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Do you know who you are falling in love with?

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Gerard meets a guy online and starts to think of him as more than a mate. He is nearly caught, TWICE :D

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RyaN_J has signed on Beeped the little MSN announcement in the right-hand corner of Gerard’s computer screen.
“Yes!” Gerard hissed punching the air above his head, resulting in his mother, Donna, giving him a suspicious look.
“I… won a computer… pacman game” he lied, not wanting his mother to know that he was excited about talking to a random boy he met on an internet forum. His parents were precautious enough about Gerard using MSN, without the fact he had added a total stranger, but Gerard was smart enough to not give any information out that could be used to track him down, and Gerard trusted Ryan.

RyaN_J says:hey babe
GeeTard says:hey hun, u ok?

Gerard loved talking to Ryan, he got turned on just IMing him. Donna walked over and Gerard quickly minimized the convo, he didn’t want his mother to know he was calling another boy hun, she had suspicions, kindly brought up by his thoughtful brother, Mikey, that he was already gay, Gerard decided she didn’t need proof. Gerard soon came to regret minimizing the window as the one that came up was a YouTube video of two teenaged boys kissing,
“Damn, Mikey! I wish he’d stop sending me stupid links, I never know what’s real and what is a joke” he muttered, proud of the quick cover-up.
“Gerard, get rid of that or else you won’t go on the computer, those videos are degrading” she said, sternly. He blushed and once again blamed his little brother. When Donna had gone out to get some groceries for dinner he opened the MSN window to receive many IM’s from Ryan

RyaN_J says:yeah, im good. wat u up 2?
RyaN_J says:Gee, u still there?
RyaN_J says:come on gee, im horny, talk dirty to me babe

Awesome, Ryan is in the mood, Gerard thought with a smug grin on his face. He slid his hand under the rim of his skinny jeans and rested it on the outside of his boxers

GeeTard says:sorry about the wait sexy, my mum almost caught me, horny u say? Dirty boy!
RyaN_J says:take your time, yup sooo turned on right now! Don’t say you aren’t too :D
GeeTard says:nope, im a gd teen boy :)
RyaN_J says:fine, I’ll just have to find another guy to satisfy my urges…
GeeTard says:WAIT!
RyaN_J says:oh? I thought u weren’t interested?!
GeeTard says:Awww, no I am, I have my hand down my jeans ready ;)
RyaN_J says:and IM the dirty one :P
GeeTard says:yup, come on… turn me hard babe!

“Gerard, do you have a… WHAT THE HELL?” Mikey’s jaw dropped after reading the quick flash of convo before Gerard closed it, he saw the convo, he saw Gerard’s hand down his trousers and he saw that Gerard’s trouser had become even tighter than normal. Gerard yanked his hand out,
“Mikes, it’s not what you think!” he exclaimed waving his hands frantically around.
“Gerard, you have a GIRLFRIEND?” Mikey yelled excitedly, he had always presumed Gerard was gay, obviously this remark caught Gerard off guard.
“What? I… erm… yes, I have a girlfriend” he stuttered making the best out of the excuse.
“Awww, Gerard and Ryanna sitting in a tree, F-U-C…” Gerard slapped his hand over Mikey’s mouth, stifling the song. Bearing in mind Mikey way only 12, Gerard was shocked that he knew words like that and the proper context of them.
“Mikes, don’t say that it’s rude” Gerard explained,
“Yeah, so? Mom isn’t here, and you say it all the time” Mikey whined,
“Mikey, I’m older, ok look fine you can say that stuff but not when other people are around, deal?” he reasoned with his kid brother, he knew that if he told Donna that Mikey swore then he’d just grass Gerard up as well. Mikey smiled and walked off looking smug that he had gotten away with it. Gerard smiled to himself and re-opened the convocation with Ryan, he was still very turned on. He locked the door so he could have some peace and get on with… boy stuff.

Like? It may be too over sexual, but to me it didn’t seem it compared to some stuff. Rate and review! Pleaseeeee. Thank you.
EveighKN xox
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