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A meeting

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The rest of the day was cancelled because of the explosion. We were given health instructions, even though they knew we wouldn’t abide by them. We were told not to leave our rooms, keep the windows and doors closed and, for anyone near or in the labs, to take a shower to wash away any chemical substance that may have landed on them.
Syn wasn't up for breaking the rules so I left him alone in our room. I didn’t have a clear destination, I was just wandering around the halls.
I was walking around the corner of the science block then I ran into someone, literally. I fell to the ground, whacking my head on the lino.

‘Oww! God damn it!’ I muttered. I sat up, pain throbbing my skull, and looked at who I ran into. Of course it had to be Frank.
‘I-I’m sorry, I-I should watch where I’m going.’ I said shyly, going red in the face from embarrassment.

‘It’s cool dude. These corridors need mirrors or something.’ He giggled and I was mesmerized. His giggle sounded like a little girls. Just adorable. And it suited him well. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was staring back, something glinting in his eyes.

‘I-I… umm… yeah, ahh…. I’m gonna…’ I stuttered, gesturing with my hands that I was going to stand.

‘Uhh… yeah, me too.’ Frank said awkwardly.
I slid my legs underneath me and attempted to stand. I staggered a bit from the blow to the head but I managed to stay standing.

‘A-Are you new?’ I blurted out as he stood. I mentally slapped myself, of course he was new!

‘Nah, I miss half of last year. Why do you ask?’ He looked at me with his puppy like eyes. They shone in the fluorescent lights.

‘I-I…. I just didn’t see you last year.’ I admitted. How could I not have noticed him? I may not have been gay back then but he was too gorgeous not to notice. My heart started to beat faster, causing a slight pain in my chest.
I was about to ask him another burning question when someone yelled out.

‘Frankie?!’ They called, the voice echoing in the deserted halls. I looked towards the back-oval doors. There stood my worst enemy. I say enemy, he says punching bag. I groaned in annoyance. No doubt I was going to have a few bruises by the time I got back to my room.
Frank turned towards Damian and smiled. He fucking smiled? Oh great, they’re friends. I’m dead!

‘Hey Damian, what are you doing out?’ Frank asked, turning slightly so he could talk to him and me. I just stood there, like a deer in the headlights. Any second I would be thrown to the ground, beaten to an inch of my life and left, bleeding from every possible place.

‘Could ask you the same question. What are you doing out here with that?’ He scolded, glaring at me as he stood next to Frank. I took a few steps back, trying to gain some distance.
Frank whispered something in his ear, earning a shocked expression from Damian.

‘Don’t say a word.’ Frank warned. Damian looked between the both of us then sighed.

‘Fine. But you need help Frankie, serious help.’ He said before leaving, giving me one final glare.

‘S-Sorry about him….’

‘It’s cool. I’m used to it.’ The look on his face scared me. I thought he would be just cool about it, maybe even pick on me himself but he looked horrified.

‘You shouldn’t be used to it…. That’s….. horrible.’ He almost yelled, his voice echoing off the empty halls.

‘It’s a daily event for me.’ I shrugged.
‘Even more so now than ever before.’

‘Why?’ He looked into my eyes, pleading with me silently.

‘I changed my style…. I guess…. I mean, I’m the same as I was, I just look different and my…. Preferences are a lot different now.’ I rambled, trying not to give my sexuality away. I had the urge to just tell him but I knew that would be a badd idea.

‘I… I don’t get what you mean.’ He admitted, smiling a little.

‘I was blonde.’ I giggled, finding it a little funny.

‘Oh. But that’s your appearance, what’s changed about your preferences?’ He looked hopeful. Me being me, I thought the worst of the situation. I had thought he wanted me to say I was gay so he could rip me to shreds.

‘I… Uhh… you know. Music taste…. I-I don’t think of my girlfriend the same as I did… that kind of stuff.’ I dropped the “girlfriend” bomb, hoping he’d stop the interrogation.

‘Oh…. Yeah, I get what you mean.’ He smiled sadly. I felt slightly badd. I didn’t know the guy yet I felt for him. I hated seeing that look on his face.

‘I... better get back to my room.’ I said weakly, trying to push the thoughts from my head. I wanted to invite him back with me but I couldn’t do that.

‘Yeah, me too…’ I started to walk past him till he grabbed my arm. My initial instinct was to pull away and run but I didn’t, something was stopping me. He looked me in the eye for a moment before crashing his lips to mine. I was shocked, frozen.
He pulled back and ran. I couldn’t move, I just stood there till my mind un-weaved itself. My lips were tingling.

‘Fuck….’ I whispered.

It's been ages, i know. I wont bother with an excuse coz i just dont have one :D basically, i havnt been writing for like a month and yeah... :D xox E
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