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The Double Date

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Chapter 8
The Double Date

Last Time:
Kyo: Great! I’ll pick you up on Saturday at 5:00pm. (he waves bye then runs out the classroom)
Mina: Bye! (she waves back and turns around to talk to Fang & Hana)

Fang & Hana look angrily at Mina.

Mina: What? O.O
Hana and Fang: You idiot! Why’d you do that!?

Now: This chapter’s date is Monday Feb.25- Saturday March 1, 2008

Hana: Why did you agree to go out with him? >.<
Fang: He’s not your type. _
Mina: You guys are crazy. He’s an old friend. Hana, you know I used to like him. :) Why are you guys so mad. o.o
Fang: ………… I’m forced to go out with Hana because of you! (mad)
Hana: Yea! I hate Fang! (mad)
Mina: You wanted to go on a double date with each other. Kyo didn’t ask you to come with us. o.o
Fang: But where would I hide if you’re somewhere else?
Hana: Hide? From what? o.O
Mina: Nothing Hana. (sighs) Whatever, just be ready on Saturday at 5:00 pm ok. :)
Fang & Hana: Fiinee. _

Saturday comes. Fang and Mina are inside the house. Fang is wearing that shirt that said wild on it under a jacket. He wears it with dark blue jeans and black sneakers. Mina is wearing a miniskirt blue and yellow plaid with thick leggings underneath, with a yellow shirt. She’s wearing black boots. It’s 4:55 pm.

Fang: Why is your skirt so short? _
Mina: Cause I like it like that. Let go. (she opens the door and she sees Kyo the porch)
Kyo: Hi Mina….. And Fang? o.O
Mina: Fang was on his way to pick up Hana and he passed by my house.
Fang: That’s ok with you?
Kyo: Yea. Why wouldn’t it be? o.o
Fang: What if Mina cheated on you with me, you'd still be fine with that?
Kyo: ……….. o.O What? Where’d that come from?
Mina: ……oook. (she separates them) Lets go get Hana. -_-‘
Fang: (whispers to Mina) He’s ok with everything. He’s a whimp. _
Mina: Whatever. Come on.

They walk to Hana’s house. Hana is on the porch waiting.

Hana: (she sees them) Hi guys! (She waves and runs to Fang’s side ) Took you long enough. Where are we going? :)
Kyo: To the park, restaurant, then home.
Mina: Cool! Lets go! :D

They went to the park. Mina and Kyo are laughing and having fun, but Fang and Hana aren’t.

Fang: Soooooo……….. _
Hana: (she takes out binoculars to spy on Mina and Kyo) Hmmmm.
Fang: What are you doing? It’s wrong to spy.
Hana: You wanna see? :)
Fang:…………… (He takes the binoculars. He sees Kyo sitting behind Mina help her make pottery.) Why are they sitting like that? (irritated)
Hana: And where’d they get clay? o.O
Fang: I thought this was a double date. Shouldn’t all of us be together?
Hana: Yea! Lets go accompany them. >:)

Hana and Fang walk over to Kyo and Mina. Fang grabs Kyo by the head and lifts him up.

Kyo: ………O.O You’re pretty strong. Can you put me down? o.o
Fang: This is a park. You’re supposed to play on swings not make pottery. (he glares at him)
Hana: He’s right. (she grabs Kyo by the arm) Since it’s been awhile since you’ve been back, lets explore the park together. (she pulls him away from Fang)
Kyo: Uhh… sure? O.O (he follows behind Hana)
Mina: (she looks at Fang) What are you and Hana planning? -_- (she wipes her hands)
Fang: Nothing. _ …… I don’t like Kyo. -_-‘
Mina: Why? ... Don’t tell me you’re jealous? (she does the aww face)
Fang: That’s not it! (mad) He’s just ……. suspicious.
Mina: Suuuure. -_- Is that why Hana took Kyo away from our date?
Fang: I don’t know why she did that. But I’m serious, Kyo seems strange. I feel like…… I know him.
Mina: Fang, I can take care of myself don’t worry. :)

Meanwhile with Hana and Kyo, they were at the park’s lake.

Hana: (she holds Kyo’s arm) I love the lake, it’s so shiny. :)
Kyo: Umm…… great. Can I go back to Mina now?
Hana: (she sqeezes Kyo’s arm) No, not yet. I’m not done showing you the park. :(
Kyo: (sighs) Ok.
Hana: ….. (she puts her head down) Kyo.
Kyo: He looks at her Yea. :)
Hana: Why do you like Mina?
Kyo: …. Well, she’s cute, responsible, smart, and my old friend. :D
Hana: Soo, I’m not any of those things? _
Kyo: Well, I don’t-

Hana cuts Kyo off to get on her tiptioes and kiss him. Kyo remains shocked while Fang and Mina walk to the lake and sees them.

Hana: (she blushes) Oh no. O.O
Kyo: …………. O.O…………
Fang: ………… >:) ………….
Mina: ………… o.O………… WTF!!

-To Be Continued-
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