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You Make Me Sick

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Apologies or more screaming?

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‘Gerard… What the fuck?!’ Sam yelled, throwing her arms up. Frank untangled his fingers from my hair and dropped to the ground. He looked up at me, apologizing with his eyes. He pecked my cheek and ran up the stairs. I looked back at Sam, who was as red as a tomato.

‘Sam… Please, just listen. I can explain.’ I said, edging closer to her. She picked up her tray and tossed it at me. Lucky for me, she had a very badd shot.

‘Explain what? My boyfriend is a faggot?!’ She screamed, picking up the milk carton and tossing it, missing me only a little.

‘I was going to tell you yesterday but you ran out. Sam, please. Can we go somewhere private and talk?’ I begged, watching a crowd form behind the cafeteria doors. I could see Damien at the front, his face almost pressed against the glass. I was expecting to see a scowl or a smirk but he looked worried.

‘I’m not going anywhere with you! Go back to your fucking boyfriend, because as of now, you’re no longer mine!’ She stormed up the stairs, knocking a few people out of her way. I ran up the stairs, not after Sam but after Frank. I didn’t know where he’d be so I started at my room.
I opened the door, looking around quickly. I went to run back out when Syn grabbed my arm.

‘Gerard, what’s going on? Frank came in here, crying.’ He said.

‘Do you know where he went?’ I asked franticly.

‘No but he said to give this to you.’ He held out a neatly folded piece of paper. I took it and opened it quickly. His handwriting was neat, portraying the words perfectly.


I’m sorry. It’s my fault your girlfriend found out that way. I’m sorry… I really like you and I never meant for this to happen.
I’ll understand if you’re madd at me, I never expected for you to care anyway.

I wish I could have a second chance. To fix everything and possibly have something with you. I guess I’ll never know if what Jason said was true. :)

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I could write it another million times but I don’t expect you to forgive me. Goodbye, Gerard.

Xo Frankie.

I read the letter a few times, trailing my finger over the tear drops that had just recently dried. I folded it up and put it on my pocket.

‘I don’t know where to find him.’ I sighed, dropping my head into my hands.

‘Room 14C.’ Syn said with a smile. I hugged him tight and then ran off towards the hallways. It wasn't hard finding Franks room. Music was blasting to the point where you could almost see the door coming off its hinges.
I knocked loudly, trying to beat the bass of Metallica. I heard faint rustling behind the door and then the lock click. The door opened slowly, revealing a puffy eyed Frank. He slammed the door in my face, sobbing behind it.

‘Frankie, open up.’ I called through the door, banging on it with my fist. I could still hear him sobbing over the music, whispering something. I bent down and pressed my ear near where he was on the other side.

‘-don’t let him kill me, please. I’ll get married, I’ll have children. Please. God, he hates me!’ I heard him say.

‘Frankie. I don’t hate you. Please, can we talk?’ I said, knocking on the door as I stood back up. The door clicked twice before slowly opening again. Frank stood behind it, using it as a shield. He shook slightly, trying to hold in sobs.
I wasn't sure which Frank I liked better. The confident, slightly arrogant Frank. Or the open, sensitive Frank that stood before me.

‘Y-You… don’t hate me?’ He asked quietly. I took a step forward, reaching for his hand. He slowly reached out and entwined his fingers with mine.

‘No, Frankie. I don’t hate you. Come on, let’s go for a walk.’ I said gently, pulling on his hand to get him to walk with me.
He took small steps at first, probably testing to see if I was about to snap or not. Eventually he walked faster, keeping up with me. He hadn’t let go of my hand. We walked down the corridors and out through the front doors hand in hand, earning a few glares on the way.
We sat out on the benches. There were a few other groups outside, most of the others still eating inside. I saw Sam’s group sitting under a tree, huddled around, who I guess was, Sam. I got the most glares from them. Some were shot at Frank, which made him flinch.
‘Ignore them.’ I said to him, pulling him to sit on the bench next to me.
He looked so small and defenseless with his hands ticked between his thighs and his head down. I felt like squeezing him to death. You know that feeling? Like when you see a cute puppy or kitty in a pet shop window and you just wanna squeeze them? Yeah, that’s what I felt.

‘Gerard, I’m-‘ I put my finger over his lips, forcing him to stop.

‘Don’t. It’s not your fault.’ I said, dropping my finger. He leant forward a little, looking me dead in the eye.

‘It is. I asked you to kiss me.’ He said.

‘You asked me to kiss you. Key word, asked. You didn’t hold a gun to my head and demand it.’ He shuffled closer, sitting practically on my lap.

‘I like you, Gerard. I really do.’ He whispered. I sighed and wrapped my arm around his waist.

‘I like you too, Frankie.’ I whispered back.

I'm going to bed now. Peace xox E
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