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I'm (not) In Love With a Girl

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I couldn’t get Frank out of my head as I took my long, morning shower so I turn a CD on. I didn’t know which CD was in since Syn was the last to use the CD player. I almost jumped when Lifehouse started. I hadn’t heard the song since I was younger…. On a date with Sam to be precise. I sighed. I really couldn’t be bothered turning it off or changing it. I could faintly hear Syn singing along from our room, hitting all the wrong notes.
I laughed quietly to myself and finished showering. I used showers as a relaxing place but Frank had ruined it. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. How he seemed so nervous and how he looked so sexy even though he was freaking out. I turned the water off, tuning to open the curtain. Before I could even put my hand out to touch the curtain, a hand shot through with my towel. I jumped back a little, almost slipping. The music had been turned off, which bugged me a little.

‘Th-Thank you?’ I said nervously. I took the towel and wrapped it around my waist. I stepped out of the shower, coming face to face…. or face to chest, with Frank.
‘This is kinda stalker-ish you know? I could shower without the curtain.’ I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

‘Well, you’re lucky you do or I would have seen everything. Though, that towel won’t protect you much. One slip and its gone.’ He said smirking, his hands on his hips. I flung my arms around my waist, holding the towel just in case.

‘What are you doing, Frank? Haven’t you heard of privacy?’ I asked a little rudely.

‘I came to ask you something.’ He said, still smirking. I leant back against the sink, still holding my towel.

‘Well, ask away. I do want to get ready, you know.’ I said. I grabbed my hairbrush and started brushing through the jungle I called hair.

‘I’ll wait till you’re dressed. Meet me in the cafeteria.’ He said winking as he turned and left. I sighed and turned to the mirror.
‘One more thing.’ Frank said, walking back in. He gripped a handful of my towel and ripped it down. I covered myself, wide eyed.
‘That’s better.’ He said, blowing me a kiss and leaving again.

‘Arsehole!’ I yelled at his retreating figure.

‘What’s going on?’ Syn asked, walking into the bathroom. He covered his eyes, laughing when he seen me standing there, my hands cupping my balls.
‘I won’t ask.’ He said, backing away. I grabbed my towel from the floor and whipped it around my waist quickly.
It only took me 5 minutes to get dressed, a new personal record. I didn’t do my hair, I just brushed through it with my fingers and dragged the towel through it to wring some water from it.
I slipped my shoes on at the door and told Syn I would be late for art.
I slowly walked down the halls, watching my feet. Frank seemed nice, gorgeous and gay, but what if it was a trap? What if he wanted Damien to beat the shit out of me? Or he could be lying about being gay and just want to laugh at me. I stopped outside the large doors. I peeked through the small glass windows, looking for someone to save me. Ray, Bob. Bands geeks for all I cared.
Damien was prancing around his table, laughing with all the other populars that thought they were all that.

‘Thinking of running away?’ A familiar voice called from behind me. I spun around, facing Frank who had his back up against the wall.

‘No… I was looking for Bob.’ I lied, leaning against the door and almost falling through. Frank giggled stepping away from the wall as I steadied myself.

‘Bob? Really? I’d say you were looking at Damien.’ He said, coming up real close. I gulped loudly, leaning back as he leant closer to me.
‘I don’t see why you’re so afraid of him. He’s a giant teddy bear.’ Frank giggled.

‘No, Bob is a teddy bear. He won’t hurt anybody where Damien will gladly beat my face in.’ I said.

‘He won’t touch you again.’

‘Says who?’ I asked, not really believing I was off the hook. The hook I created in high school with Damien.

‘Says me. If I tell him not to touch someone, he won’t. It’s as easy as that. You’re mine to touch, not his.’ He said, closing the gap between our lips. At first, I was shocked. But I eased into it, leaning forward to capture his lips better. I pushed him up against the wall he had been leaning on and kissed him harder. His arms wound around my neck, pulling me in closer. I had to lean a fair bit because of the height different but it didn’t bother me too much.
His fingers knotted in my hair, gaining a better grip. His lips were softer then I thought, like he used lip-gloss or something. They oddly reminded me of Sam.

‘Frank. Stop.’ I said, pushing him away. I took a few steps back, clearing my head a little.

‘What? What did I do wrong?’ He asked, his hands clutched together on his thighs. He looked worried, like he’d scared me.

‘I have a girlfriend, Frank. This is wrong, I can’t do that to her.’ I said, backing up against the opposite wall.

‘Gerard, you’re gay. Being with her is wrong, full stop. You don’t love her, so why can’t we do this? I like you, and you like me.’ He said, stepping closer, his lips pouted. I had to close my eyes or I would have pounced on him.

‘I’m still working on the break up part. I can’t hurt her too much and how the hell do you know if I like you or not?’ I asked, stepping away from him as he got closer and closer.

‘I saw you looking at me on the first day. The disappointment on your face when I walked up to Damien and his crew. Face it Gerard, you’re gay and you like me. If not like, think I’m hot. Either way, I still like you.’ He said, backing me into the corner.

‘I won’t cheat on my girlfriend.’ I told him sternly.

‘Oh but you already have. You don’t just turn gay over night. It takes time, experience. And I know, for a fact, you’ve already gotten down and done the dirty. Jason really doesn’t know how to shut his mouth.’ He said, folding his arms around my neck and leaning in close to my face.

‘Frank, please. Don’t say anything to Sam. She’ll freak and I don’t want to hurt her.’ I begged.

‘Now why would I do that?... oh right, to get my man.’ I looked at him in horror, fear.
‘I wouldn’t do that though. It’d hurt you. If you want my lips sealed, you’ll have to do something for me.’ He said, brushing the hair from my face gently.

‘Fine.’ I sighed. I placed his lips over mine, no friction. Just sitting there, waiting for me. I slowly worked my lips against his, lifting him by his thighs to jump up around my waist. I backed him against the wall and kissed him harder, trailing the tip of my tongue across his bottom lip. His tongue snuck out to meet mine as his fingers re-entered my hair.

‘Gerard?!’ I heard someone shriek. I nearly dropped Frank as I looked towards the doors. Sam had dropped her breakfast plate, milk running over the clean floors. Tears rolled down her face as she stood there, frozen. Frank seemed to freeze too. His legs were still locked around me, hands still in my hair.

‘I-I… Uhh…’ I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t brush it off and say it wasn't what it looked like because, well… It was. I was caught making out with a guy by my girlfriend. And I felt like laughing.

I feel light laughing too. Also, i wanted to know if anyones still reading this. either way, im still gonna write it for me coz i like writing this kinda shit. yeaaah xox E
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