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Chemical Heart

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.:Frerard:. Gerard had it all. Perfect girlfriend, friends. but it all changes when he goes on holiday. Can his experiences make him lose everything he has? or will he find what he's looking for? B...

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It’s strange. When I left college for the Christmas holidays, I was normal. Straight. Now, returning mid-February, I was no longer that normal kid. I dressed differently, my hair was black instead of platinum blonde. But the biggest change was my sexuality. I was no longer straight, I was gay. Sure, to most people this wouldn’t have changed much. But for me, it was major. I had a girlfriend. We never spent the holidays together since we lived so far apart but college brought us together. I didn’t know how to explain it to her. Could I just come out and say that I fucked a man during the holidays? Could I say I got fucked in return? Could I say I liked it better than doing it with her? Would she hate me? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

‘Gerard?!’ My girlfriend, Sam, yelled. I was walking through the grounds, coffee and art book in hand. How did she recognize me? SHIT!

‘Sam!’ I yelled back, dropping my stuff on the bench I was standing next to so I could hug her. She dived into my awaiting arms, gripping me around the neck and wrapping her legs around my waist. It felt odd. I was used to flat chests and bulging jeans not the other way round.

‘It’s been ages! I missed you!’ She laughed on my shoulder. We sat at the bench, talking about our holidays. She’d gone skiing with her mum, drinking with her brother every night. I told her everything about my holidays, missing one part on purpose. She seemed to realize 3 months were missing from my story. So she asked.

‘Oh…. Ahhh…. I was sick, yeah. Had to go to hospital and everything.’ I lied quickly.

‘Aww…. Poor baby!’ She cooed, hugging me tight like I was still ‘sick’. While she was hugging me, I saw the most gorgeous guy. The way he walked with his hips swaying, the way his black hair moved in the slight breeze, the way the sun hit his lip ring and those lips. I couldn’t bring myself to look away, even when his eyes locked with mine. He smiled slightly and quickened his pace….. Right to the popular table. Shit!

‘Gerard! What the fuck are you looking at?’ Sam snapped in my ear. I forced my eyes away from the beautiful boy and back to my not-so-beautiful girlfriend. Her make-up was done like a hooker, her pump-up bra sitting lopsided. How could I have fallen for her?

‘Sam, come to my room tonight around 7-ish.’ I pecked her on the cheek, picked up my book and coffee and left her looking confused. I walked the familiar halls. They were the same. Same paint job, same art work. It even had the same notices from the year before. The staff were always too lazy to change a damn thing unless it was in a life or death emergency.
Room 18F. Home sweet home. Yeah right. Those dorms where hell. The beds were uncomfortable, the room itself was like a tissue box. I sighed and entered my “home” for the rest of the school year.

‘No roommate, god no roommate.’ I whispered to myself. The year before, I had been alone. I only hoped that I’d have that privacy this year. Of course, there were 2 beds, 2 cupboards, 2 work desks and one shower. Go figure.
I took my time unpacking. My clothes folded neatly in the cupboard, comic books in the bed side table draws, posters on my side of the room. Whatever other shit I had packed was shoved under my bed. I went to inspect myself in the bathroom mirror. Luckily, my hair had decided to be good and stay half tamed. My face, on the other hand, was a mess. Dark circles underlined my eyes from the lack of sleep I received from the night before, my eyeliner was smudged and my skin seemed paler, shallow even. Sam didn’t seem to notice the make-up, which I was glad. I could just imagine the question she would bring up. She’d probably ask straight out if I had turned gay then blame herself for it. I abandoned my horrible image to go see my old friend. Sure, they were druggies and alcoholics but they were my friends nonetheless. Bert and Quinn had the room opposite me, very convenient. I knocked on their door, hoping they had arrived.

‘GEE!’ Quinn yelled as he wrenched the door open. He was a right state. It looked like he’d either just woken up or got hammered. His hair stuck in every direction, eyes half lidded and a goofy grin plastered across his face. Most likely stoned. ‘Was sup ma brother?!’ He yelled even though I was clearly 2 feet in front of him.

‘Hey Quinn. Just finished unpacking. Bert in?’ I asked. Quinn and I weren’t as close as Bert and I were.

‘Yeah, he’s in the bathroom doin’ god knows whaaaaa’.’ He broke into a fit of laughed, tumbling towards the ground. I just stepped over his laughing form and entered their humble abode without invitation. Not that it mattered, they always had their door unlocked so anyone could walk in and take whatever they wanted. I walked to the bathroom, the door was open. Bert was standing in the shower, clothes on with the water running.

‘What cha doin’?’ I asked, forcing back the giggles. He looked so funny, like a drowned cat. His long greasy hair was plastered around his neck, his clothes, which were baggy, gripped to his slightly thin body.

‘Takin’ a shower. Wha’s it look like?’ He gargled, almost choking on the water.

‘Well, I’ll leave you to that. Come see me when you’re…. dry.’ I left their room, dodging the 4 bongs, weed bags and Quinn, who was still rolling on the floor.
I walked back across the hall, back to my dorm. I stopped, noticing a note on my door.

Mr. Way. As of tomorrow, you will have a roommate. He is new so you will be his guide around the school. We expect to hear good things.

P. Hallowell


Yep, another story. I got bored of Love Sucks so i wrote this. Im not giving up on LS, im just a little stuck on it. Hope you like this. R&R please. xox E

The title has nothing to with the story... not yet atleast. its a song by Grinspoon. If you havnt heard it, i suggest you do. Its like major brilliant! thanks guys for reading, if you really are. and im not adding anymore till i know at least one person is reading so make sure you review!!!!!
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