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Chapter 4.

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Frank and Mikey get along.Frank meets Mikey's brother.

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Chapter 4

I was dumbfounded. I stared at him my jaw slack trying to string a sentence together. I knew for sure he had gym this period, the class I was supposed to be in. He sat there with a smirk playing across his face as if though my confusion was amusing him.
“Hey Frank.” He said, smiling that crooked smile I loved. His brown eyes were glimmering in the light making him even more perfect as a look of confusion spread across his beautiful features. I pondered on why he would be confused for a moment before realising that he was awaiting my reply.
“Hey Mikey.” I said stuttered averting my gaze to the books upon my desk.
“So what are you doing here?” he asked casually trying to start conversation.
“I come here this period everyday.” I said quietly.
“Oh really? That’s cool.” He said, although by the look on his face he seemed pretty uninterested. Oh God. He must think I’m a complete and utter loser who spends the majority of his time in stuffy libraries reading romance novels. Wait scratch that last part. He spoke again breaking me from my string of thoughts.
“Yeah well, I’ll be here everyday now.” He sighed sounding annoyed.
“Why’s that?” I asked sheepishly.
He placed his arm upon the desk; I stared at it for a second before noticing the bulky out line from under his sleeve.
“What happened?” I asked pointing at the cast.
“Football injury.” He grunted.
After that we changed our conversation to lighter subjects, I discovered he was actually a pretty nice guy when he wasn’t hanging around with his football chums. I also learned that although we had not much in common that we both shared a love for comic books. We both spent the rest of that class talking about comics. One thing he didn’t mention was this afternoon. On one hand I was relieved he didn’t bring it up for I feared he might insult me or hurt me in some way. On the other hand I was disappointed he didn’t try to apologise or tell me that he tried to stop them. Even if he did say that I knew it wasn’t true. I saw the look on his face; he found it just as entertaining as the other guys. To be perfectly honest I thought he was better than that.
This routine continued on for the next few weeks. Outside of last period Mikey continued to harass or completely ignore me but last period he treated me as an equal or even a friend. I felt as if I, Frank Iero, had an advantage over the student body. I felt that I knew the real Mikey Way. Not Mikey Way who jeers at those who show fear or individuality. Not Mikey Way who has no personality or style. But Mikey Way. The real Mikey. I cherished this thought through ever school day as I waited for my last period.
Making my way towards the library I hummed a random song looking forward to my study class. I entered the library to find Mikey was already seated in the corner. I waved happily and scurried over. Yes I scurried. Get over it. I dropped my books on the desk.
“Hey Mikey.” I smiled.
“Hey Frank.” He said. We both began a debate about our favourite comics books, both disagreeing on each other’s choices. We were deep in discussion when the bell ended it.
“We shall finish this tomorrow.” Mikey laughed, picking up his bag. “Bye Frank”
I waved goodbye and watched him leave before gathering my stuff. I was just about to go when I glanced down at the table, Mikey had forgotten his book. I picked it up and argued with myself whether to take it or leave it. Stuffing it in to my bag I exited the library. I knew where Mikey lived, because he had told me once before. I wracked my brain for that small piece of information; well hopefully it was the right address. I began my journey towards Mikey’s house with his book in hand.
I stopped outside a small but average looking house, better than anything I’ve ever had. I sighed and made my way up the steps of the house.
I knocked on the door and waited for an answer. The door opened and revealed a rather old but friendly woman.
“Hello.” She smiled warmly.
“Hello” I said sheepishly, “Um, I was wondering if Mikey was home, I brought his book because he left it at school.”
“Oh, Thank you very much…” she paused.
“Frank” I said.
“Thank you very much Frank darling but I’m afraid Mikey has gone out with some friends” she frowned slightly.
“Okay” I sighed. “I’ll give it to him tomorrow.”
“You will do no such thing,” he said quickly. “You’ve come all this way for nothing. Come in, Come in.”
She stepped aside allowing me pass. Inside there home was rather old fashioned. Family pictures hung from the walls creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
“Mikey’s room is right up those stairs and it’s the first door on the right.” She said pointing towards the stairs “I have to go to the shop now and fetch something for dinner but I’m sure Mikey’s brother will drop you home he should be around here somewhere.” I smiled and nodded making my way up. I opened to door she had directed me towards.
This room was definitely Mikey’s. The walls were drenched in football posters, clothes scattered around the floor and comic books stacked against the wall. I placed his book on his desk. I also decided against writing him a note to let him know I was here. I exited the room and was about to make my way down the stairs when someone said.
“Who are you?”
I froze and looked down at the landing and there was standing a guy that showed so much resemblance to Mikey. He looked to be older than me by two to four years. His hair was pitch black and hung messily just reaching his shoulders. His caramel eyes burned into mine I held my breath; he had the most interesting eyes I had ever seen. They were a strange hazel colour that was neither brown nor green.
“A friend of Mikey’s” I stuttered making my way down the last few steps.
“Okay.” He said I began walking towards the door but just as I was about to leave he said,
“Hey, do you need a lift or anything?”
“Um, no thanks I’m good.”
“No I insist” He smiled grabbing his jacket from off the wall. I followed him out the door towards his car. Hopping into the passenger side I pulled on my belt and he did the same.
“So where do you live?” He smiled starting the engine. I froze, oh shit. What was I going to say? Oh you know any alleyway is fine.
“You could just… drop me off at the school. That would be okay.” I said hesitantly.
He looked at me sceptically before saying,
“No, It’s fine I’m sure your parents are wondering where you are.” He said watching my reaction carefully. I winced at the word parents he didn’t miss this though. This always seems to happen to me. If anyone mentions the word “mom”, “dad” or “parents” I freeze up. I just go numb. I guess I just try to block everything out. It’s a lot better than crying in front of a guy I barely know a few minutes.
“By the way” He said quietly. “I’m Gerard”
“I’m Frank.” I whispered. I looked over at him he had a worried expression on his face. I didn’t need this now, just as I was working with what I got. I had my income and education. I was doing fine. But now I have some college guy worrying about me.
“So where do you live?” he asked again quietly.
“Anywhere.” I whispered.

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