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I'm Like a Bird

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When I finally made it back to my room, it was almost midnight. I’d left the dorms at at least 4.30-5 so I was shocked. I hadn’t done much to fill that 7 hour gap.

‘Where the fuck have you been?!’ Syn yelled as I opened the door and flopped down on my cardboard bed.

‘Went for a walk, bumped into someone….. Then walked some more.’ I told him, deciding not to tell him about the sneak attack.
He nodded then jumped back into his own bed. He was asleep seconds after his head hit the pillow. I, on the other hand, could not sleep. Franks face just popped into my mind every time I closed my eyes. That look in his eyes before he kissed me haunted my mind. He looked sadd but happy. His lips were so soft and tasted sweet. Like skittles.

‘Gerard?’ I heard Syn call. I hadn’t notice the sun rise, nor had I noticed that I had fallen asleep.
‘Wake up man. Someone’s here for you.’ I groaned and rolled onto the floor, by accident. I heard an unmistakable giggle and my eyes shot open.

‘Oww.’ I whined as the bright light stung my eyes and my head throbbed. I squinted my eyes to get a better look at Frank. He was fully dressed in black tight jeans, pink belt and Iron Maiden shirt. His hands were thrust down the pockets of his jeans and a sly smile played on his lips… those lips.

‘I could come back later.’ He commented sadly. Either he wanted us to know he didn’t want to go or he was really badd at hiding his emotions.

‘No way man. It’s time for Gerard to get up anyway.’ Syn said, gripping a handful of my hair and pulling me up. I had to admit, he was a strong kid.

‘I’m getting up! FUCK! No need to make me go bald!’ I yelled pulling myself into a vertical stance.
‘Two seconds.’ I murmured, walking into the small bathroom. I sat up on the tiny counter and let my head fall back against the mirror. I heard the door open but I kept my eyes closed.

‘I’m sorry.’ I heard Frank say. I looked at him. He had his back up against the door as he looked at the floor or his shoes, I couldn’t tell.

‘For what?’ I asked. Even I had to admit, I was very slow in the mornings. I hated them and without coffee, it was almost impossible to get me to form a full sentence but Frank’s presence seemed to wake me up.

‘For…. Kissing you yesterday. I-I…. Shouldn’t have done that. I know but I had to. I couldn’t stop myself but I know you don’t swing that way and I’m –‘

‘Frank! Shut up!’ I laughed. He had brought his hands up to his face, clawing at his cheeks. He looked up, shocked.
‘Chill for a moment before you blow a fuse or something,’ I jumped off the counter and opened the small cabinet, retrieving my anti-depressants. I popped 3 of them into my mouth and swallowed them dry.

‘What is that?’ Frank asked, pointing towards the pill bottle in my hand. I dropped it back in the cabinet before turning to face him.

‘Anti-depressants. Long boring story. Need to know basis, now can I have a shower? I feel dirty.’ I rambled, feeling a little exposed. No-one knew about my pills, not even my brother. If I didn’t take them, then I’d go all funny for the day.

‘Answer one question then yes, you can.’ He said, smiling slightly.

‘Fine.’ I sighed.

‘Why haven’t you yelled at me yet?’ He looked amused, like I was missing some inside joke or something.

‘What? Why would I yell at you?’

‘Well, you pretty much told me yesterday that you were straight and I kissed you and if I was straight and some gay guy kissed me, I would freak. I guess I just thought that-‘

‘FRANK!’ I yelled, cutting him off again. He smiled shyly up at me.

‘Sorry. I ramble when I’m nervous.’

‘I’m not straight. I told you that I didn’t think of my girlfriend the same…. Because I don’t think of girls like that anymore.’

‘Ohhhh….’ He seemed to stop and think. I was worried.

‘Can… I have a shower now?’ I asked nervously.

‘Oh. Uh yeah, sure. Sorry.’ He stepped out of the bathroom, mumbling something about "protecting what you love".

Finally some action... kinda haha! oh wells. xox E
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