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chapter 4

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To all you guys out there that have read and reviewed I would like to say a big thank you… Sorry it has taken so long for an update. I blame it astrolee for her fantastic story’s I’m not joking I’m an addict lol Anyway back to the past.

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The darkness within chapter 4

I am in a black mood today…I thought the guys and I had sorted out all our problems after my out burst the other day Well guess what I know shit. It seems no matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to control my temper these days and it is just getting worse. I really did think that me writing all this down ; Telling you all about my past would help me move forward and ease all the anger that has been burning deep inside this old vampires broken soul . Maybe get rid of a little of this guilt that has been eating up what little is left of my humanity but things are just getting worse .Joe and Rob are still afraid of me no matter how I try to show them how much I care and would never hurt them. Then there is the fact that I can add Brad to the people I intimidate and I see running from the room in fear of his life every time I walk into it.

Things with Brad started to go very wrong this morning when I was writing in my journal this exact one if you are curious. I made the mistake of leaving it open on the table as I got up to take a leak I heard Brad crawl out of the pit he likes to call a bunk too early this morning and I just wasn’t ready for him. I tried to rush what I was doing knowing that Brad wouldn’t be able to help but snoop. But by the time I walked back into the small dining area I knew I was to late.

Brad just sat at the table looking at me than at the book. I know he is always fairly pale but if I it wasn’t for the fact that I could hear his blood pumping through his veins, I would have thought he had none. I didn’t know what to do; or what to say.
“Brad are you ok? man you look like you’ve just seen a ghost” I tried to make light of the situation knowing full well that that wasn’t the reason he looked so afraid or that all the blood had drained from his face it was me. He just looked at me like…Well like the monster I am. But still behind his eyes I could she that he still wanted to see the Chester he thought I was.

“Brad please talk to me” I almost begged as I walked closer to him but I had to stop in my tracks as I saw the fear growing in his eyes and he was holding up my book like a crucifix. Like it could protect him and stop my approach, poor Brad I had to feel sorry for him for Rob and Joe as well as they had taken to wearing them and hanging garlic in there bunks. I didn’t have the heart to tell them like sunlight they are completely useless against me, But I had to give them something to hold onto. To let them think they could protect themselves from me somehow.

“Brad please” I begged this time.
“Did you really do all this Chaz? And don’t lie to me or sugar coat it. I want to know what kind of a monster you really are.” What could I could I say to that I couldn’t lie he knew me to well.
“Yeah I did Brad but you have got to understand that now I’m a different person.” I didn’t know where his courage came from but he just sat there looking into my eyes. His stare was so intense it felt as if he was trying to look right into my broken soul.
“How can you say that…? And how am I supposed to believe you. You killed your two best friends in cold blood, and then had the nerve to whine and bitch about it when they didn’t want to be a monster like you. And you haven’t only done it once have you? From what I have read here in this book it seems to be a pattern with you. Who’s next Chaz Mike, Me, or the whole damn band? Because I can tell you I would rather die than have you try and change me. So just remember that when the urge comes on ok it will save us all a lot of heartache and time.” I just looked at him dumbstruck did he really think I would do that to him….To any of them they were my family. I opened my mouth to say something, anything in my defence but he just got up and left the room. Going back to his bunk and drawing the curtains and I knew any chance I had to make things right with him had left when he did. I bet you want to know what Brad had read in this book to make him turn on me the way he did. After all he has always known I was a Vampire. Shall I tell you?

After the murder of my best friends as Brad so kindly put it I just kind of drifted you could have said I was soul searching if I had one. But I just liked the fact that I was free and I could do what ever I wanted that nothing could hurt me, I was immortal. I just drifted from town to town taking what I wanted and killing anyone that stood in my way. I didn’t even feed on them most of the time so I can’t use that as an excuse. I just did it for the damn hell of it. And I have to admit it was fun. I didn’t settle down again until 1982.

I was in club in London hunting for my next victim as I walked around the club I searched indiscriminately male or female, it didn’t matter one bit to me when I wanted to feed. It always started the same way I would walk up to one that I found to be beautiful and flirt with them buy them drinks and make them feel like they could trust me or if all else failed get them good and drunk. The latter was always my favourite, I loved the effect the blood mixed with alcohol had on my system, as I drank it my head would start to swim and my whole body would relax. I even became happy on occasion or even horny which was a feeling that I hadn’t had since the night I was born again. These were the times I would go back in the club and let my hair down, even get laid sometimes hell it wasn’t until I became a vampire that I realised I was bisexual and men and women just flocked to me it must have been my vampire charm because I never had it before. I was like a child in a sweet shop I just couldn’t get enough.

Something about this night was different to all the others not death changing or anything Ha sorry about the pun, lame I know but that’s just me.” But there was defiantly something in the air in that club.

I spotted my meal the minute I walked in the door; she was a gorgeous blonde with far too much skin on display. As I watched her on the dance floor dancing to some crappy pop song I could she her rubbing herself up against every man that stepped close enough to her, and some that didn’t. She was looking for trouble and I was here to guarantee she would get it. “This should be easy” I thought as I danced over to her. As I danced up behind her I gently slipped my hands on to her waist and drew her to me. I ground myself against her lower back letting her feel my manhood as I tried to make her believe she was in for the night of her life. Or the last one anyway, But what she did next totally took my breath away.

