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A Secret No More

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Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed - A ...

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Hogwarts Too Exposed - A Slytherin Among Us Chapter Ten

A Secret No More

"I'm not one hundred percent positive, but I think we're pregnant," Hermione said contentedly as she and Harry cuddled in front of the fireplace.

"That's an enormous relief," Harry said, wiping his forehead with the back of his sleeve. "I was worried that you'd force me into another one of those all night sex sessions if you weren't."

"Well if that's the way you feel about having sex with me perhaps I should go put some clothes on," Hermione threatened half-heartedly.

"I certainly hope you realize I'm only kidding?" Harry said as he held Hermione and gently circled her left nipple with his finger. "I love the fact that you're always naked and that I can just reach out and touch you any time I want."

Hermione gave Harry a kiss on the cheek. "And I love being fondled by you. I'll miss all this attention while I'm fat and pregnant." A quick grin that changed just as quickly into a smile spread across her face.

"You mean while you're beautiful and pregnant," Laughed Harry. "I'm looking forward to holding you just like this and watching our baby grow."

"I thought perhaps you'd want me to start dressing; that you'd be turned off seeing me naked while I'm heavy with child," Hermione replied grudgingly.

"Not in the least. By the way, are you aware that the girls intend to keep a photographic record of the transformation of your body?"

"They're what? Clothed or naked?" Hermione snapped, taken aback by this news.

"Knowing them, I would take it for granted nude," Harry laughed. "Caitlin says they're going to take a front and side view every two weeks so that they catch all the changes in your body."

"They in fact expect me to pose naked for them? And what did you say?" concern slowly leaking into her voice.

"I told them it was a grand idea and that if they needed any help holding you immobile for the pictures, I'd be pleased to give a hand," Harry said, a grin on his face.

"My hero," Hermione said just shaking her head. "What's happened to me Harry? I was always so dignified and now look at me, lying here unclothed, completely uninhibited. What's worse, I've half a mind to let the girls take their pictures, and I'm thrilled you want me to still be nude while I'm pregnant."

"Nothing has happened to you," Harry declared. "You're still the same wonderful girl that walked into my life thirteen years ago. The only change is that now you have a different perception of nudity. A much healthier view, in my opinion, but then I could be prejudiced, considering the benefits I reap."

"Speaking of garnering benefits, since the kids are sleeping in their dorms tonight, why don't we take advantage of the privacy?" Hermione said as she got to her feet.

"Funny isn't it, how great minds pursue the same course? I was just about to suggest the same thing," Harry said as he embraced Hermione.

Just as he was about to sweep Hermione into his arms, a face appeared in the fireplace flames without the usual advance warning. Hermione hastily sought coverage behind Harry as the redder than normal face of Ron Weasley spoke. "Sorry about that. I just..."

Ron couldn't get the words out before he started crying. "Please, I desperately need your help," he implored. "They took Timmy, and Sam's been hurt. I dread to think what would have happened if Tonks hadn't been here." His head falling into the two shadowy hands that started to shake.

"We're as good as there," Harry said without question or hesitation. "Hermione, summon your robe and...."

Without a word and either forgetting momentarily about her state of undress or not considering her modesty important under the dire circumstances, Hermione ran to the fireplace, grabbed a handful of floo powder and stepped into the flames. Harry couldn't believe his eyes; his wife appeared to have literally stepped into the wide-open shocked mouth of Ron Weasley. Harry dashed to the bedroom, grabbed Hermione's robes and, in an instant after flooing over, was standing next to Ron."

"Where's Hermione?" Harry asked, an anguished and disheveled looking Ron.

"She went directly to the bedroom. It sounded like she gave Tonks a bit of a revelation."

"What happened? Who did this?" Harry asked, looking at the damaged room.

"I'll fill you in, but let's check on Sam, first," Ron said, noticeably worried. "I'd also like Hermione to look at my shoulder. It's either dislocated or broken."

They promptly headed for the bedroom, but Ron paused before entering. "Perhaps you should go in first and give Hermione that." He indicated the robes Harry was carrying. "I think she might be more comfortable with me in the room if she has that on. I know without doubt that I will be."

Harry collided with Tonks as he entered the room. "I was just coming to get you," the Auror said uneasily. "Hermione was hoping that you might have thought to bring her robes. Does she do that often? I mean use the floo in the nude?"

"This was her first time," Harry said giving the purple haired young woman a smile. "It's good to see you again. Although I wish it were under different circumstances."

"Me, too. I'm sorry I had to be a party to this atrocity, but, in a way, maybe it's good I was here."

