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Gerard meets his new roommate :) More added [Havnt updated, just fixing a mistake i found :D]

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I woke to the sound of knocking. The doorbell sounded more appealing every day. I didn’t get up, I was hoping they’d go away and leave me to sleep a little longer. But no, whoever was at the door decided it was important that I get up.

‘Fuck off!’ I yelled groggily in the general direction of the door and put my head back down. I heard a key in the lock. The only people that had the dorm keys were the students or teachers.
“Fuck! I just swore at a teacher!” I yelled in my head.

‘Mr. Way. I am appalled at your poor language. I do hope that will wear off by today. Now, up. You have a new student to show around.’ I recognized the voice of my principal. CRAP!

‘Gimme an hour.’ I mumbled into my pillow. No-one replied so I thought I was off the hook till someone ripped my blanket off me, exposing me to the cold air. I curled into a ball and whined.

‘Gerard, up.’ The principal said sternly. I whined once again and opened my eyes. The sunlight stung for a moment. Then that subsided, I sat up. Standing next to Mr. Hallowell was a boy. He was tall, about the same height as me, long-ish black hair though he wore a hat, he also wore eyeliner around his brown eyes so I didn’t feel like a freak. He smiled at me. I had to admit, he was kinda cute. ‘This is Brian Haner, your new roommate. Get out of bed and show him around.’ Mr. Hallowell left without a backwards glance.

‘Welcome to hell. Enjoy your stay, keep away from demons with pitchforks and don’t wake the devil when he’s sleepy.’ I said sarcastically, which earned me a laugh from Brian. ‘This translates to “Welcome to Bridge Dale. Your stay will be horrible. Stay away from the poplars’ and don’t wake me. Now that I’m awake, hello Brian.’

‘Please, call me Syn. Everyone does.’ He said taking a seat on his bed. ‘These rooms suck.’

‘You’re telling me. What’s your first class?’ I asked, keeping the conversation to minimum so I could go back to sleep. He took out his timetable and glanced at it.

‘Art.’ He looked up at me. I smiled.

‘You’re with me then. Class is in…..’ I looked at the clock on my bed side table. ’45 minutes.’ I groaned. That gave me half an hour to shower, do my hair, face and get me shit together. I slowly got out of bed, I was stiff from not moving all night long.

‘Cool. You mind if I…. ah, put some music on?’ Syn asked nervously like I was going to shout at him. Did I make that kind of impression?

‘As long as it’s not some rap shit, then I’m cool.’ I smiled as I grabbed a change of clothes and walked in our tiny bathroom, not that it called be called a bathroom. It had no bath. It was merely a shower, toilet and basin.
I had the shortest shower in history. A mere 5 minutes. I turned the water off and wrapped the towel around me before stepping out into the cold air. I shivered slightly as I walked the 9 steps the mirror. I dealt with my hair first, blow drying it then running a brush through it. No matter what I did, it ended the same, dead. It just seemed to hang there, lifeless. I settled for lifeless, rather than wild and untamed. Next, I added eyeliner, 2 thick black lines. The colour contrast was amazing. My near transparent skin vs. black eyeliner. The eyeliner won, seeing as it was so noticeable. I chucked my clothes on, not really caring as they were skinny jeans and just a random T-shirt.
Syn was lying on his bed, Bullet For My Valentine blasting from a CD player he must have bought with him. I smiled to myself and picked up a random thing on the floor, tossing it so it hit him just above his groin. He shot up, wide eyed.

‘Ready for school?’ I asked with a smug smile. I slid my converse on as I walked to the door, picking up my art book. I heard Syn jump off his bed and run after me. ‘Why do people call you Syn?’ I asked, a little curious at how he’d gotten Syn from Brian. I thought, maybe, his middle name was the reason or something like that.

‘It’s short for Synyster. And before you can ask, I got that name from my band. We changed our names for the fun of it.’ He said casually. It actually made sense. Band people changed their names all the time, whether it be for fun or they didn’t want to be known in their personal life. I thought to myself, continuing to lead the way to art.
The hallways were crowded, teachers and students alike. I bumped shoulders with a few people. I was looking around the halls for Bob when I saw him. That boy was walking in the opposite direction to me. As I guessed, he was beautiful. More so up close. He was at least 5 or 6 inches shorter than me but that just gave me an advantage. Something shiny caught my eye (not like that!) and I noticed he was wearing a pink studded belt. PINK?! What the fuck?! He walked past us and smiled up at me when he saw my staring again.

‘Hey, Gerard. How much further?’ Syn asked, breaking my concentration on the boy. I tried to get a glimpse of his arse but he’d already retreated into the sea of students.

‘Oh umm… not far. Few more hallways.’ I lied. We’d actually walked past it. We continued to walk down the longest hallway then turned at a left, then another left and made a right to get back to the art hallway. Yeah, this college is confusing.

