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Where There's Moonlight, I See Your Eyes.

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Coming out of le closet. All i'm going to say... ^.^

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FIRRST off, i need to say thank you to all my reveiwers. you all make me so happy, you don't even know.
My dog, Meeestar Fabulous, loves you all too xD

“Frankie, honey, get up!” His mother called to him on Monday. “Time to get ready for school!”
Frank groaned and sandwiched his head in between his pillows. He didn’t want to go to school today; facing Gerard would just cause him more emotional pain, if it was even possible.
A few minutes later, when Frank still hadn’t budged, his mother hobbled into his still pink bedroom. She smacked his butt from over the covers. “Come on, sleepy head. Upsy-daisy.”

“Mooo-hh-ommm!” Frank exclaimed groggily. “Noo-oh-oh-ooo!”
“Frank, get up!” Mrs. Iero said, more firm this time.

He sat up and stared his mother in the eye. “I can’t go to school today,” he said. “I…. I’m sick. Eh,eh…”

“Really?” His mother said unconvinced. “You haven’t been sick since the fifth grade.”

“Well… I am. I need a mental health day.” Frank admitted.

His mother sighed sympathetically. “Hmm… girl troubles?” she asked, almost instinctively. Almost. Almost because she was wrong.

“Something like that…” Frank said, trailing off. A smile snaked its way onto Mrs. Iero’s lips. “Oh, I didn’t know you had a girlfriend…”

“I don’t.” Frank said sharply, hastily.

That smiled faded.

Frank sighed. “Look, mom… People change. People… are different. No biggie.”

“Is it that Jamia girl?” Mrs. Iero asked.

“No, mom…” Frank said hesitantly. “It’s… it’s not Jamia. It’s……” he trailed off. Should he tell his mother? “It’s nothing…”

Mrs. Iero walked over to Frank’s bed and sat down at the edge of it. “Honey… what’s wrong?”

Frank sighed. He just thought fuck it. “Mom… do you remember when I asked you what you’d say if I was… gay?”

“Yes, I remember…” His mother replied quizzically. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Mom… I am.” He blurted out suddenly. He shocked even himself. “Mom, I’m gay.”

His mother sighed heavily. He could see the tears glazing over her eyes. She blinked them back and covered her mouth with her hand.

“You hate me now, don’t you?” Frank asked shamefully. His mother looked straight into his eyes. “Frank… don’t ever say that. I could never hate you, you’re my son. I’m just a little… disappointed, I guess. Only because I don’t think I’ll be getting grandchildren any time soon.” That last part made both parties laugh heartily a bit. “So… you don’t hate me? And you’re not… disgusted, or whatever?”

“Frank… I love you, for whatever you are. You are still my son, no matter what, and I’ll stick with you through everything. So… boy troubles, then?”

Frank chuckled and nodded. “He’s just… different, you know? Like, do you ever get that feeling, where you think you know someone, but they end up being totally different from what you thought? And, they’ve done something, that completely proves their not what you thought they were?”

His mother nodded knowingly. “Well… how have you tried talking to this boy? About, what he did to make you so angry?”

Frank sank down further into his mattress. “No.” he replied smally. “I kind of… left him, before he could explain.”

“Well… I have a feeling, that you should talk to this boy… He might have something to say. Just give him another chance, eh?”

Frank looked down at his palms. He hated when his mother was right. “Since when were we Canadian, eh?” he suddenly asked, laughing. His mother continued, “And you’d better get up and go to school today. Bring this boy here after school; I wanna meet him.”

Frank groaned. “SCHOOOOOOOL.” He cried out. But he got up out of bed anyways, because he had motivation now. And his motivation was Gerard. He had a gut feeling that he’d been ignoring for the past few days. He didn’t really think Gerard had done the coke, and he was excited to ask him today.

And, plus… he was going to meet his parents. Yeah… not to fun.

“M-mom?” Frank piped up again. His mother turned around from her spot under his door. “Are… are you gonna tell dad about this?”

His mother sighed, contemplating. She knew, and Frank knew, that his dad wouldn’t react so easily with Frank’s recent discovery. But that was where the knowing stopped. Neither of them knew what he would do, how he would react.

“… Not yet, sweetie.” Mrs. Iero replied, smiling halfheartedly. Frank nodded. “Thanks, mom.”

“You know I love you, Frank.” She said before turning away. “GET UP FOR SCHOOL!” Frank could hear her yell distinctly from downstairs. Frank laughed and got up and walked over to his closet, picking something out for the day.

Frank got to school 45 minutes early, so to look for Gerard without the bell threatening to ring. And his ‘I’m still new to the school, I don’t know my way around,’ excuse was definitely worn out.

Instead, he spotted Mikey. “Dude!” Mikey exclaimed. “You haven’t been around lately, and Gee’s really upset.”

“Well, hi to you too!” Frank said sarcastically. “And, I was actually looking for Gerard. Do you know where he is?”

“Under the tree out in the back…” Mikey said. He was referring to the tree Frank had met him under his first day. “Why’s he so depressed, anyways?”