Harry nodded in concurrence as he hurried over to Hermione. "How is she?"

"She'll be fine," Hermione answered, relieved. "Just a mild concussion. The blood made it look a lot worse than it is."

"Maybe you should slip this on," Harry suggested as he helped Hermione with her robes. "Ron wants to check on Sam, and I think you ought to look at his shoulder."

Once granted entrance, Ron rushed to Sam's side. "Will she be okay?" he asked.

"She's fine," Hermione said reassuringly, as she put her arm around Ron. "I placed her in stasis till I was sure. It will also serve to calm her somewhat. What say I look at your shoulder before I bring her out? Then we can all discuss what took place here. Harry, while I'm seeing to Ron, will you try to contact Seamus Finnegan?"

"Isn't it rather late to be contacting a legal representative?" Harry inquired.

"Look at this letter," Hermione said as she passed the parchment, which had previously been clutched in Sam's hand, to Harry.

"Tuesday!" Harry bellowed after reading the letter. "The hearing is this Tuesday! That gives us no time at all to prepare."

Sunday, September 12, 2004

"The message didn't say what he wanted to speak to you about?" Alex asked, somewhat concerned.

"No," Jamie answered as they walked in the direction of the headmaster's office. It just said to report to his office as soon as possible. You don't think that he somehow found out that we plan to use the room of requirement?"

"I hope not, but you never know," Alex said, perplexed. "They say that when Albus Dumbledore was headmaster, he never seemed to be unaware of anything that took place in the castle. Maybe Hogwarts is somehow magically bugged."

"We'll know soon enough," Jamie said as she reached the winding staircase that led to Snape's office. "Please wait for me."

At first when she entered the office she thought it was empty, but then the Headmaster called to her from the balcony above his desk requesting her to take a seat. Jamie sat waiting nervously as Professor Snape descended the stairs.

"Miss Zacherley, I find myself in need of some assistance next week and from the information I received from the staff, it would seem you are my prime candidate." Professor Snape stated as he seated himself behind the desk.

"Assistance, doing what, Sir?" Jamie asked with trepidation.

"I assume you are aware of the custody hearing which is scheduled for this week. Because of it, I will be lacking many of my teaching staff for two, possibly three days. Normally if one Professor is under the weather, another Professor will fill in during their off periods or the class might be canceled for a day.

"In this case I am going to be missing five Professors and I've only been able to secure two substitutes. Professor McGonagall has agreed to cover for Professor Granger and Professor Grubbly-Plank will teach Care of Magical Creatures; that will allow Professor Bell to cover most of the Muggle Studies and flying lessons. I will be teaching Potions.

"That unfortunately leaves me with no one to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. Professor Flitwick has agreed to teach year four and up, and also year five and up of Charms. Would you be willing to give us a hand and teach the younger students?"

Jamie was stunned. "You want me to teach Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts?" Jamie asked.

"It would just be for that short time. The lesson plans are prepared and both Professors Potter and Flitwick have utmost confidence in you - as do I," Professor Snape added.

"I'd be honored, Sir," Jamie answered breathlessly.

"Wonderful," Severus said, a grin on his face. "I will announce our plans this evening at dinner. I will also inform the students that you have orders from me to be extremely harsh point wise to anyone not giving you the full respect owed a professor."

"Thank you, Sir," Jamie said, her face glowing. "I'll do my very best"

"Of that, I'm quite sure," the Headmaster said with a smile.

Tuesday, September 20, 2004 13:45

"Seamus, thanks for everything," Ron said, offering his hand.

Seamus Finnegan gave Ron a rather perplexed look. "Usually the client waits until the outcome of the hearing is known before expressing gratitude to his legal representative."

"I know, but not many barristers would practically move in with their clients and work twenty hours a day to prepare a case," Ron replied.

"Normally I wouldn't either," Seamus said honestly, as he gave Ron a pat on the back. "But I think of you as a friend first and a client second." Seamus glanced at the door of the courtroom as Hermione entered with her arm around Sam.

"How is she doing, Ron?" Seamus inquired. "Will she be able to make it through her testimony?"

Ron shook his head bleakly. "Not good. If we lose Timmy, she'll never be the same. But she realizes how important her testimony is to the inquiry. I know she'll try her best. Excuse me," Ron said, as he went to meet Sam at the door.

Harry watched as Ron gave Sam a peck on the cheek. "Exactly how good are their chances of winning this?" Harry asked apprehensively.

