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chapter 2

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I do not own Linkin park I wish I did. But I do Vamp Chaz

They say time heals all wounds, Well that isn’t the case with me. They have laid on the surface so many long years that now they are tearing apart my very being. I have tried so many things to rid myself of the guilt over all the terrible things that I have done. But nothing makes the utter hatred of the beast that I have become disappear.

Mike tells me that if we talk it all through it will get better, But lets face it what the hell does he know. I have never known one person to have so much humanity. Honesty sometimes it makes me feel physically sick. It just oozes out of his every pore. But that may just be jealously, God I wish I could be like Mike and make the whole world light up with one smile. It even works on me That’s why he isn’t dead yet. So lets get down to business and spill all my sordid little secrets like Mike suggested. Where were we?

That’s it the night I killed Dan and Mitch. Well I lost my last piece of humanity that night, And what ever little amount of pity I had for all of your kind. When I left the hotel where we had been staying I was just so angry Images of my friends death’s kept forcing there way into my head. So much so that I wanted to bang it as hard as I could to rid myself of the vivid movie that was on repeat inside of my brain.

I walked through the door of the room we all shared. Well I say walked I more stumbled then walked. I made it half way through the room and fell to my knees, Dan and Mitch ran over to me a both with a look of horror etched on there normally animated faces. Why where they looking at me like that? I thought as I stood up on shaky legs and walked into the bathroom. The sight that greeted me as I looked in the mirror on the wall shocked me to my very core. My clothes were covered in blood as were my neck and my mouth. No wonder I had freaked the guys out when I came in. But what had happened to me? Last thing I remember was being on the stage with the guys. I tried to clean myself up as much as I could before I went back out to see the guys. I didn’t know what the hell I was going to tell them. I had no idea what had happened to me myself.

As I left the bathroom my legs still felt unsteady. I almost stumbled out of the bathroom door as Mitch rushed up to catch me.

“Steady Chaz, You don’t want to hurt yourself ”

He told me as he put his arms around me to steady me. It was then that I noticed things had changed within me. The smell that was coming from Mitch was intoxicating and with every breath I took it was becoming more addictive. I could hear his heart beating as it pumped that delicious aroma around his body. What was it ?I thought as I inhaled his essence deeply. What was that smell ?I knew It but I just couldn’t place it. Then I remembered and I collapsed to the floor, I couldn’t breathe.

“Chaz man are you ok. Breathe its ok we’re here.”

That was the problem, They where here I was losing the fight that was going on in my head. The closer Mitch came to me the more I wanted to taste that gorgeous smell that was coming from him. To see if it tasted as wonderful as it smelt.

Mitch was so close to me now I could see the bulging vein in his neck as it pumped the blood around my frightened friends body. And I could control myself any longer. Before he had a chance to clear the distance between us I sank my teeth into his neck. I was oblivious to what was going on around me as I dank my friends very being. I felt so strong now like nothing in the world could stop me. Then I heard the screaming, It snapped me right out of my ecstasy. That’s when I saw Dan’s face contorted as he screamed for me to stop. I looked at Mitch lying on the floor blood trickling from the wound on his neck. I walked over to Dan and begged him to be quiet , told him that everything was going to be ok. That Mitch wasn’t going to die. That if he just let me taste him as well we could be together for ever. That nothing had to change. But as I got closer to where he was standing his screaming became unbearable. I had to stop him I did not want us to found out before I had chance to finish what I had started.

I closed the gap between us in one giant step. Dan tried his hardest to fight me but I was so much stronger than him now. I reached out to him and he collapsed into my arms. It’s the one and only time I have ever felt sorry for anyone. I held him close to me hugging him as tightly as I could. My face pressed tightly into his neck as I closed my mouth to that special vein in his neck as I dank him greedily. I stopped as soon as I could see the life slipping from my friends eyes.

I lay Dan on the plush carpet that was no longer white but was now covered in a dark red pattern next to Mitch. Then I asked them the question I had been asked only hours before in the ally.

“Do you want to die?”

They just looked at me with terrified eyes.

“I can make it all stop, Make all the pain and fear go away you can live forever. All you have to do is drink.”

I said as I slit my wrist and hold it to there mouths the way the mysterious woman had for me. But they didn’t drink they just looked away from me. I wanted to force them, How could they just want to end it all now and turn there backs on me. Didn’t they know what I was giving them eternal life. I begged them as I sat on the now red carpet but it was all in vain.

I stayed with them until I saw the light of life die in there eyes and I walked back out the door I had fallen through just over an hour ago stronger but no longer human all that was left was hatred for man and all his weakness.

That’s how I truly became the monster. I know I back tracked a little but I thought you might be interested and anyway Mike said it would help me to get over my past. But there is so much more to tell before I am through.

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