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Chapter 7.. (: xo

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The seventh chapter! >.< Gee sings! o.O

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Here goes seventh chapter..
Once again, thanks so much for the revies!!
Means more than I could ever say! x

I can't believe I'd gotten an erection just from Frankie giggling too much on my lap. It was just plain embarassing, Frankie didn't get offended or anything though. He found it funny, which made it all the more embarassing. We were leaving my house to go back to the forest, so I gave Frankie a hand climbing through the window as he was too short to manage it himself. Then I climbed out after him. As my feet landed on the ground and I turned to close the window Frankie's phone started to ring. He took it from his pocket, looked at the screen then hung up.
"Who was it?" I asked, walking casually to his side and takeing his hand, he smiled and held my hand,
"The school. They don't have my house phone number anyway, it's broken. And neither of my parents can afford phones." He shrugged. We walked down the road towards the entrance to our little forest paradise. Just as we were walking into the forest we heard a car beep loudly on the road just behind us. I turned quickly, and saw my dad in his car speeding down the road towards us. He looked absolutly furious, then I remembered I was ment to be in school and here I was walking along hand in hand with Frankie.
"Fuck." I said, then Frankie turned and saw my dad too, "Fucking run." I said to him urgently. Then we ran as fast as we could into the forest, I let Frankie lead the way and never let go of his hand. He ran across the path for a couple metres then pulled me along into the trees beside the path. I struggled not to fall over all the broken branches, we ran dodging trees for about 5 minutes then we reached a small clearing. I let go of Frankie's hand and fell onto my back in the grass. That was the furthest and fastest I had ran in a long time. I was laying on my back trying to catch my breath, Frankie was standing at the edge of the clearing. He walked to my side and sat next to me, he didn't seem atall out of breath.
"God Gee. We only ran, like, half a mile." He said playfully.
"Sorry. I don't do running." I replied inbetween deep breaths.
"I can tell." He giggled then tickled my belly.
"Oi!" I said trying to sound offended. "I'm not fat!"
"If you insist." He giggled, "I'm not short either."
"No, you're not that short." I laughed. I was starting to get my breath back now.
"You're not fat though Gee." Frankie smiled, "Not atall. You're actually pretty fit." He added looking down and blushing.
"Thanks Frankie. And you're not a midget, just a little shorter than me." I replied, and sat up next to him. "Will my dad find us here?" I asked him, nudging him softly with my arm. He looked at me and his eyes were worried.
"He might.."
"Okay. Where shall we go then?" I asked. He looked at me, creasing his eyebrows thoughtfully.
"We could go to this other place, it's amazingly secret. Then later you could sleep over mine if you like?" He said grinning.
"Great idea." I smiled, then got to my feet and turned to Frankie to help him get up. We linked hands again and I let Frankie lead the way to the edge of the clearing. We walked for a while, passing through more trees past rivers and other clearings. Then we got to a deep pool with a waterfall at the top, like you see in a lot of ten films. Frankie tugged me to the waterfall and we walked in a little cave behind it. There was a little cave, it wasn't too big, but there would be room for about five, or six people. He pulled me over to the corner, then I sat on a big rock and lightly pulled Frankie to my lap. He twisted himself around so he could face me, with both his legs hanging over my left leg. He smiled at me,
"What you think?" He grinned. I looked around the little cave and took some time to appreciate the water falling by the entrance. Then finally looked back into Frankie's eyes,
"Beautiful." I whispered. He smiled even bigger at me then rested his head on my chest. The rock was pretty uncomfortable. So I got to my feet, holding Frankie in my arms. Then sat on the floor next to the rock and rested him on my lap.
"Warn me next time you wana move." He giggled.
"Sorry, it was really uncomfortable. Are you comfy enough?" I said softly.
"Hmm." He murmered happily. Then he yawned loudly.
"You sound tiiiired." I said, trying to imitate his yawn.
"I am." He giggled back. I huggled him to my chest.
"Then sleep, we are safe here anyway." I whispered into the top of his head, just loud enough for him to hear. Then he softly drifted to sleep, and all that was left was silence and the sound of the waterfall lightly crashing on the rocky ground, just outside our little rocky heaven. The sound of Frankie's soft breathing was very hypnotic, and I found my own breathing began to imitate his..