Seamus shook his head gloomily. "Maybe fifty-fifty at best," he answered. "Ebenezer Bullchip is a ruthless counselor; doesn't care who he hurts, just as long as he wins. The documents you and Hermione secured in America over the weekend will definitely help, but prejudice will play a big role. Sadly, Ron living with Sam hurts her chances of keeping Timmy."

"Bullchip is going to push the child endangerment issue," Seamus added. "We can only hope the judge doesn't buy into it."

"What's he like; the judge?" Harry asked.

"She," Finnegan corrected. "Ebony Jones is hard-hitting, but fair. If anyone is capable of seeing through Bullchip's smoke and mirrors, it will be Jones. I just hope Sam and Ron can hold up against the horrible treatment Bullchip will put them through."

"It sounds like you're on familiar terms with him. Have you faced him in court before?" Harry asked.

"Twice, unfortunately," Seamus answered bitterly. "Both times my clients were in the right, but the jury bought his lies and deceit. Hopefully, this judge will be more perceptive."

"Hopefully," Harry said, with a mock sound of joy but not at all convinced, as he went to sit with Hermione. He stopped briefly and endeavored to bolster Sam and Ron's spirits as he passed them.


"All rise."

"You may be seated," Judge Jones announced. "This is a custody hearing with allegations of child endangerment. Let all ye present be aware that my only interest is the safety of the child concerned. I will not be influenced by, or tolerate screaming, shouting, or crying. Theatrics do not impress me. I am only impressed by honest testimony and undisputable evidence.

"There will be no jury, therefore, no reason to object to any statement. The opposing party shall not shout out at anytime during testimony. You will have ample opportunity to cross-examine and refute what has been said. I want to hear all the evidence; therefore, in this hearing witnesses are not at any time limited to a yes or no answer. Please give all pertinent information. At times I may even ask questions of a witness in order to gather more clarification." Judge Jones explained is a tone that declared and demanded authority without question.

"I understand that parentage is not disputed. Attorney Bullchip, your client has filed the petition, so please begin."

Hermione leaned over and whispered in Harry's ear. "Talk about a no nonsense judge. Remind me not to cross her."

"You got that right," Harry responded.

"If it pleases your honor," Ebenezer Bullchip said self-importantly, "I would like to call to the stand, Professor Draco Malfoy, the birth father of Timothy Malfoy."

As Draco approached the stand, he nodded politely to the judge before being seated.

"Mr. Malfoy. Would you prefer if I call you mister or professor?" Bullchip asked respectfully.

"Actually I'd prefer Draco," he said looking as humble as possible. "It's much less pretentious."

"Draco, your son is nearly three and a half years old. Pardon me for being so harsh, but why have you waited until now to become a part of his life?" Ebenezer asked, sounding almost as if he were chastising Draco.

"I only found out in May that he existed," Draco said despondently. "And that was entirely by accident. I saw the boy with Miss Bowman at the Potter-Granger wedding. Anyone looking at him can see immediately that he has Malfoy genes."

"Was that also the first time you saw Miss Bowman since Timmy's conception?"

"Yes. I was shocked to see someone of her repute at a Hogwarts function. But when I realized she was with Weasley; it made more sense."

Bullchip looked at Draco questioningly. "What exactly do you mean when you say someone of her reputation?"

Draco seemed to be searching for the correct words. "You know, a working girl, a woman of the night, a street walker."

"Oh my god," Hermione whispered to Harry in consternation. "He's trying to make Sam out to be a prostitute." Harry noticed that Seamus was having great difficulty keeping Ron from attacking Draco. Sam just kept shaking her head uncontrollably as tears trickled down her cheeks. Barrister Bullchip looked at Draco with surprise. "How did someone of your background allow himself to come into contact with such a person?"

"I'm embarrassed to say." Draco blushed as if truly mortified. "It was while I was on an extended holiday in the States. I'd never seen the colonies and was rather enjoying myself, despite being extremely lonely. While I was eating lunch, Miss Bowman asked if she could share my table. I was rather surprised, since there were numerous empty tables in the vicinity, but feeling alone, I said yes."

Ron glanced at Sam a horrified expression on his face as he remembered how he and Sam had first met.

"We had a rather enjoyable lunch," Draco continued. "It was nice to talk to someone pleasant, and I offered to pay for her lunch. She agreed to accept my offer, but only if I allowed her to personally escort me about town. I was hesitant, but she seemed quite nice and, since I was friendless, I agreed.

"The afternoon was fabulous. Although lacking in some British refinements, I was quite taken by Samantha. She similarly appeared to be attracted to me. We had dinner together and then made plans to meet the next day." Draco looked up at the judge. "I was certainly naive; never even wondered how it was that she didn't have to work. The second day was even more marvelous than the first. I was by now quite smitten with Miss Bowman, and so when she suggested that we go to her apartment after dinner, I followed her like a lovesick puppy."

