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Chapter 6

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Frank agrees to something. And goes to the movies with Gerard. Review? Rate? :P

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Chapter 6
Oh shit. Scrambling to my feet I quickly retreated into the room in search of my clothes. I frantically glanced around the room. Dropping to my hands and knees in front of the bed I searched under it. During my search I was startled to hear someone clearing his or her throat from behind me. I blushed crimson when I realised what kind of view I was giving the person.
I quickly got to my feet and faced the person. Gerard stood there with a small smile on his face, my bag dangling from his out stretched finger.
“This what you’re looking for?” He asked. I nodded slowly and walked over to him.
“Oh but if you’re looking for your clothes they’re in the laundry basket waiting to be cleaned. But I’m sure I can let you borrow something.”
Before I could argue he was gone again. I sighed and quickly looked through the contents of my bag. How pathetic I didn’t have enough to last me another day. I closed it again and placed it beside the bed. I began to feel uncomfortable sitting on a stranger’s bed in my underwear. I wish he would hurry up. I bounced my feet up and down nervously. How long does it take to get clothes? I shifted my weight on the bed to make myself more comfortable and began to lightly bounce my foot off the floor nervously again. A few moments later Gerard came back, clothes on hand.
“Here we are.” He smiled handing them to me.
“Thanks” I said nervously taking the clothes from him. He seemed to hover there for a moment before saying, “Well, I leave you get dressed then.” And he left closing the door behind him.
I quickly pulled on the skinny jeans he gave me and amazingly they fit although the hoody was another story. I pulled it on over my head and giggled at how long it was. It went as far as my knees. I hugged myself and savoured its warmth. I breathed in its fresh smell. I hadn’t worn a clean pair of clothes in a long time. Something familiar across the room caught my eye. My converse! He didn’t throw them away. I ran over and clutched them to my chest. These guys had been with me through my ups and downs. I slipped them and took one last look around the room. I glanced at all the sketches cluttering the desk. I smiled to myself. He was really good.
“Do you like them?”
I jumped into the air in fright and clutched my chest dramatically. I never did like being scared. I heard his soft chuckle from across the room, my heartbeat began to pick up it’s pace. I blushed and smiled towards him.
“Yeah, They’re really good.” I said softly tracing my fingers along the lines of the sketch admiring its perfection. It was amazing what some people could do with a pencil and a sheet of paper. How they can display so many emotions in one work. How a picture can tell a story. However, I was never blessed with the talent of art so I tried to stay away from any pencils or paper.
I sighed deeply glancing over the remainder of the sketches. I turned to face Gerard who was now staring intently in my direction. I blushed deeply wondering what he was thinking about. I waved shyly trying to get his attention. He blinked in surprise as if I had just pulled him from some sort of dream. Grinning goofily he beckoned me to follow him and left the room. I followed him towards the kitchen and watched as he rummaged through the cupboards.
“Sit, sit.” He ordered placing a bowl and spoon on the table in front of me. I sat down as ordered and watched has he rushed around the kitchen with a frown on his face. I giggled to myself thinking about how cute he was. Stop it Frank. He’s a college guy he wouldn’t want some High school kid perving all over him. Sighing I rested my face in my hand and stared out the window. I wonder what possessed him to bring me back to his apartment? Why would he want some bratty teenager living with him? I mean Bob his roommate was already against the idea of having me around and personally I don’t blame the guy. I could be a drug addict or something.
“Yes!” Gerard shouted happily breaking me from my line of thoughts. He placed a box of cereal on the table in front of me before wandering off towards the cupboards again in search of something. I glanced at the cereal in front of me. My stomach growled in anticipation. I silently scolded my stomach for being so loud.
“Go on eat up” Gerard said whilst rummaging through some more presses.
I hesitantly poured myself a bowl of cereal and poured some milk in. I stared at it eagerly before picking up the spoon and shovelling most of it into my mouth. It was a matter of seconds before I finished it. I hadn’t felt as full as this in months. I felt a wave of energy pour over me.
“Right” Gerard said plopping down on the seat across the way. He looked at my bowl with a confused expression playing across his face.
“Didn’t you have any?” He asked. I blushed.
“Umm… Yeah I did.” I said.
“Oh, want another bowl then?” He asked.
“No I’m fine.” I smiled.
“Okies.” He said happily. “So what do you wanna do today?”
“I don’t mind, you could like drop me off some place like a shelter or whatever.”
I knew I couldn’t stay here much longer. I started inspected my nails nervously while I waited for him to reply.
“Well I was hoping you wouldn’t mind staying here for a while.” He said.
“Umm… I really wouldn’t want to impose on you guys.”
“Nonsense” He exclaimed throwing his arms into the air dramatically making me giggle. “This place is so boring we’d love some fresh blood.”
“Fine” I sighed, “Only if you promise I won’t be in the way.”
“Promise.” He smiled. “Soo…”
I glanced up at him expectantly.
“What do you wanna do today?”
“I don’t mind.” I said honestly.
“How about… A movie!” He said excitedly.
“Sure” I smiled. “But I don’t have any money.”
“I’ll pay for you,” He said. “We can pretend you’re my date.”
I knew he was joking but I couldn’t help but get excited by his words.
“Come on” He said pulling his jacket of the coat rack. I followed him out the door towards his car.


“Here are your too tickets sir.” The kid that looked about the same age as me said to Gerard.
“Thanks.” He smiled handed the guy the money. The guy handed Gerard his change but before we left I heard him mutter “Stupid fags” under his breath. Gerard seemed to miss this and directed me towards the theatre. We made our way towards the back of the place and sat in the corner seats. We chatted mindlessly before the lights dimmed around us. Gerard had picked a horror film that had just come into the theatre. I was a bit hesitant but agreed none the less. About five minutes into the movie the music began that build up towards something scary so I decided to hide in Gerard’s shoulder. He chuckled softly. The blood curdling screams were soon to follow making me jump every time. I don’t know when, but somehow Gerard’s arm ended up draped across my shoulder while I tucked my head into his chest listening to the soothing beat of his heart. I sighed contently and breathed in his delicious scent. I hadn’t felt this safe in years. Just knowing Gerard was there made me feel secure and happy. But these were the kind of feelings you felt for your big brother who protected you. Nothing more. Aren’t they?

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