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Chapter 5

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Frank Panics and a new character is introduced.

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Chapter 5.
How the fuck did I get myself into this situation. 4 years on the street and no one suspects a thing but here I am telling some guy I barely know. I mentally slapped myself across the face.
“Sorry?” he asked, his facial features strained with worry.
“Anywhere.” I said louder this time anger overcoming me. What the fuck was my problem? I needed to get away from him before I made any more mistakes. I glanced frantically at the door considering how dangerous it was to jump out of a moving car. I could feel his stare on me; I could feel his look of concern. I didn’t need this. My breathing quickened as I began to panic, gripping the handle of the door I watched my knuckles turn white.
“I’m not going to drop you off “anywhere” like you say” He said quietly. “Just if you explained I may understand this a bit better.”
I quickly looked over but regretted this instantly; he was just as beautiful as his brother if not more. His pitch-black hair was hanging just at his shoulders shaping his face. His piercingly beautiful eyes full of worry and concern. I had to think quickly before I let all my secrets spill. Why did I do this to myself? How did I get myself into this situation?
“Stop the car” I groaned. “I think I’m gonna be sick.”
I felt the car come slowly to a halt. My heart was hammering, opening the door I jumped out of the car and started sprinting. I didn’t care where I went. I just needed to be away from him. I heard him call out to me. Don’t look back Iero. Just don’t look back. I slipped into a dark alleyway, clutching my sides I tried to catch my breath. Anger was boiling in my veins; I was confused as to why I had said what I did. Clenching my fists tightly I walked over to the brick wall. I forced my fist violently at the wall causing my knuckles to crack painfully. I winced at the sharp shocks of pain shooting up my arm. Angry tears blurred my vision as I crouched down to the floor clutching my hand.
“Fuck!” I shouted angrily. I pushed myself up against the cold wall trying to get my thoughts straight. Just as my breathing came under control my stomach growled at me. With shaking hands I opened my rucksack and searched it’s contents. It contained many things but food was not amongst them. I sighed and rested my head against the hard wall. The wind was strong and cold. Shivering I pulled my hoody closer to my body in hope of savouring it’s heat. A cold wet liquid splashed against my forehead, glancing up I heard the sky rumbled loudly. Shit, It was raining. I pulled my hood over my head, as it was my one means of shelter. My head was spinning, my eyelids were suddenly weighing too much as I let them droop. It was long before the darkness dragged me in.
I opened my eyes slowly, stretching I pulled the blankets closer to myself. Wait. Blankets? Bed? Where the hell was I? Panicking I sat bolt right. It was a single bedroom. Band posters drowning its’ faded walls. Clothes scattered around the floor and art sketches cluttered the desk. Wherever I was I didn’t know this person. I looked up and spotted a family picture. Smiling back at me were two young boys with their parents. Then it dawned on me. One of them was Mikey. The other boy was Gerard. I sat quietly for a second catching the sound of murmured voices. I crawled out of the bed and pressed my ear to the door.
“What the hell were you thinking Gerard?” an unknown voice hissed.
“Well I couldn’t leave the kid there, could I?” he argued.
Were they talking about me? Of course they were don’t be stupid Frank. Oh God now I’ve started talking to myself.
“Well he could be a druggie for all we know!” There was that unknown voice again.
“He’s not!”
“How do you know?”
“I just do.”
“Ha, see you have no proof.”
“I trust the kid.”
“How long have you known him Gee?”
“I don’t know six hours…”
“How long of those 6 hours has he been awake?”
“One...” Gerard said now defeated. “Come on, let the kid stay Bob, I can’t leave him out there again.”
“I don’t know.” This Bob guy said. “He could rob us or something.”
“You won’t have to worry about that,” Gerard said. “I promise.” I pressed my ear closer to the door as it was difficult to hear them.
“Yeah okay, but if I find that even one of my pairs of underwear are gone missing, he’s gone”
Straining to hear them I pushed closer causing my foot to slip, which resulted in stumbling forward opening the door in the process. I blinked rapidly pulling myself into a sitting position. I glanced up to find the two men staring down at me with shocked eyes. It was only then I realised I was only in my boxers.

Omg! I was sooo happy when the last chapter turned green. And it’s only my first story and I have a green chapter.. Ahhh!! Im so happy.. Thank you everyone that reviewed and rated. So yeah same old same old. I need 3 reviews or rates before I’ll update. Weeee.. M xoxo
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