Draco looked at the judge as if mortified. "I was rather inexperienced and nervous, but Sam put me at ease. She helped me and didn't make fun of my naïveté. At the time I never even wondered how it was that she was so knowledgeable and secure. I felt like I was in love. That was until the next morning when she told me the previous evening would cost me two hundred dollars. While she was in the loo, I put the money on the bed and left." Draco shook his head dejectedly. "I thought she cared for me, but she was simply plying her trade."

Sam looked at Ron, tears in her eyes. "Please believe me. That's not how it happened."

Ron squeezed her hand as he forced a smile.

"And you never saw her again until the wedding? She never tried to contact you and tell you that you were a father?" Bullchip asked.

"No, she didn't contact me," Draco said, looking heartbroken. "I never even considered the possibility that she might be expectant. I always thought that those types of women took precautions to prevent pregnancies."

"When you realized that you were a father, what did you do? The barrister asked.

"At first nothing," Draco answered honestly. "I struggled with indecisiveness for months. Finally I became conscious that it was my duty as a father to do whatever necessary to secure a fit life for my child."

Ebenezer nodded his head in agreement. "And that's when you came to me and decided to seek custody?"

"No," Draco replied. "That's when I went to Miss Bowman and begged her to marry me?"

Bullchip acted as if this was the first time he was being made aware of this information. "You asked her to marry you despite her profession?" He practically sputtered.

"It was the proper thing to do," Draco announced, righteousness dripping from his lips. "I thought perhaps I could turn her life around, but at the very least I could save my son from the depravity of that half human." Draco looked directly at Ron.

"What was her answer?"

"She slammed the door on my face," Draco responded, looking like he was about to cry. "Told me that I could never satisfy her sexually the way her wolf man did. That's when I came to you."

Ebenezer Bullchip wobbled his head sadly side to side. "I have no more questions your honor."

"I have a question for you Professor Malfoy," the Judge said. "You're a bachelor. How do you intend to take care of a child and continue teaching?"

"I'm to be married in the very near future, and my bride to be is anxious to help me properly raise the child."

The judge had a strange look in her eyes, but nodded her head without further comment.

Harry and Hermione just looked at each other. Could that be Draco's true purpose in asking Ginny to be his bride, to have a live-in babysitter?

"Your witness Barrister Finnegan," the judge declared.

Seamus approached the witness stand with two parchments in his hand and acknowledged Draco. "When we attended Hogwarts, you had quite a reputation as a ladies man yet your testimony seems to decry that. You make it sound like your encounter with Miss Bowman was your initial time having sex. Is that the case?"

"Not exactly my first," Draco hedged. "But she obviously was more experienced than I."

"Really," Seamus retorted. "According to these two parchments that I'd like to enter as evidence." Seamus handed the documents to Judge Jones. "Miss Felice Harrington-Smyth and Miss Mariah Kirkner both found you to be rather a satisfying and accomplished partner at age seventeen. Yet four years later you claim to be young and naïve. Would you be what they consider a born again virgin? Never mind, I withdraw that question. I've heard enough dubious testimony from this witness, your honor. No further questions."

"Is that all he's going to ask him?" Hermione asked Harry, dismayed. "What about all those lies he said about Sam?"

"I think I understand Seamus' strategy," Harry answered. "Instead of attacking Draco I think bit by bit he intends to show that virtually everything that Malfoy said was a lie. But he doesn't want to do it with Draco on the stand. Draco without doubt won't recant any of his previous testimony, so why give him the occasion to lie even more?"

"Would Virginia Weasley please take the stand?" Barrister Bullchip announced.

"Talk about dividing a family," Harry said softly as Ginny walked to the front of the courtroom.

"Sadly what they say about love must be true," Hermione added. "She's evidently blind to the fact that Draco is only using her to help secure Timmy."

"May I call you Virginia?" Ebenezer asked as he approached the witness.

"Certainly," Ginny answered politely.

"Virginia, how long have you know Draco Malfoy," Bullchip asked.

"I've known of Draco since I was a first year student at Hogwarts. That would be approximately twelve years, but I only really got to know him during my forth year." Ginny's face turned pinkish. "That's when we started dating."

Bullchip looked at Ginny surprisingly. "Have you been dating continuously since then?

"No, we broke up and dated other people, but now..." She looked in Draco's direction, smiling. "I think we've both come to the realization that we were destined to be together," Ginny answered happily.

