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Chapter 30

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Lost and never found.

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Mikey's POV

When we reached Elena's house, I knocked on the front door. No one answered. A few minutes later, a car pulled up in the driveway and she got out of it.

"Michael!" she cried, hugging me loosely. "Donna," she then acknowledged Mom stiffly.

"Mother," Mom replied coldly.

"Come in," Grandma said, turning back to me. We walked into Grandma's house, and it seemed strangely empty.

"Where's Gerard?" I finally asked.

"I... don't know," Grandma said, suddenly looking confused, then worried. "He's supposed to be home by now. I thought he was here. His cell phone's on the floor over there; I hope he knows he left it here."

I cursed under my breath, then got an idea. "Mom?" I asked. "Can I go see some of my old friends?"

"Sure; your grandmother and I have some things to discuss. Be back soon, okay?"

Triumphantly, I walked down the street, taking out my cell phone. I dialed Eric's number, and he answered.


"Eric! What's up, man?"

"Mikey! You in Belleville yet?"

"Just got here. Listen, I've got to tell you something. Can you meet me at the high school in five minutes? I'll explain everything there."

"Sure thing. I'll bring Alex, too. See you, man."

I had only been at the school for two minutes when I heard a car pull up. Eric and someone I'd never seen before jumped out, and Eric greeted me.

"Mikes! It's been so long, man! You look so different!" he said, slapping me on the back.

"I missed you too, dude," I replied. "What's up?" I asked the guy I didn't know.

"Mikes, this is Alex, the dude I was telling you about."

"Hey, man, I've heard so much about you," Alex said, nodding.

"Okay, so here's the deal: I've got a few hours to find my brother and his boyfriend, and then I've got to get back. This is it, dudes."

"Finally! Sounds good; where's your brother?"

"Dunno. He's not at his house, and I don't know where else he'd be."

"Probably ran away. I bet he took his boyfriend with him, the little faggot," Alex said under his breath. "Call him."

"What, you think he's actually going to pick up and tell us where he is? Dumbass..." Eric snapped back at him, punching him on the shoulder.

"Besides, he doesn't have his phone with him. He left it at his house," I informed everyone.

"Shit... Well, I think I still have Frank's number. I'm sure they're together, wherever they are," Eric said.

"God, why does my brother have to be such a fag? Okay, Eric, give me the phone. I'll call Frank and pretend I'm someone else."

"Make sure the call is anonymous," Alex advised, and with that, I made the call.

Frank's POV

I woke up with a start; Gerard had hit a large bump in the road. This caused Bob to wake up too, and he sat up straight in the backseat.

"Let's pull over, Gee," he said, and Gerard did.

"Sorry," Gerard apologized. "I don't know why I'm so tired all of a sudden."

"Good reason to be. You've been driving all day, and it's starting to get dark out," Bob replied.

"Yeah... do you think we should call it a night?" He yawned.

"Yes, I do. For you, anyway; I've been asleep since lunch. I can drive all night now."

"Really? Thanks, Bob," Gerard said, getting out of the car. I watched him go to the rear, switching places with Bob. Too bad I couldn't drive, I thought, or else I'd have our asses home by now.

"Do either of you want anything to eat first?" Bob asked, not quite in the car yet. I nodded, realizing how hungry I was. I hadn't eaten since lunch, and I was hungry when I woke up. Gerard answered no, and Bob offered to walk down to another nearby shopping center to get me and him some food.

"Are you sure? You don't have to walk; I don't know how close anything is," I said.

"Nah, I've been in the car all day. I wanna get out and walk some," Bob replied. "I'll be right back with food, okay?" I nodded, and soon I was alone in the car with Gerard.

Gerard was the last person I wanted to be with right then. I was still pissed at him, and the fact that he would do something as low as drink and then lie about it made me want to kill him.


"Don't even start, Gerard." I didn't even turn around to look at him.

"I know you think I lied to you, but I didn't."

"I don't care."

"I'm not lying, Frank! Please believe me!"

"I did," I said. Nothing else was said after that; the car was silent until Bob came back about twenty minutes later with a box of Chinese food. I was in mid-bite when my cell phone rang. I looked at the screen; it said "Unknown Caller."

I picked up. "Hello?"

A cough, then, "Uh, Frank?"

"Yeah? Who's this?"

"Where are you? I've been looking for you for hours!"

I paused. "Who the hell... Dad?" I've never heard my dad's voice on the phone before since he never called before paying us a visit. I didn't even think he knew my cell phone number.

"Yeah," he replied.

"Why were you looking for me? You know I live with Mom. Are you drunk?"

"Answer my question first. Where are you?"

"I don't know," I confessed. I heard a groan of frustration as I said this.

"What do you mean, you don't know?" he asked.

"Well, I'm kind of in a car with someone, and I don't know where I am."

"Somewhere southwest of Belleville," Bob said, helping me out.

"Thanks," I said, then repeated it to Dad.

"Okay, I'm coming to get you," he said, and before I could protest, he hung up.

I remained quiet after the call. I was finally going to go home. I needed to get away from it all: from the Mikey situation; from running away; from Gerard.

"Drive us home, Bob," I told him. He looked confused for a second, then made a U-turn, going in the opposite direction than we had been going all along. Finally, I thought, and smiled as I closed my eyes.

Mikey's POV

"Okay, did you get that? Get in the car!" The others did as I said, and Alex stepped on the gas. It was getting late. I pulled out my phone a second time, this time dialing my mom.

"Hello?" her voice fluttered over the phone.

"Hey, Mom? Sorry it's so late; do you think I could spend the night at Eric's house tonight? His parents offered to drive me home tomorrow," I lied, poking Alex in the arm. He gave me a thumbs-up.

"Sure, Mikes. I know you've missed Eric since he moved to Jersey. Have fun, and I'll see you tomorrow."

"Oh, I will," I said, knowing that a lot of fun would be had once we found Gerard and Frank. "Thanks, Mom." I hung up the phone and smiled victoriously.

"Excellent, Mikes. That was a good one."

"Thanks. She believed it; I'm surprised."

A short silence, then Eric asked, "Hey, Alex, did you bring it?"

"Sure did," Alex replied, pulling a long, shiny knife out of his pocket.
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