‘Haven’t we been down this one?’He asked. I just shook my head, I have never been a good liar. With my luck, I’d stutter and make a fool out of myself. I needed Syn to be my friend. Well, not my enemy at least. We could be acquaintances for all I cared.
We walked into class, it was almost empty. The teacher sat at her desk while the geeks sat up front. None of the populars had shown yet so me and Syn grabbed a table in the back corner. We sat there and talked while the rest of the class filed in. Syn told me about his band. They didn’t have a name yet but the lineup was good. He told me about the members, who he called his best friends. Then he asked me about what I did in my past time.

‘I used to party a lot with my friends but I’ve quit that now.’ I whispered as the class grew silent, the last of the chatter dying down.

‘Class. Welcome back.’ Mrs. Jail said, clapping her hands like we were dogs. ‘We’ll be starting off with a small drawing course this semester. We’ll start it next week, as for now, grab your art books and continue with your work from last year.’
I threw my art book down and opened it to the drawing I had started the night before. I almost forget Syn didn’t have anything to do. I stuck my hand in the air, feeling like a little kid again.

‘Yes, Mr. Way?’ The teacher said, looking up from her romance novel.

‘We have a new student.’ I announced. I did my job, so I got back to my art.

‘What's your name?’

‘Syn.’ Badd move. Mrs. Jail hated nicknames. I guess I should have warned him. I heard her foot tapping and that angry whistle her nose gives when she was about to blow… kinda like a kettle.

‘Christian name.’ She said slowly as if he was mentally retarded. I kept my head down, remembering how much she hated students staring as she gave an “interrogation”.

‘Brian.’ Syn sighed. He got up from the desk, leaving me. I didn’t mind as much, I just got back to shading my picture in all the right spots. I grabbed my rubber and erased all the black smudges that my hand left then went over it all in black felt pen. I looked at it, checking for any imperfections, marks or missing pieces. I found nothing wrong with it so I reached for the teachers’ supply of Faber Castell textas.
‘That’s good.’ I clutched my heart, Syn’s voice had startled me.

‘Oh… Thanks. Do me a favor and don’t do that ever again, please.’ I breathed, trying to get my heart rate back to normal.

‘Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you that badd.’ He chuckled. I mumbled an okay and went back to inspecting my drawing.
I started to colour my drawing, using the textas for the darker bits like the black, gray and purple, while the other colours were done in pencil.
‘Gerard. When’s this class over?’ Syn complained in a whisper. I looked up at the clock, only 11.43. Crap!

‘Another 15 minutes. Think you can hold out that long?’ I joked, noticing him almost bouncing in his chair.

‘No, I don’t like this class. It’s stupid.’ He complained again, keeping his eye on the teacher.

‘I know but in 3 weeks, she’s leaving.’ A smile spread across his face and he sat back, doodling on the piece of paper he had in front of him. I saw he’d been drawing a skull with wings. When I asked, he said it was the logo for his band.
Before I knew it, the bell rang. The students jumped up and stampeded for the door. It was quite comical when you think about it. The smaller kids got crushed, the bigger kids tripped over the small kids. I was glad I didn’t have to join that.

‘Lunch is next right?’ Syn asked as I lead him down a flight of stairs. I nodded and push the cafeteria door open. It was almost full. There were round tables every 10 or so feet, no windows since we were under ground and 5 doors. One of them was an emergency door that lead to a cold room in case of fire.
‘Why are we underground?’ He asked, looking around the room. I walked over to the food line before answering. I had to get a spot before all the coffee was gone.

‘Just the way the school was built I guess. It’s a lot easier down here though.’ I said, looking up at the fluorescent lighting. Sure, it gave you a headache if you looked at it too long but it was also warmer in winter and cooler in summer down there.
I grabbed a tray from the counter and slid it along the metal rails. It was a Tuesday so it was Party Pack day. Which was, basically, pies, sausage rolls and whatever else you find at a little kids party.

‘Where’s the balloons and clown?’ Syn asked, rolling his eyes at the food. I just laughed and shook my head. After retrieving the last of the coffee and one small sausage roll, I looked around the crowded cafeteria. I scanned the tables and found my destination. Bob and Ray sat at the back as usual. I grabbed Syn’s wrist and pulled him through the mass of students till we got to the table.

‘Hey Gee. Who’s this?’ Bob asked, pointing towards Syn who sat next to me. I saw he didn’t look either of them in the eye. That was understandable. Bob was kinda scary, even though he reminded me of Pooh Bear. Ray, on the other hand, looked like he belonged in a 70’s movie because of his ‘fro.

‘Bob, Ray. Meet Syn. Syn, this is Bob and the arse hole who won’t look away from the popular table, is Ray.’ I said, gesturing to them with my hand while I sipped at my overly hot coffee.

‘Nice to meet ya.’ Bob said, going back to attacking his pie with a spoon. Ray waved briefly without looking.
‘Ray, give it up! They won’t invite you over if you just stare at them.’ Syn laughed silently as Bob and Ray had a little argument. I just rolled my eyes, this happened every day.