"I understand you come from a somewhat large family," Bullchip said with a grin.

"Yes, rather large. I have six brothers. My mother had her hands quite full with us."

"How would you feel about starting out married life already responsible for a three year old?"

"It's certainly not how I would plan it, but I understand Draco's desire to be with his son and raise him in the Malfoy tradition. I'm prepared to help my future husband give his son a quality life."

"I'm sure you'll make a wonderful, decent wife and mother," Bullchip said with a smile. "No further questions."

Sam stared at Ron, livid. "She's your sister! How the hell can she be a party to this sham? Timmy has a mother; he belongs with me."

Ron hung his head, he was not about to defend his sister's actions.

"Ginny," Seamus said with sincere concern as he approached the witness. "This must be extremely difficult for you. Draco is your husband to be, yet Ron is your brother and engaged to Timmy's mother."

"Difficult is putting it mildly," Ginny answered sincerely. "But I believe and trust Draco. I feel that together we can give his son a safer more secure home than Timmy would have with my brother and her." Ginny gave Sam a cold look.

"Harry, Ginny has bought into Draco's lies," Hermione whispered, horrified. "She actually believes those falsehoods he's spewing about Samantha."

"Ginny is a wonderful girl, but is too easily manipulated," Harry answered. "What will it take to make her see that Draco is and always has been using her? Severus would have been the best thing that could have ever happened to her."

"Have you meet or talked to Timmy?" Seamus asked Ginny.

"Not really, but I'm quite good with kids," Ginny proclaimed. "I'm positive we will get along brilliantly."

"What about his real mother?

"I'm sure she'll be granted visitation rights," Ginny answered, making it sound as if it was more than Sam deserved. "But a boy needs his father."

"Nothing more of this witness, Your Honor."

"Seamus seems disappointed," Hermione said as Ginny left the witness stand.

"I'm sure he is," Harry said dejectedly. "Ginny came off as potentially a perfect wife and mother."

"Would Ronald Weasley please take the stand?"

"Why's Bullchip calling Ron to the stand?" Hermione questioned. "He's certainly not a witness for their side."

"Seamus said he was a clever barrister. I assume he is going to try to portray Ron as a hideous werewolf before Seamus gets the chance to show that Ron is actually a kind loving person," Harry said as he watched concernedly while Ron slowing took the stand.

"Mister Weasley, I understand you were attacked by Remus Lupin at the end of your sixth year at Hogwarts," Bullchip stated. "Is that correct?"

"Yes," Ron replied without further comment.

"You and Hermione Granger had just recently become a couple?"

"Yes, that day."

Bullchip shook his head, "Not exactly the best way to start off a relationship. I imagine you've hated Lupin ever since."

"I did at first," Ron replied. "But it wasn't his fault."

"If not his, then whose!" Bullchip shouted. "Were they not his teeth that gnawed into your flesh?"

"Yes, but Remus was not in control. He had locked himself in the Screeching Shack to avoid contact with people, but Death Eaters destroyed it. Even then, he ran from people to the dark forest, but we were all there, returning from our mission to rescue Malfoy and Snape."

"Sad," Bullchip said, but his face showed triumph, not sadness. "Lupin had taken every conceivable precaution, but still ended up attacking you. And your party was lead by none other than Harry Potter. Tell me, Mr. Weasley, if Professor Lupin was unable to prevent attacking others, how can you insure the safety of Miss Bowman and her son?"

"I've taken precautions," Ron said meekly.

But before Ron could elaborate on his precautions, Bullchip shouted, "Like you did during the Quidditch Championships when you attacked that poor unfortunate girl. Tell me, Mr. Weasley, has she forgiven you for ruining her life? For turning her into a demon like yourself?"

Ron hung his head dismally. "Your honor," Ebenezer said, "There is no guarantee of safety from a werewolf. If Miss Bowman can't see that, then the court must put her son with a caring parent that will put the child's welfare ahead of their personal sexual desires. I have no further questions of this...." Bullchip didn't finish his sentence, but instead turned away in disgust.

"Ron," Seamus said sympathetically as he approached the witness stand. "You spent five years in Azkaban for what occurred that day?"

"Yes!" answered Ron, tears in his eyes. "And every single day I thought of that girl. I thought about what I had done to her. If only the Aurors had killed me before I bit her, but they didn't. Even now, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her. I still have nightmares about that day. I can't undo the past, but I'd rather die than hurt anyone every again."