“I… left him the other night,” Frank admitted. “He and Bert, were… doing coke…”

“Coke?” Jamia suddenly said, coming into the conversation. “I mean, I can see Bert doing that, but… Gerard?”

“Hi Jamia…” Frank said, smiling. She smiled back and waved. “Hellooo.”

“Yeah, Jamia’s right…” Mikey added. “Gerard’s not the type of person to do coke.”

“So… he’s never done it?” Frank asked quizzically. Both Mikey and Jamia shook their heads. “For as long as I’ve known the Way brothers,” Jamia said, “Which is a long time, he’s never done anything like that.”

“That’s probably why Bert and Gee were fighting after Frank left, then…” Mikey said, scratching his head. “Um… what?” Frank asked. He’s been asking a lot of questions lately…

“Yeah,” Mikey answered. “Something about Bert needing to get out, and take his coke with him. I dunno.”

“So… the coke… was Bert’s?” Frank asked. He mentally slapped himself for jumping to the conclusion that it was Gerard’s. He needs to break that habit.

“Must’ve been,” Mikey replied. “Gee wouldn’t have been so mad at him over it if he didn’t want it there.”

“Thanks, Mikey. Now I’m gonna go, okay? Bye Mikes, Bye Jamia.”
Frank waved off his two friends then went to find Gerard. He was sitting under that exact same tree. He was scribbling in his sketchbook, a distressed look on his face. Frank scuttled over to him and jammed his hands in his pockets. “Um… Gerard?” Frank said.

Gerard looked up from his sketchbook and closed it quickly, standing up, looking around hysterically. “Frank!” he exclaimed, a bit of happiness in his voice. But he seemed nervous.

“Gee… can we talk?”

“Shhh…” Gerard said quickly, grabbing Frank’s arm. “Not here.” He pulled Frank away from the school, down the sidewalk, to West Hudson Park. They stood on the bridge, and Gerard threw his sketchbook on the stoney bottom floor. “Okay… listen Frank, I’m sorry, about everything…”

“Gerard, no, I’m the one who should be sorry.” Frank cut him off. “I didn’t let you explain that the coke wasn’t yours… that it was Bert’s… Why are we away from the school?”

“Because Bert will kill you if he sees us together.”

“What?” Frank exclaimed. “No, no, he won’t Gerard. Geez, don’t believe what you hear.”

“That’s why he brought the coke to my house in the first place…” Gerard explained. “To try to make it seem like I’m the bad guy, so you’d leave, and Bert can have me all to himself. Well, obviously, it didn’t work out too well… and now he’s out to get you. And Bert doesn’t fuck around.”

Frank sighed and leaned his elbows on the bridge, staring out into the lake. “So… what does that mean, like… we can’t, be together?”
Gerard suddenly smirked and copied Frank’s pose on the bridge. “Only if we’re really sly…” he said mischievously, smirking again. “That’s why we’re here. See? …Slyyyyyy.”
“Well, alright then, Mr. I’m Sooo Sly…” Frank said jokingly, punching Gerard lightly in the shoulder. He then intertwined his hand with Gerard’s, looking up at him straight in the eye. “I’d do anything, just to be with you.”
Gerard smiled. “You’re short…” he said randomly. Frank scrunched up his face and leaned up on his tippy-toes and pecked Gerard’s lips lightly. “But that’s okay,” Gerard continued after the kiss. “Because you’re a great kisser, and I wouldn’t wanna miss out on that.” Frank laughed cheekily and slid down onto the stone floor, Gerard followed suit. Then the two just stared around at the surroundings. Saying nothing, but then again saying everything. Gerard then pulled out his sketchbook again and opened to the page he was on before. That same disgruntled face loomed over him again, and he took his pencil, scribbling furiously. “What’cha drawing?” Frank asked, leaning his head on Gerard’s shoulder, staring down at the page. It was a picture of… Him. Frank gaped and stared at the picture, almost like he was staring at himself in a mirror. It was that good, that real. “It…it’s not, err… finished, yet…” Gerard stuttered nervously. Frank couldn’t find the words to say. No one had obviously loved him so much as to draw a picture of him. And that well, too.
“Fucking…” Frank breathed, “Amazing.”

Gerard shrugged. Frank noticed that around the eyes, there looked like there had been a lot of erasing and re-drawing. Gerard noticed Frank staring. “I never… thought I got the eyes right…” he explained.

“Gee, the eyes are fine,” Frank said, still staring down at the picture. Gerard effortlessly put his hand to Franks chin, pulling his face upwards, just barely two inches away. He stared intently into his eyes, seemingly examining them. “They’re not… deep enough,” Gerard mumbled, his eyes still fixated on Frank’s. “They’re not… hazel, enough.” Frank moved in closer, pressing his forehead against Gerard’s and looping his hands around his waist. “They’re not…” Gerard continued, his breathing becoming rather unsteady. “They’re not… beautiful, enough…”
“I feel like this’d be less tacky if I was a girl.” Frank answered, laughing.
“Fuck you,” Gerard retorted. Frank smiled wide. “Nahh… I’ll leave that to you.” He said back. Gerard rolled his eyes and leaned in closer, pressing his lips to Franks. It was really the first real kiss the two had ever shared, and it had to be special. Frank’s arms tightened around Gerard’s waist, pulling him in closer. Gerard broke the kiss and stared into Franks eyes. “Yup…” he said in agreeance with himself. “Despite your height…or, lack thereof, you’re a great kisser.” Frank giggled and removed his hands from Gerard’s waist, and Gerard whined. “NOoOoooOOOooo…” he cried, plastering Frank’s hands around his lower waist again. “I liked that.” Frank giggled as Gerard leaned in again to kiss his forehead. “And I like you.” Gerard added, winking.