‘Bob, let him go. He’s not hurting anyone.’ I said, getting annoyed with their constant fighting.

‘Fine. How’s Mikes? Didn’t hear from him these holidays.’

‘He’s good. I think he got a girlfriend. He was ignoring me all holidays too. What about your family? How’s your mum?’ Bobs mum was an alcoholic. Although she was trying to give up, she always caved. I knew how that felt.

‘Yeah, she’s good. Dad took her to rehab a week before I came here so I didn’t see much of her.’ He shrugged. I adored Bob for his strength. Not just bodily strength but his mental and emotional strength. He never cried, he could suppress the saddest things and it came in handy.

‘What you got next?’ I asked Syn since he’d been quiet. He took out his timetable and read it quickly.

‘Physics.’ He stated, looking up at me. I didn’t have that class. I thought quickly. I couldn’t just send him in the direction of physics and hope he got there.

‘Bob. You got physics right?’ I asked. We’d swapped timetables a few days before we came back so we could memorize each others. He nodded since he had a mouth full of pie. ‘Can you take Syn? I’m on the other side of this damned college.’ Again, he nodded.

‘Wanna be lab partners?’ Bob asked after he swallowed, an evil glint in his eye.
‘Sure.’ Syn said shyly. I giggled to myself. It wasn't hard to recognize Bob’s thoughts. Either he wanted to blow up the labs or terrorize the teacher, either one took a partner. The bell chimed, echoing off the plaster walls.

‘Well, have fun with Bob. Don’t let him kill you and watch out for exploding test tubes.’ I said quickly before taking off. I heard Bob’s distinctive laugh as I retreated to the doors. I made it up without much contact, a few shoulders but that was normal.
I was lying when I said I was on the other side of the school. I just wanted to get to gym early. I wasn't the physical kind of person but I knew that boy was in my class.
They used the hall for gym, which was better than being out in the open. As I walked in, I got a suspicious look from my teacher, Coach Myers. I walked up to him, giving him the excuse I had thought up and the note I tricked my mum into signing. We were in college and we still needed note from out parents. So stupid.

‘You don’t seem like the skiing type.’ My teacher said, reading the note over. Probably looking for some hint of forgery.

‘My brother made me go. It was his birthday and I told him I’d try it for him. Who knew those jumps caused so much injury.’ I lied, holding my back to give some hint I was hurt. The note said I had suffered an injury from skiing and I was unable to do gym or any physical activity till my doctor gave the okay. Which would NEVER happen.

‘Fine. But if I see you doing anything that might give me reason to think you forged this, your arse is in big trouble.’ I nodded and headed for the change rooms. I threw my bag in the locker room and went to sit on the stage.
As I sat there, I skimmed through the wave of people. There he was. At the back of the group. He was walking up to the teacher. I just sat there, staring at his arse.
‘Way, you and Mr. Iero can go to the back field kick a ball or something.’ The teacher yelled loud enough for the other students to hear. You could literally hear their heads turn to look and me and the Iero kid.
I got up from the stage, head down and got the ball from Coach Myers. My heart started to beat faster and faster. I didn’t look at him as I walked from the hall.

‘Hey.’ A sweet voice said as I walked. Oh crap!

‘H-Hey.’ I replied, keeping my head down. Why was I so nervous? I didn’t know him for god sake! I stopped on the outskirts of the back field, waiting for him to catch up.
‘What's your name?’ I asked, gaining a little confidence.

‘Frank.’ He held his hand out. I noticed he had black nail polish on…. Gay?

‘Gerard.’ I shook his hand for a moment, feeling a weird sensation rise in my spine. Before I could say anything else, there was a loud BANG!
I looked toward the labs, there was a cloud of smoke rising towards the sky.
‘Fucking hell, Bob!’ I muttered to myself before dropping the ball and started to run for the labs. I could hear a pair of feet behind me. I looked beside me and Frank was running with me.
‘What are you doing?’ I asked.

‘I’m curious.’ He stated. I shook my head and kept running. Bob was standing in front of a teacher, head down while receiving a lecture.

‘-first day back and you do this? I am ashamed! You put-‘
‘It was an accident!’

I looked away from Bob, searching for Syn. After scanning, I saw he was sitting on a bench by the lab doors.

‘You okay man?’ I asked, sitting next to him. He coughed a bit then looked up at me.

‘That was so cool! The look on the teachers face was worth all this!’ He laughed then started coughing again. I patted him on the back to help him out a little.

‘I got in trouble.’ Bob pouted, taking the seat next to me. ‘Who knew Sulfuric acid and Lithium blew up?’

‘Obviously not you.’ I sighed.

As i promised, i finished the chapter :) dont expect them all to be this long. I cant be fucked doing that. well, heres the finished product. tell me what you think?
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