Ron looked at the judge pleadingly. "Three days a month between sunset and sunrise I'm cursed and become something hideous. But that's not me. I'm not a monster. I have feelings just like everyone else in this room. I feel sadness and loss, and I feel love and happiness. Samantha and Timmy have brought happiness and love to my life, the likes of which I never thought I would ever feel again.

"Hogwarts Headmaster Severus Snape, along with Harry and Hermione Potter, has helped me develop a plan that should insure that I never hurt anyone again. But as Barrister Bullchip aptly pointed out, no plan can be one hundred percent foolproof. Because of me a loving mother could be separated from her child. I can't be the cause of that.

"Draco Malfoy has tried to paint a picture of Samantha Bowman that is a total lie. She is the sweetest, most loving person that has ever walked this earth. Sam could give lessons on how to love and nurture a child. Exile me to some desolate place, forbid me to see either of them, but don't separate her from her son. To do that would be a travesty of justice."

Sam wanted to run to Ron and take him in her arms but knew she couldn't. Instead, she remained seated, tears streaming down her face. How could she have ever doubted this man's love for her and her son?

Seamus nodded his head as he plucked a tear from his eye. "Thank you Ron, I have no more questions."

Hermione squeezed Harry's leg. "Ron did good."

"Yeah," Harry grunted, "But that judge is a stone wall. Her face is impossible to read. Bet she plays a mean poker game."

Hermione nodded in agreement.

"Sergeant Anders, please take the stand."

Ebenezer Bullchip approached the witness. "Sergeant Anders, I understand that you were in charge of the detail that took young Timothy into protective custody last week. Is that correct?

"Yes, it is," Anders answered, importantly.

"I would think that picking up a three year old abuse victim would be a rather simple matter. Why was it necessary to send Aurors; a Sergeant and three officers?" Ebenezer asked cunningly.

"Nothing is simple when one of those things are involved," Anders answered as he gave Ron a revolting glare.

"Please explain," Bullchip asked. "Mister Weasley left us under the impression that werewolves are only dangerous three days a month."

"Their bite is only dangerous on the nights of the full moon, but the animal is present in them all the time. Their strength is greatly increased and they are extremely unpredictable and easily provoked. One never knows what to expect, therefore caution is always advised."

"Then in your expert opinion you would consider a werewolf dangerous irregardless of the time of month?"

"I most assuredly would," Anders answered. "Last week was a prime example. That one gave me these cuts and bruises." The Sergeant indicated Ron and then showed his wounds to both Bullchip and the judge. "He's was one of the most unstable I've ever come up against. I'm amazed that neither the child nor the slag showed any overt signs of abuse."

"Sergeant Anders!" Judge Jones admonished. "You shall not use such terminology in this court."

Anders apologized, but didn't appear the least bit sorry.

"What made you suspect possible abuse?" Bullchip asked.

"He keeps them both naked," The sergeant said with disdain. "The mother was naked when we entered the apartment and the child was discovered to be the same way when he was taken from the bedroom. Poor little tyke was shivering because he was so cold. At least I hope it was just from the cold and not because of anything that animal had done to him before we arrived."

Ebenezer Bullchip gave the judge a concerned glace as he stepped closer to the witness. "In your expert opinion, Sergeant Anders, is it possible to provide a safe environment in a home for a child when that home is occupied by a werewolf?"

"Definitely not. It's like living with a bomb that you know will eventually explode. You don't know when, but it undeniably is going to happen. I feel we saved that child's life. If his mother knows what's good for her, she'll get out while she's in possession of all her members."

"Thank you Sergeant Anders for setting the record straight. No more questions."

"Your witness," the judge proclaimed.

Seamus studied Anders and then said, "I have no questions for this witness."

Hermione was livid. "Harry, how can he not have any questions for that opinionated bastard? Anders just negated all the advancement Ron made."

Harry just bobbed his head. "I know. Seamus better turn this trial around quickly or Sam is going to lose Timmy."

Ebony Jones looked at the witness list and then glanced at her watch. "I would prefer to complete this matter today, but in deference to the defense and the limited time available I'm afraid we will have to carry on tomorrow. I have a matter I need to attend to in the morning, so we will continue at one in the afternoon.

"All rise."

Wednesday, September 21, 2004

"Emily, I know this is silly and it shouldn't bother me, but did you ever mention to Caitlin the way Randy acted toward me last week, the first day of exercising?" Kim asked.

Emily had been avoiding telling Kim what Caitlin had found out, hoping she would drop the subject. Evidently she was not about to do that. Emily rinsed off her toothbrush and placed it back in its case. "Instead of having Matt ask Randy, she did it herself," Emily answered. "At first he beat around the bush and claimed it was your imagination, but then he finally admitted it was your bush."