I had fallen asleep in the arms of the one I love, in my favourite place in the world. And the moment was perfect. I dreamt I was sitting in our little cave heaven watching Gee sleep. Then he woke up in my dream, and I woke up from my dream also. I sat up with a shock, everything was dark. I could hear the sound of water crashing, I tried to make out what was ahead of me.. I saw a dim white light, the other side of what seemed to be a wall of water. I listened harder, I could hear a steady breath. I felt around on the ground where I had been laying. I felt a body, I found the head and ran my hands through the hair, then felt the features on this figures face. My eyes had become slightly more accustomed to the light and I could see a pale, peaceful face.
"Gerard." I breathed in shock, so he really was here with me. I sat next to his head and stroked his hair softly. Then he yawned and began to stir. I pulled my hand away from his head and sat still,
"Frank?" He murmered, sitting up, "What the fuck? Where am I?" He whispered. I wrapped my arms around his neck from behind,
"You are here Gee." I sighed into his ear. He put his hands ontop of mine,
"Just where I wana be." He laughed softly then I got to my knees and bent over his shoulder slighty to kiss his cheek. "What's the time?" He asked, I got to my feet and helped him up, then took his hand and guided him out of the cave. I looked up at the sky,
"About 9." I said and grinned,
"Wow. You can read the sky?" He asked me in total awe.
"Yeah, I come here often." I said shrugging, "Now, let us go home?"
"This is home." He smiled,
"Okay, let us go back to my house?" I corrected, then giggled at how this sentence sounded. Gee laughed too. Then I tugged on his hand and lead him back through the forest. It was silent all the way to the edge of the forest. But the silence was completly golden. I lead Gee to the hole in the side of one of my neighbours fences and we climbed through gaps in fences until we got to my back garden, then we walked to my back door. Not letting go of eachothers hands the entire time. I opened the door, "It's always open, incase you ever wanted to pop in." I smirked at him. He smiled a croked smile back and then I walked into my kichen through the door and pulled him lightly in by the hand. He walked in behind me and closed the door behind himself. I noticed all the bottles of alcohol on the side, "Shit, my dad has left them all out." I mumbled, then let go of Gee's hand and began putting them into the nearly empty fridge.
"Why are you putting them all in the fridge?" Gee called out to me,
"Because, otherwise, there'll be something glass out. And my mother tends to throw the first thing she can reach at him." I answered, not meeting his gaze.
"Oh." He breathed, then walked over the side to give me a hand at putting the alcohol away.
"Thanks, Gee." I smiled, and hugged him. He hugged me back, then reached out and picked up a big bottle of alchopop.
"Why don't we drink some of this light stuff for your dad, eh? He doesn't need it. And one bottle to share won't get us pissed." He said giving me a playful look.
"Hehe, sure. Let's put the drink in this empty bottle.." I grinned, and grabbed an empty pop bottle that was on the kitchen table. Gee took it from me, then poured the alchopop into the bottle. Not all of it got into the bottle. "Gee, you can have that little drop if you like." I said motioning at the bit which hadn't fitted in the bottle. He grinned at me,
"Thanks." Then he gulped the drop quickly. I took the glass bottle off him and put it into the bin. I dropped it in then turned to Gee, who had his hand out for me. "Where shall we go then, Frankie?" He whispered.
"You haven't been to see my room yet, no?" I giggled.
"Naah. Care to give me le grande tour.." Gee laughed, trying to imitate a french accent. I giggled at his failed attempt then lead the way up the stairs. We walked to my bedroom door, where I turned to Gee and smiled, then let go of his hand.
"It's gotta be a surprise." I beamed, then walked behind him, stood on my tippy toes and covered his eyes. "Put your hands out and push the door, hey! No peeping." I giggled, and struggled to stay on my toes.
"Righty-oh." Gee laughed, then pushed the door open.
"Three steps forward, uh, oh crap. I can't walk on my toes." I said almost falling and giggling.
"I have an idea." Gee said happily, then without removing my hands from his eyes, reached backwards and pulled my into a piggy back. I squealed a bit in shock as I didn't expect it, that made Gee laugh softly.
"Right, three steps." I whispered into his ear, he shuddered slightly. Then took three slow steps forward. "Now, open your eyes." I whispered. I took my hands from his eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck. He looked around my room,
