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chapter 3

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Chapter three…..

Well here we all are again how shall we start this today hmm I know I have a great place …Therapy is good for the soul. Ha yet another crock of shit for some failed quack doctor to spout at you to make money out of your problems. I thought that this sharing thing was working for me making things easier never have I been so wrong. Today has been the second worst day of my undead life…

It all started this morning when Joe came charging into my bunk while I was sleeping.
“Chaz man you have got to hide me Rob is going to kill me”.

He shouted at me while climbing into bed with me and hiding under the covers. Believe me it might be a lot of you girls out there’s fantasy to have Joe jump into the sack with you. But it isn’t mine most of all when I am cranky from lack of sleep and as thirsty as hell. But I did my best to keep my self calm and asked him what was wrong.

“Well Rob ate the last of the coco pops when he knows it’s the only thing I eat for breakfast.”
Why does it always come down to food with Joe?

“Well why is Rob after you for that it was your cereal it should be you that’s mad.” Joe just looked at me with an evil glint in his eye that even I would have been proud of.

“Well I was as mad as hell so I decided to get my own back. So I through his favourite sneakers out of the bus window you should have seen his face it was priceless.” He said smiling from ear to ear. I really wasn’t in the mood for all this childish shit this morning. My thirst was growing with every second I lay in my bed with Joe.

I could hear his heart pumping all that delicious thick blood around his body I could almost smell it, Taste it even. I had to fight with every ounce of strength I had not to devour his essence right there and then.

When I had calmed enough I told him I was going to get dressed and that it was ok for him to stay where he was I wasn’t going to tell Rob but Rob had other ideas. He must have heard us talking and flung back the curtains and leapt into the bunk right on top of me pinning me to the mattress with all his weight.

“Where the fuck is he?”
Rob spat at me I was quickly losing patients with all this shit every day we are on the road. I never was a morning person but since I was turned it has been a hell of a lot worse.

“Get off me Rob” I shouted back at him but he had no intentions of moving and I guess I kind of don’t blame him for wanting to kill Joe I’m a shoe man myself and if it was mine he had thrown out the window he would not be breathing now but I was still pissed as hell to have all this shit going on in my bunk.
“I know you’re helping him and if you don’t help me I am going to fucking kill you and get him anyway. So what’s it going to be Chaz man him or both of you?”

That was the final straw I had Rob pinned to the mattress faster than he could blink his eye. My mouth was so close to his bulging veins in his neck and I could smell the fear he was desperately trying to hide.

First of all I spat at him. I’m already dead you fucking ass hole. Secondly I could rip your throat out faster that you could call for help. How would you like that Robbles? I told him as I licked the vein in his neck. And thirdly I am sick of all your childish games, now get the fuck out of my bunk both of you before you become my next meal. It was funny really how quick there fight was over as Rob pulled Joe out of my bunk and helped him scurry away as fast as he could. If I had been in a better mood I would have found it funny. But now I was just pissed off and wanted to be left alone like that could ever happen.

Not even five minutes later there was a very pissed off mike standing there looking at me.
“Chester what the hell did you do to Joe and Rob?”
What did I do to them I should have known it would be all my fault and that made me so fucking angry at Mike and for the second time in an hour I wanted to kill one of my band mates in the most brutal way.

“Chester I asked you a question” Mike shouted at me dragging me out of my wonderful fantasies of murder.
Right I shouted back at him lets go and see those two and see who did what to whom As I stomped my way to the front of the bus where the rest of the band where sitting. Go on then Mike ask them what happened ask them what they did to make this big old vampire mad.

Mikes asked looking at them Joe explained all the things that lead up to my out burst and Mike’s expression never changed the only thing that did was the person it was aimed at.
“Joe all this could have been all avoided if you had checked the cupboards properly I bought you a new box yesterday. I can’t believe that this all started over coco pops. When this bus stops Joe you will go and buy Rob any pair of sneakers he wants to replace the ones you through out of the window. And what do you both have to say to Chester for dragging him into your childish squabbles?”
Sorry Chaz man they both said to me in unison. And I just felt awful for the look of fear that was still in there eyes I had worked hard to gain there trust and to get then to accept me for what I am. And now I had undone all my hard work in one foul swoop.

I’m sorry to guys I never meant it to go that far you know I would have never hurt you right? I love you guys. I told them hoping they would accept my apology that’s all I could do.

As I walked out of the room Mike followed me.
“I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions its just you have been so distant lately and you seem so angry all the time what’s going on?”
I was angry with him it was his fault I was like this. It was his stupid idea to drag up my past to help me move on to a better future. Thoughts of murder had long since been part of my past now they where back and stronger then ever.
“Do you want to talk about it?”
He asked me god I really wanted to jump on him and rip his throat out and drain every last drop of Mr perfects life see that god damn sparkle go out in his eyes. But instead I just told him I was fine I was just having trouble with dealing with my past but I was getting there. And he just looked at me and smiled that perfect Mike Shinoda smile I love you Chaz he said. And my cold vampire’s heart just melted. I love you to Mike I told him as I hugged him tightly and all the thoughts of murder disappeared for now.

I know I kind of drifted off my past but I needed to vent about what went on today and who better to tell then all you guys. Thanks for listening to this old vampires rants and we will get back to my past soon Chester x

Hope you enjoyed our visit into Vampire Chester’s life with the band. Please read and review Jaybee xxxx
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