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The New Face of Harry

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Harry Potter, wizard in training, savior of the wizard world, boy-who-lived was sitting in his room on Number 4 Private Drive, contemplating the oddities of his life. His past year, 2nd year, at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was an interesting year to say the least. He was called the next dark lord, hater of muggleborns, he became s slayer of a 60ft basilisk, and defeater of Voldermort once again. Voldermort or he-who-must-not-be-named, you-know-who, was a self proclaimed dark lord, with a little bit of a ego trip when all he really is a dark wizard bent on the extermination of muggleborns, possible world domination, and a major parent problems.

Back on track Harry was thinking of how he once again faced Voldermort, defeated him and escaped the clutches of death once again. Looking back on it, escaping death involved a fair bit of luck. Fawkes showing up with the sorting hat, pulling a sword out, and then stabbing the sword in the basilisk's mouth. Course in the process he got nicked by the basilisk's tooth and would have died except Fawkes cried on him and the healing power of the phoenix tears saved him.

So now we find Harry sitting, I his room, a week after his return from Hogwarts wondering how he was going to survive this summer. His “aunt” Marge was supposedly coming in the next to stay with the the rest of the summer. Marge wasn't really his aunt, he was just forced to call her that because of his oh, so charming Uncle Vernon. The thing about Aunt Marge is that she always seemed to yell, curse, and berate Harry for almost no reason at all. Always saying he was worthless and a free loader, and that he should be grateful that fine people like the Dursley's would raise his sorry ass.

Harry figured that he would just try to stay out of her way and just not talk to her, that seemed to work with all his other family members. What, with Dudley always being out of the house, and Vernon working and his Aunt Petunia gossiping or making sure the house was clean enough to have Marge stay in it. Speaking of staying out of the way, Harry jumps off the bed and, heads downstairs to escape the confines of the house.

“Sirius Black is an escaped convict...”

“BOY”, Uncle Vernon yells to Harry.

Harry Glances at his Uncle and sighs audibly,” Yes, Uncle Vernon”. He replies, “What is it?'

“First off boy, don't take the tone of voice with me, and second what are you doing out of you room?”

“Well dear Uncle Vernon one would like me to get used to acting the part of what was it you said... oh yes a criminal from some school, and second I am taking a walk, well, where ever I please.”

Uncle Vernon's face seemed to redden at being talked back to from Harry. “Here we go” thought Harry 'another explosion how I do love these.'

Now maybe last year the idea of his Uncle getting angry at him would have caused Harry to get a little frighted or scared but now Harry had a feeling of power in him, some inexplainable source of confidence that HE was the one who people should be wary of. It had appeared a little before he left from Hogwarts.

“Boy how dare you talk to me like that” Uncle Vernon forced out, “ I demand respect IN THIS HOUSE”

Harry just turned to Vernon and slowly in a neutral voice “Shut Up, demand all you want, you get nothing from me.” Harry then opened the door and walked out

Harry was walking in the part of the park where there were more trees then people around, where the wind caused the trees to sway and rustle as if singing an eternal ode that went on forever, one that you have to listen closely to hear, and that is gone as soon as it arrives. He really did enjoy days like these where the wind brushed against his face, it kinda remind him of flying, but this was a more easy going wind one that caressed him instead of whipping around his face one that was soothing and calmed him. Here Harry was thinking of his time at Hogwarts and how going to Hogwarts seemed to have changed him, drastically. Before Hogwarts, he was well quiet and liked to live in his own world or read, like fantasy books, staying at the library or simply spend time in the local park when Dudley wasn't there he liked using his imagination, something the Dursleys, always told him not to do. He had always felt like an outsider before Hogwarts, and now even at Hogwarts or the wizarding world where he thought he could be normal, he was still considered to be an outsider. Held to a different stranded then everybody else. Harry really was not to sure how he felt about that also, should he actually care what people think. Yes his name means something to the wizarding world, but should he really care what that was?

Harry snorted” Who cares I am what I am and if they don't like that to bad” Harry said out loud, the tress swayed in agreement.

Harry went back to thinking, about his friends, well he really only had two friends. Ron and Hermione. Ron was lazy and loud and kinda brash but he was also loyal funny and fun to be around. Hermione was smart, driven to make something of herself but also to outspoken and wanted to prove herself a little to much, but she was also loyal, maybe more so then Ron. He cared for his friends but he also realized that maybe he was putting up a front around them. Too many years living with the Dursleys and being around Dudley, did they make him hide his true self? Heck who was his true self? He really needed time alone away from familiarity to figure this out. Harry sighed slowly, and began making his way back to the house. Was he really so desperate that he hid who he was just to try and keep these two people as his friends?

He also wondered where his curiosity went? Here he has a whole world of magic and he has been taking it for granted. Maybe that was partly Ron's fault always wanting to blow off studies, but he grew up with magic. Hermione on the other hand made it seem less fun, always studying and trying to cram some kind of useless information. She was smart, but really only book smart, and could test well, but could she actually apply the information to a real world situation? No, look at first year with the plant that was sensitive to fire, she forgot that she could make fire. With all the reading and research and library time, she cracked under pressure.

It seems that both his friends are at the extreme, and he just follows one or the other.

Well, Harry thought, it is time for me to be my own person, time to break out of my shell and see what I can really do. My parents were obviously good at magic so let's see what I can do. I want to hold magic in my hands and see how well I can work with magic.
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