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Some Ferard is always nice.

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Chapter 6-Ferard

Sixth Period: Language Arts
I can’t wait to start French today in language arts/international languages. And best of all about this class is that Mikey isn’t in it. That is a such relief. But Bob is in here and he will be asking about why Mikey and me are acting so weird. “Hey Bob.” I waved as he walked into the classroom.
“ Hey Sky.” Bob waved as he walked up to the seat next to me and sat down. “Is it alright if I sit with you?” Bob asked noticing my weird glance that I gave him as he took a seat and put his binder on the lab table.
“Oh, yeah. It’s totally okay.” I tried reassuring him.
“Are ya sure? “Cause it looked like you didn’t want me to sit with you judging by the way you looked at me.” Bob asked concerned.
“Yeah. I just like your binder.” I complimented him. I said it to cover up my problem I’m having with his fellow band mate Mikey. I can’t stop thinking about him for some bizarre reason. He’s the only one I have thought about all day. I couldn’t like him, could I? And can he like me? No, he can’t, he has a girlfriend. What the hell am I saying? I have to shake this shit off.
“Oh, thanks.” Bob smiled. His binder was all plastic. You know, the ones that you can stick pictures in and shit like that. It had lots of stickers and pictures of the band and of him and his girlfriend, it was very cool. So, I was being honest.
“So, who is that?” I asked pointing to a picture on his binder. I could only see Gerard and some girl he was kissing on stage.
“Oh, that.” He laughed. “This might sound a little weird and maybe get you thinking about your brother, Frank, in a different way but…uh… That’s him and Gerard making out.” He laughed.
“What?!” I yelled. Everyone looked back at me. I blushed and went back to our little conversation.
“Yeah. It is.” Bob laughed even harder.
“What the fuck?” I whispered to Bob. Bob just laughed. “I never even knew he was gay.” I said looking at the picture.
“No, he isn’t gay. It was at one gig that we had at this pub one night and Gerard thought that it would help to keep things alive if they made out on stage.” And he continued to laugh.
“Can I borrow this?” I asked Bob pointing to the picture.
“Yeah, sure, okay. What for?” He asked trying not to laugh.
“I’m gonna make a copy of it.” I explained.
“And how the hell are you gonna do that without getting caught?” He asked handing me the picture.
“Watch and learn my friend.” I said taking out my blank math sheet that was homework and putting the picture in my pocket.
“Okay.” Bob giggled.
I stood up and walked toward to Mrs. Himp and asked her, “Mrs. Himp, can I go and make copies of my math homework for Ms. George, ’cause she told me to do it during lunch but I totally forgot to and if I don’t get her the copies by the end of school no one will get the assignment.”
“Okay. Let me write you a pass to go make copies and give them to her.” She smiled walking over to her desk and taking out a pad of hall passes and writing one for me. I look over to Bob who gave me a silent applause and a thumbs up. “Here you go.” Mrs. Himp handed me a blue hall pass.
“Thank you.” I said and walked out.
I headed for the office where Bert worked the copy machine for seventh period since he refused to take home-ec. I opened the door and walked in where I was greeted by a very bored Bert. “Hey Sky.” He sighed.
“Okay, what’s wrong?” I asked with a small smile.
“It’s just boring. No one comes in for copies and I’m sitting here doing nothing.” He frowned.
“Well I need a copy, okay? Here make a copy of this. Actually make a few copies. Say about 10 to 20.” I shrugged.
“Okay.” He said plainly.
“Oh, and one of these,” I handed Bert the picture of Frank and Gerard making out on stage.
“Wow. Who is this?” Bert asked holding up the picture to his eyes.
“Oh, that’s my brother and Gerard at some gig they had. It shocked me a little.” I laughed.
“I never knew your brother was gay.” Bert said putting down the picture and looking at me suspiciously.
“What? I never knew either, okay.” I giggled.
“Okay.” Bert said walking towards the copy machine. He opened the copier and placed the math sheet in first. He pressed a few buttons and the machine started copying the paper.
“So, how many are you printing?” I asked.
“15. Is that enough?” He asked walking over to me.
“Yeah.” I shook my head.
“So, why do you need these copies?” Bert asked smiling at me.
