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I'm Not One For Love Songs (Part 10)

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Brunch? How does that go? Oh, and some more lol-worthy Joe commentary towards the end. Reviews are pleasant. :]

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile! This chapter is more of a filler chapter but I promise that more interesting things are planned in the coming chapter. :]

Song Recommendation- Perfect Situation- Weezer

I'm Not One For Love Songs

When I’d gotten dressed in a simple pair of skinny jeans and a tank top and hoodie I threw my brown hair up into a ponytail and pinned my fringe up and out of my eyes. I threw on some eyeliner and mascara and changed my Monroe piercing into a smaller stud.

I slipped on my grey UGGS and walked into the living room and noticed Gabe sitting comfortably on the couch next to Joe as they watched reruns of Spongebob on Nicklodeon.

Jay sat at the kitchen island still, this time with a book in her hand. Her Ipod was on and she seemed to be tuning Spongebob’s annoying, yet entertaining, shenanigans out of her mind.

“Ready?” I asked as I grabbed my coat from the front door and my wallet from my purse.

“Yep,” Gabe acquiesced and got up still in his same jeans from last night and a Fall Out Boy t-shirt that I’m guessing he’d borrowed from Joe.

“Advertising?” I asked, tilting my head at his shirt.

“It was the deal. I borrow something from Joseph and I have to advertise for my buddies in FOB,” he said shrugging.

“Okay..” I left off as I grabbed his coat and threw it at him.

“We’re going to get brunch, be back later,” I told Jay and Joe as we walked out the door. We didn’t even get so much as a ‘goodbye’ from either one of them due to their complete attention to their current activities.

Me and Gabe rode down the elevator and walked down the streets in step with each other, making small talk and laughing at the antics that we’d both been through with Fall Out Boy. I was thanking God that Cobra Starship was not really humongous yet or else Gabe would be getting stopped every 5 seconds by a fan, which would quite honestly annoy me.

We decided on a little Diner called Dina’s and took a seat as we waited for our waiter.

“Let’s play I-spy,” Gabe said suddenly.

“I-spy?” I asked raising my eyebrow.

“Yeah, you know? I say ‘I spy with my little eye something blah blah blah’ and you have to try to guess what I’d spied with my little eye,” he said with a cheeky grin.

“I know what I-spy is dummy, I’m just not quite processing that you want to play that, dude, we’re almost 24…”

“Actually, I’m going to be 25, I stayed back in kindergarten, but that’s besides the point. Humor me?” he asked with puppy dog eyes.

I was still trying to process this next fact that I had just learned about him, but nodded in agreement anyway.

“I spy with my little eyes… something old and wrinkly,” he said with a grin.

“Your face?” I guessed with a ghost of a smirk on my innocent face.

His grin dropped to a frown, “Wrong, try again.”

“Fine, gosh. Uhhh, that creepy old lady who keeps staring at you and giving this creepy smile to our table?” I guessed.

“Bing, bing, bing, you are correct,” he clapped exaggeratedly as I just gave his charisma a blank look. And people say that you can never have too much personality? Ha. They’ve never met Gabe Saporta then…

We were interrupted briefly when our waitress came by to take our orders. When she left we continued the game, and offended a few people who left in a huff. We hadn’t known that they were in hearing range... Ooops?

When we got our food we put the game on halt to chow down a bit.

“Okay, my turn,” Gabe announced and was in deep thought for a few seconds, “Okay, I spy with my little eye something gorgeous…”

I looked around the Diner and noticed that the only female present at the time was the creepy old lady from before. Ew.

“The only female I see right now is that creepy old lady and I swear to God if it is her I will have to stab your eyes with this fork,” I informed him calmly as I lifted up my fork.

He just rolled his eyes at me, “Try again.”

I looked again and then my jaw dropped, “No way!” I said loudly, catching a few other customer’s attention.

“What?” Gabe asked looking around for what had shocked me.

“You’re gay then, aren’t you!?”

A few males looked his way with a smile, and a few of the bolder ones sent a wink his way.

“No!” he shouted. “No, I am not gay,” he said loud enough for the whole diner to head.

“I was talking about you,” he said tiredly.

“Oh,” I said simply, with almost not reaction.

“Yeah…” he trailed off.

“Thanks then you little suck up,” I smiled at him and patted his head as if he was a dog.

“I’m not suc-” I interrupted him, “I spy with my little eye a little suck up!” I teased with my tongue sticking out at him.

Okay, so maybe sometimes I used humor to avoid possibly serious situations that I didn’t want to deal with. So sue me.

I kept the playful banter going until we were done eating, and Gabe insisted on paying for me explaining that now he was considered filthy rich and he could probably buy anything he wanted for at least 9 ½ years, so I at least deserved for him to pay for my six dollar meal. I still insisted that I pay the tip then.

We left the diner and decided that we’d go back to my apartment to see what was up with Jay and Joe first.

On our way home Gabe and I started talking about our old classmates and laughing over all the sluts and dumbass jocks. It was like we were old buddies, but I believe me, we are not. Do not think for a second that I forgot what happened at my old ‘job’. I didn’t want to bring it up quite yet and ruin a good moment, but eventually him and I would have to talk about it if we wanted to become friends. We’d have to talk about a lot of things.

When we arrived back at my apartment Cam was blow drying her hair, presumably having just gotten out of the shower. Joe was watching a really old Pokemon movie, the original one, and chewing on a piece of beef jerky.

“Jay! What are we doing today? I’m bored,” I called out and she excited her room with still damp hair and a brush in hand.

“I do not know. Go procreate again or something, because apparently you’re holding a mini-Saporta?” she chuckled, referring back to my little act from this morning.

“Of course, we plan on naming him Jorge,” I said with a smile and a wink.

Joe just stood there in shock with his mouth gaping open wide.

“Would you really want your child’s classmates going around teasing him because his name is really Mexican. I mean come one Nat, Hore-hay?” she stated simply, with her arms crossed.

“Possibly?” I said with a slight grin.

“Let’s start off with some Starbucks on this fine day, and the maybe the movies?” Jay thought out loud.

“Sure mah friend, sounds like a plan,” I replied after sharing an agreeing nod with Gabe.

“Should you really be drinking coffee in your condition?” Joe questioned, scolding me.

We all just stared at him blankly, what the fuck was he talking about?

“What are you talking about Trohman?” I questioned confused.

“You’re not supposed to drink coffee when you’re pregnant!” he said exasperatedly.

We all just rolled our eyes at him and shook our heads.

“Come on Joe, we’re gonna go get you something to wear that is actually okay to be seen worn in public,” Jay said with an annoyed sigh, referring to his shirt with random holes and rips, and his stained jeans. Looks like we’d have some new cleaning rags soon.

As they left the room to go get ready me and Gabe plopped down on the couch and mocked the soap operas that were playing on repeat on the soap channel.

Yes, we were silly, and occasionally immature.
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