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Chapter 7

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Frank finds himself in a little trouble.

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Chapter 7.
I awoke to find myself wrapped up safely in Gerard’s bed. I rubbed my eyes and rolled over confused as to how I got here. But honestly I didn’t really care. Arching my back I yawned loudly stretching my sore muscles. I could get used to waking up like this. However there was something I needed to do to help repay Gerard. I needed to go out tonight and make a few rounds; maybe Rhino would be there tonight. The fifty I had collected just a few days ago was long gone. My basic needs really burned a whole in my pocket.
Sighing I forced myself into a sitting position and glanced around Gerard’s room. A great urge to be with him flooded over me. What the hell was this? I barley knew the guy and now I wanted to follow him around like his new puppy. Frank, you’re pretty fucked up. Yes I know, Thanks Frank. Now I was talking to myself? Yes, you are. I grumbled at my inner monologue and pulled myself to my feet. Once again I was in my boxers. I blushed at the thought of Gerard stripping me, to be honest this small gesture excited me in ways no teenage boy should feel about a college guy.
Slipping on my clothes I spotted something strange on Gerard’s desk. It was a sketch. I moved nearer to get a better look. I was shocked to my own face staring back at me. Well I wouldn’t call it staring; I was asleep in the picture for God’s sake. He had drawn me in my sleep? Did this mean he had feelings for me? Or was he just bored? I was so frustrated and confused I decided to go find Bob or Gerard. On my way into the kitchen I spotted a passed out figure on the sofa. Gerard. He was outstretched on the sofa in the most uncomfortable position I had ever seen. He was half on half off the sofa with his head hanging off the end. His mouth was slightly ajar which explained the wet spot on the carpet below his head. He drooled in his sleep. I giggled at this sight and decided it would be best to wake him.
I kneeled down in front of Gerard and poked his stomach gently. He rolled over slightly resulting in more of him hanging off the sofa. I choked back my laughter and poked him in the nose instead.
“Wha?… No.. School is not now, School later” Gerard mumbled loudly. I sighed and decided on a different approach. I backed up against the wall to provide myself with some running space.
I ran towards Gerard and lunged forward at him, landing hard on his stomach. Below me I heard a very feminine-like scream. I raised my eyebrow sceptically at a now deep red faced Gerard.
“Fwankkiee.” He whined. “Why did you wake me?”
“Cause’ I’m bored” I pouted.
“You’re so cute when you pout-.” But he stopped short alarmed at what he said.
“Cute eh?” I questioned innocently.
“Ermm…” He stammered. “Yeah you’re cute Frank.”
I don’t know what came over me but I kissed Gerard on the cheek before hopping off of him and skipping towards the kitchen. I glanced back to find a stunned looking Gerard sitting on the couch. I plonked myself down on a seat and waited for Gerard to come.
“Geeeeee, Feeeeed me.” I whined loudly banging my fist on the table. Gerard entered the room causing my brain to become constipated. He looked beautiful. His bed… erm… sofa hair sticking out in all direction as he ran his hand through it. He wore a sleepy smile on those perfect lips, which caused my heart to lurch inside my chest. I feared as if it would burst at any second. His caramel coloured eyes shown in the morning light. I licked my lips nervously as all my before confidence flew out the window.
“Well Fwankkie” he sang. “What do you desire?”
“Anything’s good.” I mumbled. Great Frank, That’s just great. Impress with your large vocabulary. Stop being sarcastic. Why don’t you stop being so gay? Shut up.
“Here, Eat up.” Gerard said putting a plate of toast down in front of me. I stuffed it into my mouth eagerly but stopped abruptly to find Gerard watching me with a amused smirk.
“Wha?” I muffled through a toast filled mouth.
“You table manners are just exquisite,” He laughed.
I glared at him before going back to my toast.
“So Frank what do you wanna do to do?” Gerard asked.
“Well, I kinda have some things I need to take care of today.” I said.
“Oh, That’s okay. Just don’t forget to come back.”
“I won’t” I smiled. “Well I gotta go.”
“See ya Frankie.”
“Later Gee.”
The familiar city lights were a bright glow in the distance as I made my way towards my usual stop. I hugged my body tightly as I came near the alleyway. I involuntarily shuddered as I entered. Something was off. It was far too quiet. I glanced suspiciously over my shoulder, but I saw no one. I leaned up against the cold brick wall and waited. I had spent my day roaming the streets of New Jersey for handy jobs but failed to gain anything. No one was going to hire a tattoo-covered teenager or even trust him. I sighed and waited some more. I just waited.
It was a good hour before a familiar car pulled up. Rhino. I made my way over to the car plastering a seductive smile on my face.
“Hey Frankie baby” said Rhino as I hopped in.
“Hey Rhino.” I said.
“Where were you yesterday?” he hissed. Oh shit. Rhino hated when anyone missed a call. I began to panic. I glanced at my door to find it unlocked.
“Umm… I was up the wrong part of town honey, I tried to make it here on time but I just couldn’t” I said pathetically.
“Bullshit” he shouted.
I grabbed the car handle in a panic, but I stopped quickly as I felt something cool press against my temple. Oh fuck he had a gun.

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