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Today has been drastic ;)

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Somehow, Frank ended up in my lap, his arms wrapped around my neck. I didn’t mind that much. The only thing that bothered me was Sam’s hurt glare.
Damien was also staring at us from his group. I couldn’t see his expression but he was staring, nonetheless. Frank hadn’t noticed Damian since he was too busy nuzzling his face into my neck.
Damian slowly made his way to us, stopping at every table for a small chat. When he did finally reach us, he looked nervous. Almost as nervous as me.

‘Frank… Are you okay?’ He asked, trying not to look at me. Frank nodded, curling into me more.
‘Look, Frank. I don’t agree with your choices but I’m still your friend. I never made fun of you, picked on your boyfriends. If anything, they became part of the family. But I won’t stand beside you when you go for someone who’s already taken. Just think about what you’re doing, please.’ He said. I was dumbfounded. No just because he was ready accept me but because he had made a speech that had so much meaning.

‘You’ve never accepted me for who I am! Dazza tells me everything. Every time I tell you I like someone or I get a new boyfriend, you always make some stupid comment. I can’t help it if I fall for the wrong people who end up breaking me but, while it lasts, it’s what I want. All I really want is someone I can be with. I want to be held, I want to be able to tell them my deepest darkest secrets and trust them. I want someone I can depend my life on, someone who will be there for me. I want someone who can take care of me. You wouldn’t understand. All you do is fuck whores!’ Frank said, screaming the latter as he jumped up with his fist balled. Damian took a step back, looking shocked. I stood up and wrapped my arms around Frank’s middle, holding him so he couldn’t do anything stupid.

‘At least I don’t go for freaks!’ Damian yelled, staring at me. That seemed to make Frank snap. He ripped my arms from him and pounced on Damian. When I say pounced, I actually meant it. He leaped up and pushed Damian to the ground. Frank got in a few good hits before I reefed him up, holding him against my chest as he kicked and screamed. Damian had got him only once, busting his nose.
‘You fucking take that back! Take it back, cunt!’ He screeched, earning shocked looks from the surrounding people.
Damian sat up, spitting a large amount of blood from his mouth and wiping his nose with his sleeve.

‘You’ll regret that, Iero. You and your boyfriend better watch out.’ He said fiercely, turning around and jogging back to his group.

‘Come on. Let’s go.’ I said, dragging Frank across campus. I took him back to my room, sitting him on the bed while I got a wet face washer from the bathroom.
When I got back to the room, Frank had curled up on my bed. His nose was still bleeding, dripping onto my pillow. I sat next to him, brushing the hair from his face.
‘Come here.’ I said softly, lifting him up on my lap. I dabbed his face, washing the blood and tears away.

‘Sorry.’ He whispered, staring at my pillow.

‘It doesn’t bother me.’ I said, wiping the last of the blood away.

‘You don’t have to take care of me, you know.’ He said after a few minutes of silence. We’d been staring into thin air. I had been thinking about what Damian said.

‘I want to take care of you.’ I said honestly. He looked up at me, searching my face.
‘Seriously Frank. I like you and I want to be there for you when you need someone.’ He wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tight.

‘Thank you.’ He whispered.

‘Now what are we going to do about Damian?’ I asked.

‘He’ll go after you.’ He said, tracing a pattern on my back.
‘He won’t touch me.’

‘I’ll sort it out. Don’t worry.’ I said, trying to keep Frank calm and relaxed. I didn’t like seeing him riled up. It kinda scared me.

‘No. I got you into this, I’ll get you out.’ He said, nodding against my chest. I sighed and shifted on the bed. I moved so my head was on my pillow and Frank lying on top of me. He moved so his head stayed on my chest and his body was pressed against my side.
I didn’t want Frank to get involved in this. Compared to Damian, he was an ant. I couldn’t just stand back and watch Frank do my dirty work when he could get hurt so easily.

‘How do you know Damian?’ I asked, truly curious.

‘Believe it or not, he was my first boyfriend. I’ve known him since I was a little kid and I kinda fell for him. We only dated a few months and decided to break it off. He said it was because he wasn't gay and his mother wouldn’t want him to be with me. We stayed friends though. Even through the changes and our differences.’ He said. I stayed silent. Just the thought of Frank and Damian together made my whole body freeze.
‘That’s why he’s so protective over me.’

‘Y-You…. And…Damian?’ I stutter, still trying to get the new information through my head.

‘I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. If I didn’t date him back then I wouldn’t have a-‘ He stopped suddenly, looking in the other direction as he blushed.

‘What is it?’ I asked, stroking his side.

‘Nothing. Never mind.’ He said, shaking his head.

‘Come on, Frankie. You can tell me.’ I said. He sighed and curled tighter against my side.

‘If I didn’t date Damian back then I wouldn’t have a home or family.’ He said. Again, I froze. I’d known Frank the sum of not even 2 days and 2 simple facts had made me stop functioning.
‘I’ve said too much. I’ll leave.’ He whispered, sitting up. I sat up and grabbed his arm, pulling him against my chest.

‘What… What happened to your parents, hon?’ I asked, still shocked.

‘It’s not important.’ He said.

‘Please?’ I begged. He looked up at me and nodded.

‘It was my 7th birthday. We were driving to see my nana. I started crying for some reason and mum turned to talk to me, trying to keep me quiet. Dad got pissed off and turned to yell at me. Mum was screaming at him to watch the road…. And we crashed. I got knocked out and when I woke up, I was in the hospital.’

‘You’re parents died on your birthday?’ I asked, imagining how he would have felt. Both his parents dying on his birthday. The one day of the year where all that matters is you. I know that sounds conceited but it’s true.

‘Not really. I don’t really know what happened. While I was awake, a nurse held me so I couldn’t run off. I could hear some doctors saying that my mum was brain dead, she hit her head too hard and it ruptured something. She was on life support to see if she could come out of it. Dad, he snapped his neck but was still alive. He was on life support too. At 11.59, the hospital had a black out. It takes 1 minute and 32 seconds for the back-up generators to kick in. By then, my parents had passed.’ By the time he finished, tears had managed to leak from his eyes.
I hugged him tight to me, hushing him as he sobbed softly.

‘I’m not a very good friend, am I?’ I said, trying to lighten the mood a little.

‘Why would you say that?’ He asked, wiping his eyes.

‘I’ve made you cry twice in one day.’ I giggled. He giggled back and smacked my arm lightly.

‘True. Thanks for that, bitch.’ He giggled, wiping the last of the tears away.

‘You love it.’

‘I never said that.’ He winked. I smiled and pressed my lips against his cheek, narrowly missing his lips. Before I pulled away, he turned his head so my lips connected with his. The second he did that, Sam burst into the room.

Boredom sucks. Real badd. :) xox E
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