Churchill who was carrying the still screaming and struggling Timmy. As Powers turned away, Sam got to her feet and ran through the door grabbing on to Timmy and trying to seize him from Churchill's grasp.

Anders grabbed Sam by the neck and slung her head first to the ground as if she were a rag doll. She lay there motionless.

When Tonks reached the street, she was horrified. Sam's forehead was covered with blood, her body motionless.

"Let's get a move on," Anders called out to Powers and Tonks. "Our work is done here."

Powers ran to the portkey as Tonks lingered.

"We can't leave her here in the middle of the street unclothed and comatose," Tonks argued.

"What's your problem Tonks," Anders asked angrily. "Do you think someone will take advantage of the tart in her present condition? Hell, the bitch would probably enjoy waking up to the knowledge that she'd been gang banged while she slept. She's rubbish."

Tonks hesitated, looking at Sam lying on the ground, bleeding, naked and totally defenseless.

"Tonks, we don't have all night. Get the hell over here now," Anders ordered.

End of Chapter Nine

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