"Wow. It's amazing." he laughed, looking at all my posters, which covered every wall and the whole of the cieling. There were even posters on my wardrobe as I had ran out of room. Most of the posters were bands or movies, but a couple were little scetches I had done, or music I had written to play on my guitar. My guitar, Pansy, was in my corner on her stand and Gee's head was facing in her direction. "You play?" He asked, tightening his grip on my legs.
"Yeah. I love to play." I giggled, embarassed.
"Wow, she's beautiful." Gee marvelled. I blushed at his compliment, I loved Pansy like a best friend.
"Thanks. I decorated her myself." I smiled. Gee shifted his arms uncomfortably. "Am I getting too heavy?" I asked,
"No. My arms are getting tired, that's all. You're pretty light actually. Pocket sized Frankie." He joked.
"Put me down if your arms are tired, silly." I giggled. Then added, "And the friendly giant, Gee." He laughed, then walked over to my bed, turned his back to the bed, then let go of my and I landed sitting on the bed. I giggled, then Gee sat next to me.
"Hey, why don't you play something on Pansy?" He suggested, looking at me with excitement. I nodded eagerly, then jumped to my feet and walked over to Pansy, carefully picked her up, put the strap over my shoulder then walked back over to Gee's side. "What can you play?" He asked smiling at me.
"I can't really remember any songs, other than the ones I have written myself." I said looking down at my feet.
"You sing too?" Gee asked sounding astonished.
"Not very well atall." I giggled, "Hey! Let's make a deal. I'll play a song, and you sing?"
"Uh, okay. I haven't sung in a long time though." He said, sounding nervous.
"You've GOTTA be better than me. Trust me." I giggled, nudging him with my arm.
"So, can I have the lyrics or something?" He asked,
"Can you read guitar sheet music?" I asked.
"A bit. I can't play though." He said, smiling. I reached over to my bedside table. And grabbed the sheet at the top of the pile.
"I wrote this one a couple weeks ago." I told him, then passed it to him. He took it from me, then read through it. He looked really confused. "Let me play it first? For you to get the tune?" I suggested, his face brightened.
"Good idea." He grinned. I played through the song once, and Gee was tapping his feet, following the music and mouthing some of the lyrics. By the end, he was singing the chorus. "Wow, you're really amazing at guitar!" He said with a huge grin on his face. I looked down, turning red.
"Thanks Gee. Now, lets hear you sing?" I smiled then looked up at him.
"Okay." He said. I began to play the intro again, and then the verse came in. He started singing the verse, but after three lines. I stopped playing, he was so good. I had frozen, and my heart was racing. Then when he stopped singing, I automatically wanted to hear him again. "That bad?" He laughed nervously.
"No.... NO. NOO! That good, you- you are amazing. Wow. Amazing. Sorry. Lets start again?" I said rushingly, I had gone bright red, I looked from the music and lyrics quickly to glance at Gee's face, he was bright red too. But he was smiling.
"Okay, lets try again." He whispered. Then I went straight into the intro again, trying to keep in time and not mess it up in anticipation for Gee's angel voice. Then he began to sing. My heart was raceing, and I'm pretty sure I messed up a couple times. But it didn't matter. As long as he kept singing. He added a few extra 'ohs' and 'yeahs' to make the song a little more tunefull, and held a couple of the notes a bit longer than others. He'd made the song so amazingly beautiful. At the end of it, I dropped my hands to my sides, then so did Gee. I moved my hand to ontop of his, then looked at him. He didn't meet my eyes.
"Gee..?" I called softly. He looked into my eyes.
"Yes." He whispered back,
"You are absolutly.. the best." I said softly. Smiling at him.
"Thanks." He said, blushing, but grinning at me with all his teeth. He was too beautiful when he smiled. I blushed too.
"Want to try another one?" I asked, and Gee didn't look away from my eyes once. His smile dropped slightly and he looked really nervous. "Oh, it's okay if you don't want to." I added, smiling at him still,
"It's just I haven't sung infront of anyone in a long time. And it's a bit embarassing." He said, shuffling and staring at his feet.
"I understand." I said careingly, and stroked the back of his hand. I almost jumped when he turned his hand over and iner-locked his fingers between mine. Then he stroked my hand with his thumb, and I looked down at his feet too. And we sat there, stroking eachothers hands for about half an hour.

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