She turned around and spoke gently into my ear. “Don’t try it with me baby!” To say I was shocked was an understatement. She had been here trying it on with every man that came within reach. And here she was knocking me back, how the hell was this happening. I am not being big headed and I have had to work for my dinner at times…..But this just wasn’t right, was I losing my vampire charm? I was just so confused it was then that I realised she still had her arms wrapped around me and she was looking at me with amusement in her eyes. Slowly she began to piss me off with that smirk on her face, how the hell I ever thought her beautiful was now beyond me.

“What?” I asked her a few moments later, not even hiding my irritation.
“Do you think that charm works on everyone you meet baby?”
She asked me with a mocking tone, nobody had ever talked to me like this. Well at least not since I became what I am now and believe me it pissed the hell out of me, and I just wanted to rip her god damn throat out just so she would stop mocking me. But I just stared at her imagining all the bad things I wanted to do to the bitch right now.
“Aw you’re pissed at me, poor baby. Well let me explain something to you so I don’t wound that sensitive male ego you have there. You’re seductive charms wont work on me, and I most defiantly won’t be your next meal. I am you….Well like you anyway; I’m a vamp as well baby.”

To say I was shocked was a huge understatement in all these years I had never met another of my kind. Well at least since I was turned and I didn’t know what to make of it. Should I be intimidated, was I breaking some ancient vampire law by being in the same place at the same time as another vampire? Let’s face it nobody gave me a handbook and told me what all this was about my sire had left me the moment she had turned me and god was I confused. Do I run like hell or do I finally have someone to ask about all this.

“Hey earth to dumb ass.” She said as she shook me breaking my train of thought. “Huh” Was my only answer.
“I was asking your name, it’s kind of rude not to introduce yourself to someone who’s just had your dick poking in her back you know.” She said with that god damn smirk on her face and I just wanted to smash it right off there.

“Oh I’m Chester.” I told her hoping she was finally going to let go of me. I hadn’t realised but we had been in a kind of hug for god only knows how long.
“Cool name.” She said to me as her expression turned from that smirk to a genuine smile. And I have to admit I liked this one a whole lot better.
“I’m Samantha” She told me as she took my hand and shook it.
“Hey Sam” I said as I shook her hand back feeling more comfortable knowing she wasn’t going to try and eliminate the competition.

After a few minutes of just staring at her she asked me if I wanted to grab dinner and go somewhere and chat. And with that she was back in amongst the crowd of horny guys and within minutes she had claimed one as her own.
“Are you coming or what?” She said to me as I looked on in awe. She had made that look so simple and I had never had any trouble myself but she was so far out of my league. “Chaz hurry up and get your takeout” She shouted in my ear as she walked over to wait by the door kissing and groping the guy she had picked up to make sure he stayed interested. I looked around and saw my chance there was a guy eyeing me up at the far end of the dance floor. I walked over to him confidence oozing from my every pore as I took hold of his hips and crushed him to me I knew I had to make this quick so I had to make sure he knew I was interested. As I pressed my groin to his tightly I felt him harden and so did I, It always aroused me to know I had this much control over someone. As I swayed my hips to the music I deliberately rubbed my now hard aching cock against his. “Hey do you want to get out of here and go somewhere a little more private” I asked him as he started to tremble at my touch. “Hell yeah it’s Mark by the way” He said as he introduced himself like I gave a fuck. “Chaz” I told him as I dragged him over to where Sam and her takeout where waiting.

“Hey” Sam said and then introduced everyone. “So is it back to my place then everyone I only live down the block a little way?” She asked and we all nodded in agreement. As we walked down the block we came to an ally. “Its just down here guys it’s a short cut.” We where barely a few feet into the ally when Sam turned to her dinner and kiss him deeply, I could hear moans of pleasure escaping him as she stopped kissing his mouth and turned her attention to his neck and it brought memories of that night crashing down on me. Was she going to turn him? Or was she going to leave him to slowly die in this ally?

Out of the corner of my eye I could see my meal looking at me with disappointment. Poor bastard didn’t know what he was getting himself into but I gladly obliged. I pushed him to the wall, holding him as tightly as I could pushing my body to his. I moved my mouth to his and forcefully pushed my tongue into his mouth totally invading him kissing him with such passion I totally took his breath away. Then I saw Sam out of the corner of my eye already eating her dinner so I move down to Marks neck and started to kiss and suck on his neck he was moaning heavily but I couldn’t take my eyes off Samantha she just looked so sexy as she ate. I was so aroused and poor mark clearly thought it was his doing as he pushed his hips into mine so our cocks met and caused friction but it did nothing for me all I wanted to do was kill this fool and go home with Sam. There was so much I wanted to know, Things she could tell me. But most of all I wanted to fuck her senseless. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder. I turned to see Sam smiling at me.
“Hurry up Chaz and stop playing with your food I don’t have all night.” She told me with a mother know best tone in her voice that I found so amusing and strangely erotic and I didn’t need telling twice. My fangs sank into Marks neck as I drained his life. When I had finished I slipped Marks lifeless body next to Sam’s dinner. And we walked away leaving the two body’s for some innocent passer by to find without a care in the world.

That’s it for this old Vampire for today….And I’m sorry if I rambled on and haven’t told you why Brad is so scared and pissed with me yet but I will get there soon I promise.

A/n I know this chapter never turned out the way I wanted or planned. But I kind of like the way it turned out. Please read and review and I wont set Chaz on ya = D
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