“I told Mrs. Himp that I needed to go get extra copies of the math homework for Ms. George. And that she told me that she needed some and that I was the only one who didn’t write on mine so yeah.” I explained.
“And…” Bert said looking for more.
“And what?” I asked.
“Is that why you came down here?” He asked.
“I just told her a lie to come down and copy the picture. And I know that she’s gonna call Ms. George just to make sure I was telling her the truth.” I added.
“Okay.” Bert shrugged.
There was a small silence between us for about two minutes. Then the copy machine beeped.
“That must be that copier.” Bert said walking over to it and grabbing the copies he made of the math sheet. Then he walked over to me and handed the stack of papers to me. “Here you go.”
“Thanks.” I smiled.
“And now for the picture.” He said placing to picture in the copier and pressing buttons that beeped every time he pressed them.
“So, did you find Kyla yet?” He asked curiously.
“Oh shit. No!” I said remembering that I had to find her after lunch but forgot. I’m so stupid sometimes.
“Well, I can tell you where she is.” Bert informed me raising his left eyebrow.
“Where?” I asked anxiously.
“After she told me she was going to get her lunch she didn’t feel so good so she went to the nurse. And she had a fever and slight stomach ache. So she signed out and left.” He informed with concerned written all over his face.
“Oh. She didn’t tell me.” I said plainly.
“Well she told me to tell you.” He said.
“Oh.” I shrugged. Then the copier beeped startling me a bit.
“The pictures are done.” Bert said turning on his heels and walking over to the copier.
“Pictures?” I asked confused.
“I copied one for you and one for me.” He smirked. I screwed up my face again in confusion. Why did he want a picture of Gerard and my brother kissing? “I’m sorry but I think you’re brother is hot.” He said to me smiling and walking back over to me. I was surprised.
“Um…” Was all I could manage to get out of my mouth. I was still in shock. I never knew Bert was gay.
“I know what you’re thinking, and I’m not gay. I’m bi.” He informed me with a small smile on his face. I just froze there like a fucking idiot. I stared at him in disbelief. It took a while for the words to sink into my brain. Then I managed to say something.
“Wow. I never knew you were bi. I mean there were some signs but I thought they were just jokes.” I shuddered.
“Are you mad?” He asked a little embarrassed.
“No. I’m just surprised.” I said.
“Oh, good.” Bert exhaled.
“I have to go. Don’t want Mrs. Himp to get suspicious.” I giggled turning to head to the door. I walked a few steps then Bert asked, “Are you doing anything after school today?” I turned around shocked again.
“Yeah. Why?” I asked curious to know.
“I was just wondering.” He shrugged. “I’m into girls too ya know that right?” He asked. I nodded my head in agreement. “Okay.” He said.
“Were you asking me out just now?” I asked smiling.
“Maybe.” He shrugged.
“Well I’m free this weekend. But maybe I can squeeze you in tomorrow. I’m not sure.” I informed him smiling.
“Okay. Just call me.” He said closing his hand and lifting his thumb and pinkie up to his ear to signify a phone. I giggled and nodded. And with that I turned to leave. Just as I was about to walk out I heard Bert whistle at me. I turned my head and giggled.

Finally school was over and I was waiting for Frank and his friends Gerard, Ray, Bob and Mikey. My blood ran cold every time somebody said the name Mikey. It made me want to puke all over him. At first I thought he was nice, I mean he looked nice, but then once I met him he was a gross person inside.
I was waiting for them on the steps of the main entrance in front of the school. Everyone was exiting and I couldn’t see anything. I looked around and saw Frank. I could tell it was him from his hair. He was always changing it. Right now he had it with blonde on the sides and all black in the middle to form a small Mohawk in the middle and in the front covering his right eye was a small fringe.

“Frank!” I screamed over all the voices of people talking. He didn’t hear me at first. I called out his name a few more times but it didn’t help either. So I walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He stopped his conversation with Gerard and looked back at who tapped his shoulder. I waved at him and he picked me up and a big death hug. He was shaking me all over the place. I thought he was going to drop me. And kill me too. His death hugs were so tight! “Frank…put me down.” I managed to say. After a few more spins he finally put me down back on the ground. All Gerard managed to do was laugh at me while I chocked trying to catch my breath. Frank joined Gerard a few seconds later. “Why did you do that?” I asked still trying to catch my breath. They both stopped laughing and looked at me.
