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Aww, Gerard it's mean to tease people.

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GeeTard says:I g2g mikes is bugging me, talk later, c u sexy baby boii!
RyaN_J says:Awww :( I’m sad now Lol, ok babe c u l8er love uu xox
GeeTard says:yup, love u too

Gerard ventured out of his bedroom after five minutes of “I love you’s” and “xox’s”, he shielded his eyes from the blinding sunlight in the hallway. His bedroom had only one beam of light shine through so he is always in for a shock when he comes out of it.
“What took so long? Chatting to Ryanna?” Mikey sung,
“Get fu…” Gerard was interrupted by a big breath in, by Mikey, ready to call ‘MOM’ and land Gerard in more trouble, so he sighed and elbowed Mikey out of his way and stumbled quickly downstairs, tripping on the last step. He yelled out in pain as he fell onto a bookcase, resulting in a flood of hardback books.
“OW! I think my nose is broken” he cried,
“Gee darling, don’t be so dramatic… OH MY GOD!” Donna screamed when she saw the blood gushing out of Gerard’s nose, she felt quite faint and Gerard was trying to hold back a few tears that began to collect in his eyes.
“Oh fuck, fuckidy fuck, fuck, fuck” Gerard whined,
“Don’t use that language, you may be… hurt but that doesn’t give you permission to be foul mouthed” she said, sternly. Gerard pouted and stormed off to get some kitchen roll and an ice pack. He was pretty annoyed that he hadn’t had more attention, Gerard, although he would never publically admit it, was a total drama queen. When Donna announced she had phoned the school, Gerard glared enviously at Mikey, most kids would be enthralled to have a day off school, but not Gerard, no-one would be on MSN (and by no-one he was thinking of Ryan) he wouldn’t be allowed to go out and walk around town, today would suck.
“Mom! Please let me go to school, it’s as boring as fuck here” he cursed again, she rolled her eyes,
“Go get cleaned up, hurry, you are going to be late” but Gerard had already sprinted to the bathroom by the time she said ‘go get’ He washed the blood off of his face and applied a lot of eyeliner, he ruffled his hair and couldn’t be bothered to brush his teeth, he had little time and quite frankly, it was too much effort.
“Gerard!” Frank yelled, running up and embracing him.
“Nice to see you too Frankie-boy” Gerard laughed pushing Frank off him, Gerard used to be embarrassed by Frank since he was in the same year as Mikey, but now he saw him as a nicer, better, version of his brother. Mikey came over a little later and they went to sit on the tarmac until the bell.
“Frank, want to come over tonight? Gerard is boring lately as he is only concerned about his little girlfriend” Mikey smirked at Gerard.
“Girlfriend?” questioned Frank with a hint of jealousy, everyone knew, including Gerard, that Frank had a crush on Gee, but Frank thought that only Mikey knew. Gerard didn’t want to hurt Frank, he was a cute kid, but he’d never date a 12 year old.
“She’s not my girlfriend, she’s just a mate” Gerard mumbled,
“You had your HAND down your jeans!” Mikey said, a little too loudly for Gerard’s liking.
“I was watch… a video. It wasn’t over her!” Gerard hissed,
“Look do you have a girlfriend or not?” Frank muttered sourly.
“Yes” Mikey and Gerard said at the same time. Gerard glared at Mikey and turned to Frank,
“No hun, I don’t” he sighed and Frankie beamed he put his arm around Gerard,
“Maybe you should turn to men” he offered and Gerard just smiled secretively. The bell went after a few seconds and Mikey and Frank both groaned, Gerard just pushed Mikey into the fence and ran off shouting, “LAST ONE INSIDE HAS TO SUCK OFF XANDA JONES!” Frankie ran off after Gerard but then felt bad and went to help Mikey pick up his school books that had strewn across the floor. When he finished helping Mikey they raced off inside Frank almost tripped therefore causing him to be last inside.
“Ahh, you have to suck off Xanda, Frankie” Gerard teased, dragging the 12-year-old boy over too Xanda. Xanda was 14 and gay, it wasn’t that he was ugly or nasty or anything, the reason no-one like him was just down to the fact that he was gay. Now you know why Gerard and Frank were so afraid of coming out.
“Hey Xanda, got a guy for you” Gerard said warmly, shoving frank over to him. Xanda pushed his long, maroon fringe from his eyes and narrowed his eyes, he turned away,
“No, I’m not being horrible, Frank is really horny!” Gerard said earnestly. Frankie lowered his head, he didn’t want to disagree with Gerard, he was older, much older and stronger.
“Excuse me?” Xanda asked sarcastically. Frank nodded,
“I… I want this, I’m not screwing around” he sighed,
“Really?” Xanda raised one eyebrow quizzically.
“Yup” Frank’s fake smile didn’t seem to throw Xanda and he smiled and pulled Frank close to him, he stroked his hair and was just about to kiss him when Gerard shouted,
“You silly fag! Get off my boyfriend! FUCKING QUEER!” he pulled Frank away from Xanda, leaving him confused and pissed off.
“Thanks for saving me back there” Frank said after he recovered from a fit of laughter, “and boyfriend? Couldn’t you think of a more suitable way?” Frank blushed,
“Nope! I wanted to say that” Gerard said arrogantly, he was acting as if he now owned Frank, he draped his arms over Frankies shoulders and rested his head on Franks neck.
“What are you doing?” Frank breathed, Gerard could tell that he was enjoying this, maybe he shouldn’t be teasing the poor boy but it was fun. Gerard rested a hand on his thigh and slowly rubbed his hand up his leg, Frank got shivers and his breath was uneven and deep. Gerard thought that it was time to stop when he saw how uncomfortable Frank was becoming in the trouser region, that was the only down side of skinny jeans. Gerard smiled, before he could stop him self he groped Frank’s growing ‘problem’ and totally regretted it the second after. Why did he have no self control? He was 16 for fuck’s sakes! Frank was 12, soon 13 but that doesn’t make it better! He mentally slapped himself and strutted off down the corridor. Frank was still recovering, lying in the cloakroom trying hard to get his little issue to go away. Mikey was really annoyed that Gerard had allowed himself to tease frank like that, Frank was his friend as well as Mikey’s and he should treat him with respect!
“Maybe it is best that I don’t go round yours tonight” he muttered,
“Awww, don’t let Gerard scare you away” Mikey begged,
“He, he, I, he hasn’t scared me, that was… it was… amazing, I just know that he didn’t mean to go that far. It’ll be awkward for me and for him” He stuttered, but after a few minutes of Mikey begging he caved in and agreed to still go. Mikey and Frank decided that they may as well skip the whole of the first lesson and maybe the second too.

Hoped you like it. I think Gee may have been a bit too full on, I don’t know. It’s not supposed to make him seem bad, it’s supposed to show he is very much lacking in self control
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