"Beat around the bush, but it's my bush," Kim said, a look of total mystification covering her face. "What are you going on about?"

Just then Denise and Janice entered the room, trying their best to ignore the naked girls. "I'll tell you while we dress," Emily said softly. "Those two have the ability of hearing what they shouldn't better than Professor Weasley."

Once they reached their beds, Kim immediately looked around and upon finding everything secure said, "Okay, what did that mean?"

"I can't comprehend why what Randy thinks bothers you, but he found the fact that you have hair down there to be a turn off," Emily explained.

"But that's a sign of maturing, of becoming a woman. Aren't you eager for yours to start growing?"

"No! I want to stay clean like my sister," Emily said without vacillation.

"I meant to ask you about that. I thought all girls her age were fully covered?" Kim inquired.

"I guess most are, but Jamie has the ability to control her hair growth. I'm not that fortunate, but there is a charm that will do the same thing," Emily announced. "You just have to be sure to specify a particular area of your body; else you'll end up completely bald and without eye brows or lashes."

"Now that would be a nude nudist," Kim chuckled although still looking upset.

"You have to remember that Randy has only ever seen three girls naked; Caitlin, Jamie and I are all smooth. It's what he's accustomed to seeing," Emily said. "You've stopped wearing those shorts to exercise and I'm sure you don't plan on letting him see you nude, so I don't understand why you're letting it bother you."

"I know it's silly, especially seeing as how I consider it sort of a rite of passage, but it bothers me that he thinks of me as being unkempt. Do you think of it that way, too?" Kim asked.

"I'm hardly the person to ask," Emily answered with a laugh. "Remember, I'm the extremist nudist, but I consider pubic hair as unsightly as leg and underarm hair."

"But if I got rid of it, I'd be completely exposed," Kim argued.

"Kim, it's not like the little you have is really hiding anything," Emily said. "It's a decision each individual has to make, but I hardly think it's crucial or one you should make on the basis of what Randy thinks. He'll undoubtedly never see that part of you again."

"Your right," Kim said as she finished dressing, but it still bothered her.

"Look who is going to honor us with her presence for breakfast," Caitlin said jestingly as Jamie neared the Gryffindor table. "Everyone say good morning to the professor."

"Good morning Professor Zacherley," The Gryffindors seated nearby chanted.

"Good morning students," Jamie said with a laugh as she sat.

"How has the teaching been going?" Amanda asked as she played with her breakfast, barely eating.

"Actually rather well, I'm going to miss it when they all return," Jamie answered.

"Maybe you should reconsider your future plans," Alex suggested as he grasped Jamie's hand momentarily and gave it a squeeze, his way of saying I love you in a crowded atmosphere.

"But we were going to train to be Aurors together," Jamie said. "Besides, I don't think I'd enjoy teaching younger children. I'd want to teach at this level."

"Who says you couldn't?" Caitlin inquired.

"Considering the age to which witches and wizards live, there is normally not a lot of openings for Hogwarts Professors," Jamie said, sounding rather disenchanted "That's especially true now with the staff being so young. Moreover, they only take the best."

"Which you are." Alex reminded Jamie.

"Only in your eyes," Jamie answered, wishing she could hug Alex right then and there. "Besides I still have two years of school. I intend to enjoy these two years and not fret away my time worrying about the future. As for now I'm famished."

Jamie started filling her plate. Just then, the mail arrived. She didn't pay much attention as about a hundred owls suddenly streamed into the Great Hall. In view of the fact that she had no living relatives other than Emily, Jamie seldom received any mail.

The owls circled the tables until they spotted the apposite recipient, and then dropped letters and packages onto their laps. Jamie was about to take a bite of toast when Hedwig fluttered down and dropped a letter on her plate. From the neat penmanship, she realized immediately the letter was from Hermione.

Jamie tore it open and after reading the couple paragraphs handed it to Caitlin. "It's not going well at the hearing," she said to Alex, who seemed entranced in his copy of the Daily Prophet."

"It's not going well here either," he said grimly. "You best have a look at this."

Jamie smiled as she reached out for the paper, but the smile quickly vanished as she read the headline over the front-page picture.

(See article page two)

There they were, Harry with an arm around both Jamie and Hermione as Hermione pointed to the sky. Caitlin and Emily standing in front of them looking in the direction Hermione was indicating. As they moved about in the photograph, little black bars floated in front of them hiding breasts and genitalia, but it was obvious that they were all totally nude.