“Can’t I hug my little bro?” Frank smiled. I just stared at him in anger.
“Little bro?” Gerard asked in confusion.
“I think of her as a brother.” Frank explained.
“And I think of him as a big sister.” I smirked.
“Aww, very funny. Bitch.” He said then stuck his tongue out at me.
“You little shit.” I said punching him on the arm.
“Ouch!” He said in result to my hard punch.
“Wimp.” I sighed. He was such a wimp. He was so weak.
“Hey!” I heard behind me. I turned to a big brown fro.
“Hey.” I giggled. Frank and Gerard greeted him with a hug and a warm smile.
“Oh, Frank and Gerard I have something to ask you two.” I remembered.
“What?” They both said at the same time. Then they started laughing I just smiled. Then I took out the picture of them kissing from my pocket and held it up. They both stopped laughing once they laid eyes on the picture. “Care to explain?” I asked them.
“Where did you get that?” Frank asked nervous.
“Oooo, BUSTED!!!” Ray shouted in sarcasm.
“Shut up Ray!” Gerard shouted back in anger. This conversation is very serious.
“I don’t need to state my resources.” I said.
“Where did you get that fucking picture?” Frank asked annoyed with my answer.
“I already told you. I would have found out sooner or later.” I said again.
“Just tell me where you got the picture.” Frank demanded in anger.
“If I tell you will you not be angry at this person?” I asked thinking of what he might do to Bob.
“Fine, I promise.” Frank sighed.
“You swear?” I asked raising my eyebrow. He was never really good at keeping promises.
“I swear, cross my heart hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.” He said raising his right hand.
“A dirty needle!” Ray laughed.
“You too Gerard. Will you not be mad at this person?” I asked Gerard looking over at him along with everyone else.
“Fine, I promise.” He sighed rolling his eyes.
“Okay. I got this picture from Bob.” I told them waiting for them to react.
“Bob what?” Bob questioned walking up behind me.
“Bob, I’m gonna kill you!” Frank shouted angrily at Bob while lunging his petite body toward him. And that’s why I really don’t make promises with Frank.
“Wait!” I yelled as I watched Frank tackle Bob knocking him down to the ground.
“What the fuck?!” Bob asked while being knocked to the ground by Frank’s body. They went rolling down the steps of the school and stopped at the bottom and Frank landed on top of Bob and with that Frank grabbed his collar with both hands and lifted Bob’s head from the ground a few centimeters. They were face to face staring into each others eyes. Their noses almost touching. Then Frank shouted at Bob, “Why did you give her that picture?!”
“What picture?” Bob asked calmly breaking their eye contact with each other and looking over to all of us, being Ray, Gerard, and me. I felt sorry but didn’t know what to do. Why was Frank so mad at Bob anyway? I wasn’t mad at him about the picture or anything.
“The picture of me and Gerard making out on stage?” Frank calmed down a little.
“I didn’t know she was going to tell you.” Bob said innocently.
“Frank!” I yelled to Frank, “You promised.” I said pointing at him on the ground on top of Bob.
“But…” He stuttered.
“NO! No buts, now be quiet, and get off of him.” I demanded in anger. He just groaned and got up off of Bob and dusted himself off. After he dusted himself off he gathered himself and walked over to Gerard and joined the rest of us not helping Bob up. I shook my head as his gesture and walked over to Bob and helped him up helping him dust the soil off his pants.
I glared at Frank who was watching me and Bob. I rolled my eyes at him and averted my attention to Bob again. Bob smiled at me and I mirrored it back. We both looked at Gerard and Frank who were making out in front of everyone. Gross! It sent chills running down my spine like sprinters at a track meet.
“You guys are sick.” I laughed at them. The rest of the guys, Ray and Bob, were just looking around making sure that no one was looking. But some students just stared at them making faces and whispering amongst themselves.
I saw Gerard’s tongue enter my big brothers mouth and I just thought he took it too far and with that I walked over to them and pushed them away from each other breaking their heated make out session. “Stop, people are staring.” I whispered to them taking a look around watching people stare and talk amongst themselves. They just laughed.
“Let’s go.” Gerard suggested. So with that suggestion Ray, Bob and Gerard got in Gerard’s car and Frank and me got in his car and headed to Gerard’s house.
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