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Bert goes over to Gee's... and brings along some unwanted party favors...

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This chapter is crucial. Cruu-shaall. That is all I have to say.
Oh, and that this is probably gonna be the last chapter for a while, since I’m gonna be busy with all the end of year exams and field trips and helping out with Formal and… graduation. ^_^ finally going to High School.
Meh, but you don’t care. You just want the goods.
Well, here they are.. Enjoy my loves. xD Thatt wasn’t weird at allll…

Gerard sat on the couch in his living room, waiting for Frank to show up. His heart had skipped a beat when Frank called him after ending his date with Jamia, and said that he’d be coming over. He was so anxious he could hardly breathe, and nearly dropped dead when the doorbell rang.
Gerard shuffled over to the front door and opened it, expecting to find Frank outside.

That wasn’t exactly the case.

“Hey!” Bert exclaimed. He was clutching something inside his skinny jeans pocket.
“Bert?” Gerard asked quizzically. “Bert… what are you doing here?” Bert put his finger to his lips. “Let’s go downstairs.” He said. Gerard hesitated a little, but nodded his head slowly and ushered Bert inside. Gerard poked his head out the front door quickly, and when Frank still didn’t turn the corner down the sidewalk, Gerard sighed and closed the front door, following Bert down to his basement-bedroom.

“Okay, Bert. Now will you tell me what you’re doing here?” Gerard asked as Bert plopped down on Gerard’s bed, making himself right at home. Bert smiled and fished around in his pocket again. “Well, I heard Frank was coming over.” He said, pulling something out of his pocket. “And brought us some party favors.”
He held up a plastic baggy, a straw, and a mirror. The baggy concealed little white powder.
“Bert…” Gerard said uneasily. “Is that…”
Bert cut him off with a loud smirk and a wide smile. “Oooooh YEAHH!” Bert opened the baggy and poured its contents onto the mirror, which he placed on Gerard’s bed. He took the straw and gently covered a nostril with it, then he sucked in hard. He snorted about a quarter of the powder (and that’s a whole fucking lot!) before he lifted his head up, his eyes red and watery. He let out a wide woop. “Oooh, that’s great stuff!” he said with a groan.

Then he handed the straw to Gerard.

“Uh, Bert…” Gerard retorted. “C’mon, Gee,” Bert pressed. “Just try it. It’s pretty fuckin’ wild!”
Gerard hesitated a moment. He’d never exactly done drugs before. And he didn’t really want to start now.
“Gerard…” Bert whispered convincingly. “Just, one, time…”
Gerard sighed and walked over to his bed, the mirror, and the coke. He took the straw from Bert’s hand and stared down at the white powdery substance. He slowly pressed the straw against his nose, and breathed in hard through his nose.
He’d barely been breathing it in for two seconds when his throat tightened, and he broke out into a fit of coughs. Tears welled behind his eyes, and he was beginning to feel light headed.
He didn’t like this feeling at all.

He put the straw down and stood up. “Bert, you’ve gotta leave.” He said firmly. “And take that with you, please.”
“Well… what if I don’t want to?” Bert retorted coldly. He leaned down again and snorted more of the powder quickly.
“Bert, this is my house,” Gerard said sternly. “And this is my room. I can decide who can and cannot stay here.”
Bert looked up again and raised his eyebrows. It didn’t take much to get Bert high, and right here, he was borderline. “Yeah? And do you pay the rent for the house?”
“Well, no… but, Bert…”
“Well then…” Bert stood up and poked Gerard’s chest. “You… can’t tell me what to do…”
“Bert…” Gerard retaliated, standing his ground. “Get, Out.” Bert shook his head and waved his finger in the air. “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…o.”

“Hey, Gee.” A voice was heard from the stairs. “Mikey just let me in, so…. What the fuck are you doing?!
Gerard turned around to face Frank. He stood with his mouth wide open. “Ger-Ger-Gerard…” Frank stammered. “What is that? Is… is that coke?”
“Frank, this is not what it looks like…” Gerard said. Bert laughed evilly behind him. “And yeah, it is!” Bert answered. “You wanna try?”
“No!” Frank exclaimed shakily. He looked Gerard square in the eyes. “Gerard… do you have any self respect at all?”

“Frank… I wasn’t…I- I’m not…”

“Save it.” Frank said coldly, cutting him off. “You know, I can’t believe this. I mean, you seemed so different when I met you. You didn’t seem like the kind of guy that would do something like this.”

“Frankie…” Gerard whimpered. “I… I don’t.”

Frank shook his head, his eyes glazing over. “I… I fell in love with you, Gerard. Everything about you I loved. I left my date with Jamia, because… I wasn’t confused anymore. I wanted to come over here to tell you that I was ready to try this. I was ready for an ’us’. Despite what my parents thought, I was ready to be with you.” He paused, looking over Gerard’s shoulder, at the mirror, and the white powder overshadowing it. Bert bent down and continued snorting again, and a single tear fell from Franks eye.
“But this…” he whimpered sadly. “I can’t be with you, if you… if you do this. I’m sorry Gerard, but I can’t do this with you. After seeing this… I’m not so sure I know you anymore.”
“Frankie…” Gerard said softly, reaching out to touch Frank’s cheek. But he jerked away. “Please, Gerard. Don’t… call me Frankie anymore.” He looked back at Bert one more time before turning away. “And don’t talk to me anymore either…” Frank said with a trembling, watery voice. With that, he walked back up the stairs and out the front door. Gerard could hear the front door slam in the distance.
Gerard turned angrily back to Bert. “Why did you have to bring that shit in here? When you knew Frank was coming, and you knew he’d hate it.” he said, his eyes glassy as well. Bert just laughed. “Because you’re mine,” Bert said firmly. “And mine alone. Not Frank’s. I wanted you to know that. And it was an easy pass to get Frank out of the picture.”
“Excuse me?” Gerard exclaimed, putting his hands on his hips. “Out- out of the picture, Bert? And who do you think you are to tell me who I can and can’t date, hmm?” Bert furiously got up off the bed and shook Gerard by his shoulders. “You’re MINE, bitch! And don’t you forget that! And if I ever, ever, EVER, see Frank come within twenty-five inches of you… I swear that boy will never see the light of day again!
“Get the fuck out of my house, Bert. Go get high somewhere else, because it ain’t happening here.” Gerard said, shakily but coldly. Bert smirked and collected his powder, the mirror, and threw the straw in the trash. “Bye, Gee.” He said, mockingly. “See you in school.” Bert then shuffled his feet up the stairs and stumbled out the front door. Gerard ran his hands through his hair, and wondered what the fuck was so wrong with him, and why he let this happen. Frank wanted to be with him… and he blew it. And now if he comes within a foot of him, Bert would beat the shit out of him. Probably worse. And Gerard was scared, because…
Bert doesn’t fuck around.

Meh, choppy ending, I know. Hehe… I like that word. Chop-Chop-CHOPPAAYY. Oooooh, but things are definitely getting interesting, ain’t they? R&R, pwease? I’LL LOVE YOU FOR-EVERRR!!
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