Caitlin looked at Jamie questioningly as the chatter in the Great Hall became louder. Jamie handed the paper to Caitlin as she looked in the direction of the Slytherin table where all hell had broken loose. Emily was on the receiving end of whistles, catcalls and unbelievably crude comments.

Jamie watched proudly as her sister, seemingly not the least flustered, rose to her feet and with her head held high proceeded in the direction of the Gryffindor table, ever-loyal Kim by her side.

"Severus, aren't you going to put a stop to this," Katie Bell asked, concernedly.

"No, not just yet," he said as he studied the various expressions on the faces of the students as copies of the Prophet were passed about the Great Hall.

With tears trickling down her cheeks, Caitlin jumped to her feet and rushed to join Jamie and Emily.

"Hey what are the tears about," Jamie asked as Caitlin reached her side. "You're the girl that stripped off her clothes to defend me last Halloween. Certainly you're not embarrassed by a picture in the paper?"

"It's not the picture or the entire school knowing we're nudists," Caitlin said exasperated. "It's the damn newspaper. They didn't cover my breasts with a bar. Even they don't think I have anything worth concealing."

Jamie put her arm around Caitlin. "Will you once and for all get it through your thick head that you're beautiful and we love you. It's the size of the heart that counts, not the size of the breasts. Come on, let's get out of here."

"You guys aren't going anywhere." Alex said as he walked up behind Jamie and grabbed her hand."

"That's right," Amanda added. "Gryffindors judge people by what's inside, not their clothes or lack of same."

"I think you'll be surprised by how many people care about you," Matt said as he put his arms around Caitlin and Emily."

"You guys are special," Randy said standing between Kim and Emily and placing a hand on each of their waists.

It started slowly, first roommates and close friends, but it grew fast and soon every Gryffindor was on his or her feet showing their support. But it didn't end with the Gryffindors. Soon many Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw joined the throng of supporters.

Dick Bancroft was sickened as he watched the display of affection and support the girls were receiving. He simply shook his head in disgust as Tony joined the well-wishers. But then Doris Burke rose from the table. "Where the hell do you think you're going," he asked threateningly.

"Where I should have gone five years ago," she said, not at all quietly. "I'm sick and tired of being looked at with hate and disdain just because I'm in Slytherin house. There are a lot of wonderful people in this school that I've avoided and have avoided me simply because of my being in this house. I only have two years left, but I damn well plan to make the best of them."

As she departed she was joined by a couple of other Slytherins, although most remained seated.

"Becky," Marta said beseechingly, "We can't ride the fence any longer. It's time we make a decision whether we're going to be friends with Emily and Kim or Denise and Janice. I've made my mind up. Friends should be people you like, not people you fear. Please come with me."

As Marta got to her feet, Becky glanced nervously from Marta to Dick and then to Janice and Denise, but she remained frozen to the bench.

Marta looked back at her still seated best friend and then sadly turned away and headed toward the Gryffindor table. She was just ready to tap Emily on the shoulder when she herself was tapped. "You do realize that they'll make our lives a living hell because of this," Becky said, nervously.

Marta broke into a grin. "Denise and Janice might be evil, but Emily and Kim are cunning. Besides now they have an advantage."

"What's that?" Becky queried.

"They have us," she said with a grin.

"Don't you even think about it!" Dick Bancroft shouted angrily as he noticed Tyler quiver in his seat.

"Sometimes problems work out best when left to solve themselves," Severus said as he placed his hand on Katie's shoulder. "I fear, however, that Harry and Hermione will not fair nearly as well with their peers as did the girls." He handed the newspaper back to Katie, still folded to the article that accompanied the picture.


By Ima Mazed

This reporter along with the rest of wizardkind was shocked today to find out that the most beloved and revered couple in the magical world, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter, lives a second secret life of nudity and perversion.

Not only do they participate in this decadent life style, but also they have encouraged their adopted daughters to publicly display themselves in the same obscene manner. One shudders to imagine the tainted activities that take place behind closed doors. Those closed doors being the staff quarters of the renowned Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Our world owes the Potters a great debt. Were it not for Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and the other member of the Covenant, the world we know today would not exist. My question is, exactly how far are we obligated to go in repaying this debt? Already, three innocents that have been entrusted to the Potters by our court system have been introduced to a life of immorality.

Regardless of their superior magical knowledge or contribution to our world, I strongly question whether they should be allowed to continue teaching our children now that this horrible secret has been revealed. How long will it be before they seek to lure other naïve children to their distorted way of life? Are we going to wait until they expose themselves in class to our offspring?

I encourage you to take action. Write the Hogwarts Board of Directors and demand the immediate termination of these deviates.

End of Chapter 10

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