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How Can I Live On....PART 2

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"What's wrong with your leg" I asked "Dont worry, I'll explain everything" He answered

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I finally stepped back and took in his apearence. His hair was very messy and it had grown a few inches, His clothes were ripped and torn, he had many bruises and scratches covering his face and arms, he looked very skinny like he hadn't eated a good meal in days, and one of his pant legs was covered in a red substince...which looked horribly like...blood!

"What happend Julius?" I asked in astonishment

"Lets go sit by that tree, and then I tell you." Julius answered

I noticed he was limping. I rushed over and grabbed him under the arm.

"What's wrong with your leg?" I asked

"Don't worry I'll explain everything." He answered

We sat down at the bottom of the tree, and I emedietly exploded with questions.

"How did you survive? How come you didn't answer me when I called for you? How come you didn't call me with your blackberry? Why didn't you try to leave the forest and find a town or something?"

"Woah...enough questions! I'll tell you everything that has happened since I fell off that cliff...ok? He said

I nodded

"Ok...well...The minute I fell in the water I started being pulled under by a current. It was also pulling me further north, further down the cliff , away from where I fell. I kept breathing in water and I almost drowned, but I finally reached a rock ledge and I pulled my self on to it. I had breathed in so much water that I emedietly blacked out." He explained

My eyes had gone wide with horror as he told me what happened...

"I woke up, like, a day and a half later. I tried calling to you but you didn't answer. I kept thinking you left me, but then I realized you must think I was dead."

"I did think you were dead Julius. I would had never left if I knew you were alive." I said a new tear rolling of my cheek.

"It's okay... I know that you wouldn't leave me." He said soothingly as he wiped away the tear with his finger.

"Well I knew you must have left," He continued "So I just sat on that rock for about 4 days trying to figure out what to do next. Oh ya, you asked me why I didnt call... Well I had my backpack on when I fell, and my back pack had all of my gadgets in them, including my blackberry. So they were all fried by the salt water, that's why I couldn't call." He told me

"So about 4 days later I disided my best hopes would be to try and climb up the side of the cliff. I started climbing, but about half way up my hand slipped. Instead of landing in the water, I land on the ledge where I had been staying. I hit my head pretty badly and I blacked out again."

I noticed that julius had some dried blood on the back of his head and gasped.

"It's okay, it doesn't hurt as much now. But I think I must have cracked my head cause I didn't wake up for two whole days. I was very dizzy from the fall, so I stayed on the ledge for another day, and then the next day I disided to try again. I was more careful this time but I was still dizzy from my head and fell AGAIN!" he said exasperated

"I did land in the water this time, and I was ready for the current. But you know how Al said that these waters are shark infested...well" he lifted up his bloody pant leg

I screamed. Under the pant leg Julius' leg was covered in long deep gashes. I notised that some gashes were still bleeding. It looked like the sharks had tried to bite his leg off but weren't succesful. I rushed over to Julius and started freaking out over his leg.

"Does it hurt really badly?" I asked in a quiet voice

"Ya, but I've treated them as best as I could. I used the first aid kit in my backpack." he said

"Oh! I feel so horrible!" I wailed. I had started to cry again. I'd been crying a lot resently.
"This is all my fault!" I cried.

"It's not your fault." he said " if it's anyones fault it's mine. I should have learned to be a better rock climber!"

I laughed, tears still trickeling down my cheeks.

"Don't blame yourself for something no one could have stopped from happening. No one can change the past or the future." He said

This made me feel a whole lot better. I still blamed myself, but at least Julius didn't.

"So how'd you finally get back up here?" I asked

"Well, I know this wasn't smart, but I disided to try again. I know that was completely stupid considering what had already happed but I had to figure out a way back to the top of the cliff. This time i did make it and ive been here ever since." He said gesturing to the forest around them. " and I couldn't go looking for a town because there isn't a town or city for miles, and i can't walk to well with this leg." he said

"Well I think it's time we headed back to the academy, what do you think?" I said jokingly

"Yes I think we should." Julius said with a smile.

It took a wile to get back to the academy chopper, what with Julius' mangeled leg. But finally we made it. I helped Julius into the chopper and climbed in the other side. I couldn't beleive I had got Julius back! It was like he was back from the dead.

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