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Chapter 34

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Kat stood, folded into two.
“What's wrong? What's happening?”
“My stomach. It's killing me.” She took my arm and I wrapped it around her back to support her. Bob stumbled down the stairs and rushed to Kat's side. “Just get me one the bus Gerard, please!” Kat begged me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I knocked her legs from beneath her. I carried her onto the bus and lay her on the sofa. I sat beside her and felt her head. Her skin was on fire and she was whimpering in pain. “Take it away Bob please, stop it. It hurts.” Ellie rushed towards us,a bag of Ice in her hand.
“Here put it on her head.” She gave it to me and now the others surrounded us, fear of what was happening filled the air.
“OWW!” she screamed her fingers wrapped tightly around Bob's who sat beside me. “Kat tell me where the pain is, where is the pain?” Ellie held her hand against Kat's head, “Her temperature's dropped, she's freezing.” She took the ice from me and shrugged her shoulders. “Okay, Mikey get me the duvet from Kat's bunk and any other sheets and pillows you can find. Frank get a glass of water, put a teaspoon of sugar into it and bring it here and Ray can you help me clear out the floor so we can make up somewhere she can be comfortable.” They stood there. Shocked. “NOW!” Ellie shouted and they jumped, they all ran off in different directions.
Beneath us we could hear the soft rumble of the bus's tyres on the rough tarmac of the highway. Ray and Ellie moved around us silently moving the games consoles and the bean bags. Bob and I each held one of Kat's hands, her skin icy beneath my fingertips. “Ellie what do you think is wrong?” I asked my voice cracked and I felt tears sting my eyes yet again. She shook her head and looked at me glumly. “She's not going too..?”Bob asked his voice as unsteady as my own.
“I hope not Bob.” Mikey rushed back into the room, his arms laden with sheets and duvets from our bunks. He lay them down and help Ray spread them out before laying the pillows for Kat to lay down. Frank came back over towards us. Ellie slipped two straws into the glass and held them to Kat's mouth. “I need you to drink this Kat, we need to get your blood-sugar up. Baby's not happy and we need to make you feel better.” Kat sucked on the straws and her eyes screwed up in distaste. On the floor beside us lay a cloud of pillows and blankets. I picked Kat up from the sofa and lay her down on the floor. Bob and I sat beside her. Mikey, Ray, Frank and Ellie sat upon the sofa. Every-now and again I would sit Kat up to sip some of the sugar-solution. 30 minutes later and nobody had moved. We sat in silence, the only noise, Kat's slight whimpers and groans the only sound.
Bob pushed the hair back from Kat's face but pulled his hand away quickly, “Ell, she's burning up again.”
“We're going to need a fan, turn the air-con up Ray. Guy's your going to have to leave cus I need to get her out of these clothes. I'll call you back through in a minute.” The guys left to stand behind the curtain, Ray turning up the air-con on his way past. I stood to leave with Bob but Kat held my fingers tighter, “Don't leave us, please,” Mikey looked at me, Bob nodded and pulled the curtain across. “Come on, lets get her out of this lot,” Ellie pulled the duvet back and lifted Kat before pulling off the hoodie she was wearing and yanking of the T-shirt also. I unbuckled Kat's jeans and pulled them down effortlessly. We lay her back under the duvet and the others came back through. I held Kat's hand and Mikey came behind me and squeezed my shoulder. The others gathered on the sofa behind us.
Kat's temperature gradually began to drop as the hours passed. The bus still hadn't stopped so we were unable to get hold of any medical help but Ellie had set up Ray's laptop and was searching websites for any help.
Kat slept now. Every-now and again however she'd wake and groan before turning to her other side. Bob was calling the other band's and was talking to William when Kat woke again. “Hey, you feeling any better?” I brushed the hair back from her face with my fingers. She nodded, “Can I get dressed? I don't feel as hot as earlier.” The others left and I helped her get dressed.

As Kat pulled herself from under the duvet I noticed that blood lay on the sheets. I glanced at Ellie and she came rushing from the table where she'd been sat with the laptop. “What's wrong?” Kat stood in-front of me, her legs covered in blood. Her eyes followed the direction of my own and she began to cry, “Ellie, it can't, it can't. Please, it can't be.” Bob popped his head around the curtain at the sound of Kat's sobs. “What's happened?” He stopped as he noticed that his sister looked as if she had been attacked with a chainsaw.”MIKEY GET WET TOWELS! NOW!” he screamed at my brother, he disappeared behind the curtain and came back carrying the first aid kit from his bunk. Ellie wrestled through the contents of it and pulled out some antiseptic cream. “THATS NOT GOING TO HELP IS IT!?” I screamed at her. Mikey came from behind the curtain now, his arms full with soaked towels. He stopped at his first glimpse of Kat. “Oh my god!” he mouthed, he rushed to Bob's side and handed him the towels. I grabbed one and started to wipe away the sticky amber liquid from Kat's leg. Bob wiped the other side and soon the blood was gone. Kat wrestled back into her jeans and sat on the floor, her sobs chilled me to the bone.
What if she'd lost it? She'd be broken hearted. This was all she cared about and now it seemed to have gone.
The others gathered around Kat who sat in a huddle on the floor. I placed my arms around her but she shook me away, “GET OFF ME! GET OFF ME YOU PERV!” she screamed at me. Tears stung my eyes and I pulled myself away from the group at sat against the wall opposite them. The others stood, shocked at her outburst. “THIS IS YOUR FAULT! YOU'VE DONE THIS TO ME!” She stood above me and pulled at my hair. She slapped me hard across the face and Bob held her back before she could do anything more. “GET OFF ME! GET OFF ME!” She scratched a this arms and he pulled her away to the sofa. Mikey sat by my side and held my shoulder. “Gerard, it's not your fault. You haven't done anything wrong.” He tried to comfort me but the tears still came thick and heavy. Ellie took Kat through to the bunks and from behind the curtain I could hear her horrified sobs. Kat's baby was dead and there was nothing I could do to comfort her. Nothing.

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