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Silence isn't always comforting

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Since when are things between Frank and Mikey so awkward? Since Gerard stepped in... that's when.

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Thank all of you that have said your FANTABULOS reviews :D I feel special, and to make sure you guys know that you are all special I will write everyone’s username who has reviewed :D

“Where’s Gerard?” Frank asked after they had finished playing on the PS3.
“Talking to that Ryanna girl he loves” Mikey rolled his eyes and went to get pizza from the side in the kitchen.
“Can we go and see him?” Frank gave Mikey his best puppy-dog eyes.
“Later ok Frankie?” Mikey sighed, wasn’t Frank supposed to be here for him, not to perv on Gerard. Frank and Mikey went back to the living room. All of a sudden things felt really awkward, you used never be able to stop Mikey and Frank talking, but now neither of them had said a word for about 10 minutes. The both jumped as Gerard snuck in and slammed the door.
“You two haven’t had a fight have you?” Gerard asked confused at the tense atmosphere. Isn’t it weird that you can always tell how people are feeling by just walking into the room?
“No, we are just… at a loss of what to do” Frank mumbled, Gerard walked over to a shelf and threw a horror film at Mikey.
“OUCH, son of a bitch!” Mikey yelled rubbing his head where the video had hit him,
“Sorry, I can’t help having perfect aim” Gerard laughed, falling on the sofa next to Frank.
“S’up ma homeboy?” Gerard asked,
“Homeboy?” Frank hated people that spoke like that.
“Shut up little Frank” Gerard pushed him back against the sofa. Frank pouted and they laughed, by this time Mikey had become really annoyed that they were totally blanking him and he had started texting someone.
“Awww, Mikes I’m sorry, I wont ignore you anymore” Gerard whined,
“Hmm… too late, I’m fully involved in texting Alicia” he smirked, he liked showing off about his new girlfriend.
“Mikey put your phone away you silly child!” Gerard sighed, flipping the phone shut and erasing Mikey’s half finished text.
“Fucking hell Gee! I was about to SEND that” he yelled lunging at Gerard.
“Nope, I’m not giving it back” he put it in his pocket, scooped up Mikey who began hitting and kicking Gerard to get away, failing miserably and Gerard dropped him onto the armchair and played the movie.
By the end of the movie Mikey was curled up in the corner of the room with a pillow over his eyes, Frankie was hiding behind Gerard’s back, and Gerard was laughing at the bad effects and fake blood.
“Gerard, you have problems if you can laugh at people being tortured in those ways” Mikey whispered, shivering slightly.
“Nah, it was a crap film. I could have done better than THAT” he yawned and pulled Frank from behind him.
“Come on kiddo, it was just a film” he shook Frank.
“Yeah, whatever!” Frank rolled his eyes and lay down. He couldn’t stop thinking about his little episode with Gerard this morning. It turned him on just thinking about it.
“What’s up Frank?” Mikey asked seeing as Frank would never normally answer Gerard back so rudely like that normally.
“Just thinking about this morning” he blurted out forgetting that Gerard was still in the room, Gerard turned around quickly, managing to fall over and knock most of the DVD’s and videos of the shelf. He sighed, how many shelves was he going to smack into today?
“You are such a klutz Gee!” Mikey sighed; helping him put the cases back.
“So, what did you say Frank? About this morning” Gerard said, throwing more videos in Mikey’s general direction.
“Nothing! We had a… math test and it was really hard” he said too quickly. Gerard narrowed his eyes, mikey and Frank skipped math.
“but I thought you…” Gerard was interrupted by Mikey say,
“Gerard, I need to talk to you…. In the hallway” Mikey and Gerard walked out and left Frank bright red and embarrassed.
“What’s up?” Gerard asked,
“Look I don’t know how to say this…” Mikey started and he paused,
“Just… say it” Gerard prompted,
“I don’t want you to fuck my best friend!” Mikey blurted out.
“That is sick! Frank is 12” Gerard muttered,
“He’s 13”
“Doesn’t matter Mikes, I’m not gonna shag him!” Gerard sighed, he hated it that Mikey thought that about him, but he couldn’t really blame him, Gerard wasn’t really one for self-control.
“good to know…” Mikey said after a few seconds of silence.
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