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I Write Sins Not Tragedies

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Can he spit it out?!?!

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“Why me? Why do I have to show the new kid around? Is god torturing me for being gay?” I thought as I lay on my bed. “Would he be like me? Will he be popular and kick the shit out of me?” I started to stress. The thought of my new roommate being popular was scary. I’d have to watch my back all hours of the day.
A loud knock at the door made me jump, bringing me back to reality. I groaned and got off the hard bed, trudging to the door.

‘What?’ I snapped before looking who had interrupted my thoughts.

‘Cranky bum.’ Sam giggled as she walked freely into my room. She sat on my bed and patted the space next to her. I felt obligated to sit next to her. ‘What's got your panties in a twist?’ She asked.

‘New roommate.’ I said, only half lying. That had me stressed out but I was more worried about what I was going to tell her.

‘Serious? Damn, now we have to be extra quiet.’ She groaned and flopped back on my bed. I cringed slightly. I didn’t want to think about sex, well sex with girls at least. ‘Are you wearing make-up?’

‘What... oh… Uhh, yeah. I-I looked like shit this morning.’ I lied again, shifting nervously. There was an awkward silence. Sam just lay there, staring at me as if she wanted me to break the silence. I didn’t. I had nothing to say other than “I’m gay” and I couldn’t say it like that. ‘Sam….. I have to tell you something.’ I murmured, tearing up the awkward silence that ripped at me.

‘What is it, Gee?’ She asked, concern dripping from her words. She sat up and scooted so she was at my side. I looked her in the eye, searching for something. She was worried, like I was about to tell her I was dying.

‘I-I….’ I stuttered. I took a few deep breaths and began again, only to be cut off by: “She's just like wasabi. Looks like a Barbie. Yeah she's just too hot for me”

‘Dammit. Hold on a sec.’ Sam said quickly to answer her phone. I didn’t listen to her mindless conversation. It’d be her talking to one of her girlfriends about someone who had a badd perm or something. I just waited for her to finish.
“Sam, I love you, you know that. But I -” I thought, arranging the words so she didn’t get hurt. I was stuck though. Anyway I said it, she’d get hurt.
‘Sorry, Gee. I have to go. I’ll see you later.’ She kissed my cheek and ran from my room like a madd man was chasing her. I sighed and fell back on my bed. I had to tell her but it had to timed perfectly. I was interrupted by another knock. I was considering getting a doorbell.

‘What?’ I yelled, not wanting to move. The door opened slowly. 2 people stood in my doorway. Bert, who was still kinda damp and Quinn. I sighed, stepping aside for them to enter.

‘Gee! Big party tonight. Comin’?’ Bert asked as he sat on the other bed. Bert and Quinn went to every party, mainly for the free booze. I used to go with them, for the same reason.

‘Nah, I might stay in and draw.’

‘Since when do you turn down a party?’ Quinn eyed me skeptically. I knew I was going to have an interrogation for turning them down but that didn’t bother me much, I’d turned down a few parties and never told them why.

‘I just don’t feel like doing much tonight. I might catch some shut eye since I didn’t sleep last night.’ Bert looked at me with an expression that screamed “Huh?” Talking to him was like explaining the evolution theory to a 3 year old.

‘Well, it’s in the girls block. If you change your mind.’ They left my room in a hurry, probably getting there early to get smashed straight up.

True to my word, I drew for the night. Just random pictures. After a while though, I had nothing to draw so I let my hand and mind work without instruction. It started with eyes, then a nose and lips. Soon, the face started to take shape. I realized when I was half done, that I was drawing that boy. I don’t know why I was so transfixed on him. I slapped myself and threw my art book across the room and got under the covers. I soon fell asleep, another dreamless sleep.

I know its short but the next chapter will be longer, i promise. Tell me what you think. xox E
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