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chapter 5

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I can’t tell you how happy I was when I met Sam that night; Just to meet one of my kind and be able to ask all the questions I had never had anyone to answer before was amazing. I seriously thought having another vampire in my life would make things easier and really understand what I was…. The thought never entered my head of how wrong I could be.

Things started out well that night she told me the dos and don’ts of being a vampire…. Like never take your victim back home with you to feed in comfort. “It’s like this Ches. Would you crap on your own doorstep, bringing them here is like asking to be found out and believe me you wouldn’t want that to happen. Do you know what they do to people like us if they find us?” She asked me. The idea had never crossed my mind, I knew sunlight didn’t work, garlic or holy water so I had no idea… Did stakes work I wondered to myself before I answered. “No I don’t Sam.” I answered her honestly. She just looked at me like I was some kind of retard and then shook her head. “Did your sire never tell you anything?” She asked in disbelief. She didn’t tell me anything I didn’t even know she was meant to. “No she never so just left me in an ally why?” She just sat there looking angry had I upset her?

“Look Ches a sire is like a parent of sorts; would a mom walk away and leave a baby to fend for its self? And let’s face it that’s all you really were.” That statement in its self pissed me off. I was a fully grown man when it happened I didn’t exactly need a mom. And let’s face it if she was to be a mother figure in my life she had started it out very wrong. “I was a grown man.” I told her with a slightly pissed tone that I could hide and I could see that she was growing impatient with me. “I know that Ches but you had just been reborn and just like a child you need guidance. There are rules to being a vampire and things that need to be taught over time. God it pisses me off she had a responsibility to you and she abandoned you. You’re lucky you made it this far honey.” I didn’t get it, what was she trying to say to me. I thought I had made it this far alone and I had proved that I didn’t even need my sire. So why was Sam so pissed? “Oh Chester how lucky you have been.” She said more to herself rather then addressing me.

“I am quite capable of taking care of myself.” I was really pissed now and I didn’t know why. I know she was trying to take care of me…But this was exaggerating a little wasn’t it? “Ches there are people out there that know about us. And they will do anything they can to hunt us down and kill us. And a careless clumsy vampire makes things difficult for all of us.” her eyes had clouded over like she remembering something from the past but I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to know what that was.

“I left the states in fear of my life” She looked so close to tears that I wanted to reach out and hold her. “My sire and I had settled in Texas and we were living a good life we had completely integrated ourselves into society. We went to party’s and even had jobs so we had money to spend on having a life that neither of us had ever dreamed of when we had been living. But a newly turned vamp had to go and fuck it all up for us. We had decided we were going to run and start our lives somewhere else because we knew we couldn’t hide from the hunters forever.” She stopped as the tears she had been waiting to shed all theses years had come spilling from her eyes. “While I was out buying our plane tickets to London the hunters found my sire. They tortured him in the worst kind of ways doing things you could never imagine in your wildest dreams. And I guess they still are he is cursed to live forever. Unable to leave his capturers cursed to live out eternity in limbo. And kill for the enemy, kill his own kind. Who better to hunt us but one of us?”

I couldn’t believe what she was telling me. They were using him to hunt us. “What did this newbie vampire do to draw attention to you?” She looked over at me with hatred in her eyes. “He killed his band in a hotel at the end of there tour and just walked away not even stopping to clean up his fucking mess. Do you know how many of our kind lost there lives thanks to him? Twenty can you believe that.” I sat on the sofa unable to control the trembling that coursed through my body… I had done all that it had been due to my stupidity. How many more vampires had lost there lives due to my recklessness. I knew I had to keep who I was from Sam. I just couldn’t believe I had caused so much trouble.

Me and Sam spent nearly everyday together and she helped me in so many ways but nothing lasts forever. I had been working at the club where we had met for the past six months and I helped Sam out with the apartment but things between us had started falling apart and I was finding it harder and harder to be around her. But the trouble really came to a head one night when I had just finished work at the club. I didn’t even have chance to walk through the door when she started screaming at me.

“Where the fuck have you been?”
“I’ve been at work what the fuck is up with you now?” I asked her in the same tone.
“I saw you” I was completely clueless what exactly had she seen me doing?
“And what do you think you saw this time Sam? You really are one paranoid bitch you know.” The anger on her face told me to shut the fuck up. What the hell had happened now?

“You call me what the fuck you want Ches and make the most of it. Because you’re not going to be calling anyone anything soon.” She told me ominously and if I know one thing about Sam its that she doesn’t bull shit.
“What the fuck is the problem Sam?” I tried racking my brain for something that I had done tonight that might me the reason for her to freak out on me but I came up with nothing.
“I knew there was something familiar about you the first time we met. But I have met so many of our kind over the years that I just let it go. Until tonight when I saw you in the club.”
“Sam?” Was all I could manage I knew now what she was talking about and I knew I was in serious shit.

There was a band that played regularly at the club. They were not the most amazing band I had ever seen but I like the music they played anyway. I had always had a great relationship with the guys I think maybe it’s because we shared a passion for music. Adam the singer had often asked me questions about my life in America and what the music scene was like back home. And even though I didn’t know what it was like now as I had distanced myself from anything to do with music for fear that I might be recognised but I still remembered what it had been like. That’s when I fucked up I told Adam and the guys that I had once been the singer in a band that’s when I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. So was being too friendly with the band.

“Hey Chaz how would you like to sing a couple of songs with us tonight.” Adam asked me. If I had been in my right mind and not desperate to relive my past I might have just said no.
“I would love to guys.”
When I was up on stage with the guys I felt truly alive and like the real me again. Everyone in the club went insane when I sang and it just fuelled the passion in me. I should have stopped after the first time, but I was an addict to all the attention I was receiving off the patrons of the club. And now I had been caught and Sam has every right to want me dead.

“Sam I can explain…”
I told her as I tried to dig myself out of the hole I had so happily jumped into.
“Shush” She told me as she placed her finger on my lips. WWhat the fuck was going on I thought she was going to kill me,
“I have a gift for you Ches.” she told me as she led me towards the bedroom. I guess this is it I thought, I had an idea the room was filled with vampires waiting to tear me apart. But the sight that greeted me made me sick.

“I got your dinner for you baby.” Sam told me as I looked at the three guys lying on our bed covering our once cream sheets with their blood.
“Sam what the fuck have you done?” I shouted as I ran over to bed.
“You can save them Chaz.” And I knew I could but what kind of life would they have. I liked theses guys and I wasn’t about to put them in the position I have been in all theses years, they deserved so much more. As I looked at the guys I could see the fear in there eyes this was my entire fault. I was consumed by guilt but I found it hard to fight the monster that was living deep inside me and I knew I had to get as far away from them as I possibly could.
“I’m not going to do it Sam.”
I told her as I turned and fled the room and the apartment into the night.

As I walked I knew I was responsible for the guys death as much as if I had done it myself, If I had been honest with Sam none of this would have happened. And I knew that I had to do something about this the guilt was eating me up I had to do something anything. So I walked up to a telephone booth and dialled 999 and reported a murder. I know it didn’t make up for the fact that if they hadn’t met me they would still be alive but at least the would get a decent burial and not just be dumped in a river or something.

So there you go guys my second band was dead just like that and it was all my doing. So you can understand why Brad may be pissed at me but there is more I am just to drained to tell you right now…. Next time I promise.
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