Frank giggled. “Um… Gerard… we gotta, go to my house soon… My mom wants to meet you.”
Gerard stared down at his watch. “We can go now, it’s almost two.”
“Wow, we’ve been here all day?!” Frank asked. Gerard got up off the bridge, pulling Frank up with him. “Time flies when you’re havin’ fun, I guess.”
Together the two made their way to the Iero Household. Frank’s mother was in the kitchen, paying bills, when they arrived.
“Oh, hey, Frank!” she said, waving them in. “And, who’s this handsome young man here?”
“Mom…” Frank mumbled hesitantly. “This is… Gerard.” He sent her a this-is-the-guy look, and she responded immediately.
Her lips cracked a warm, golden smile, and she got up and shook Gerard’s hand. “It’s very nice to meet you, Gerard!” she said, all bubbly and whatnot.
“Mom… mom, we’re going upstairs, kay?” Frank asked, trying to tear Gerard away from his now annoyingly bubbly mother. “Oh…okay, okay, I get it.” Frank’s mother said, waving her hands in the air.
“C’mon, Gerard…” Frank said hastily, already making his way towards the stairwell.
“It was very nice meeting you, Mrs. Iero,” Gerard said politely before following suit to Frank up the stairs.
He met back up with Frank again in front of his bedroom door. Frank stood there, holding the handle, as if contemplating whether or not he should open it.
“Frank…?” Gerard asked quizzically.
“Okay, promise you won’t laugh…” Frank mumbled, opening the door, revealing his pink Barbie covered bedroom. “This is… my room.”
Gerard stepped inside and covered his mouth with his hand, trying to stifle a laugh. “STOP!” Frank insisted. “We… haven’t gotten around to painting it yet.”
“Well, you should, and fast,” Gerard said between giggles. “And, I could always help…”
“Oh, that’d be just wonderful if you helped us re-paint Frank’s room!” Mrs. Iero cut in, coming out from in the looming shaaddowss. “Just [fabulous!/]”
Just then, almost as ironic, Mr. Iero came up the stairs, home from work early. Mrs. Iero ran over to him frantically. “Frank’s friend wants to help us re-paint Frank’s room!”
Frank’s dad smiled and introduced himself to Gerard. “..And it’d be really cool if you helped us.” Frank’s father added. “How about, we do it over Spring Break?” His mother suggested. Both Frank and Gerard just shrugged. “It’s fine with me,” Gerard said. “OKAAAYYY!” Mrs. Iero said loudly. “So come Spring Break, Frank will no longer have a Pink girl’s rooooooooooooom!” she said happily. Almost like she’d never re-painted a person’s room before.
But, Ironic enough, she used to work as a home painter.

“Mom, dad…” Frank mumbled. “Can you guys, like… be anywhere but here?”
Frank’s mother winked at him, getting the message, but his dad stood completely confuzzled. “Wha--?”
“Oh, come on now,” His mother said, pulling Mr. Iero away from the bedroom door.
Frank chuckled nervously after they left. “Heh, sorry about them…”
“It’s fine,” Gerard replied. “At least they’re not… overprotective, uptight parents.”
“Oh, you just wait…” Frank said, in all seriousness. “They are.”
Gerard shrugged. “Well… I guess I’ll just have to get to know them when I help you guys paint this room.” He said, looking around. “You need to.”
“You know what you need to do?” Frank asked, walking over and closing his bedroom door. “You need to come over here and give me a kiss.”
Gerard didn’t object. He stalked over to Frank and wrapped his arm around Frank’s waist, and pressed his lip’s to Franks. Frank automatically opened his mouth, allowing Gerard to slip his tongue in and explore his mouth.
But Gerard pulled away for a second, looking at the walls again. “Ya know,” he whispered. “This’d be a lot less awkward if there wasn’t 100 Barbie faces staring back at us…”
Frank looked around too… getting equally creeped out. Then he chuckled and turned to the wall nearest them, turning out the light switch.
“Better?” Frank asked.
“Much…” Gerard replied huskily, grabbing Frank’s arm and swinging him over to the bed.

GOSH, no they do not have sex! Just a very heated make-out session. Goodness, me, you perverts! xD Just had to clear that up for the people who read the draft of this and were like, ‘DID THEY DO IT? ARE YOU GONNA WRITE SMUT?!’ no, they didn’t ‘do it’. And I suck at smut, so, none of that anytime soon =P
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