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Chapter 33

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Gerard's P.O.V

The elevator door's clicked open. Bob and Mikey climbed out of the lift before Ray, Frank and I. We walked through to the restaurant, our stomachs grumbling. It was 9am and we'd advised the others to eat before 9.30 so we could be back on the buses for 10.
As we walked in I noticed that Kat and Ellie were stood at the hot plates. I walked up behind Kat and sneaked my arms around her waist, “Morning Beautiful. Morning Baby Beautiful.”
“Morning Gorgeous. How are you this morning?” Kat smiled as I lent my head on her shoulder. We were stood behind one of the hotel's large column and only Ellie could see us. She shook her head and continued to fill her plate high with toast and Quorn Sausages. I noticed now that all that was on Kat's plate was a single slice of bread and a slice of Bacon. “You getting more?” I asked.
“Not really hungry this morning.” She replied and kissed my cheek, I rested my hands on her ever swelling stomach and rubbed it gently. “And what about Baby? Is Baby hungry this morning?” She laughed, “Baby's not hungry no. You getting something to eat?” She started to walk away from me and towards the table, but turned back to me just as Trace came through the doors, Mason trailing behind him. Kat took my hand, “Look, feel.” Beneath my hand I felt the gentle kicking of Simon's baby. I smiled half-heartedly but Kat didn't seem to notice. She turned away from me again and this time followed Ellie over to the table. Trace glared at me. He shook his head and walked over to the tables where the bands were gathered. He stood behind Kat and she turned to talk to him. He was much taller than her. Much taller than her.
I watched now as Bob took Kat aside and motioned at me and Ellie. I walked towards them and stood beside him. “Kat I know this isn't going to be easy for you, but I think it's best if everyone knows about the Baby. I mean they're going to be with us when it comes and they will notice. We only have to tell them if your completely okay with it though, you understand?” She nodded and looked thoughtful. “Okay. Lets tell them. But Bob. Don't tell them about the dad please.” He nodded and we turned back towards the group. I stood behind Kat and she rested herself against me but not enough that anybody could notice. “Right, well, before we get on the road, um, well, there's something that everybody needs to know. Kat, my sister,” he motioned at Kat and she raised her hand slightly and smiled, “Well, Kat's actually pregnant, and we just thought you should know because its most likely that the baby will be a big art of our tour as it will be born when were on the road.” I looked around at the guys and they all looked a bit shocked. William held his face in his hands and Trace looked pleased beside Sisky. “But your so young. Your still a kid right?” Mike looked up from his coffee and watched as Kat exchanged a glance with Bob and Ellie before turning back to face me. “Actually. I know I'm young and I know most of you will think it's kinda stupid a girl my age going to bring a kid up on their own but I know I can do and I have my family her for support.” She squeezed my hand behind her back before taking the seat in front of me. I rested against the chair. “In fact, the reason I'm keeping the baby is because, well,its because the baby's dad, Simon, he was my best friend.” Everyone around us exchanged strange glances. “So the dad, Simon, doesn't want anything to do with it? Did he want it, well, you know, gone?” Blake stood beside Mikey.
Kat glanced around us, there wasn't anybody else in the restaurant and she looked up at me. Her eyes pleading, looking for help. She turned once more to Bob and nodded. Bob shook his head but Kat nodded once again and Bob began to speak, “Simon, well, Simon, he, um,”
“He raped me.”
Everybody around us stared. I turned to Ellie and she silently crying, she held herself and rested a hand on Kat's shoulder. Kat held Ellie's hand and turned to face us, I smiled weakly and she returned it, a tear falling down her face. “I just thought you should all know.” She stood up and walked out, Ellie following her closely. I sat in Kat's recently vacated seat and looked at the men around me. Tears were in Mikey's eyes and Ray and Frank were crying silently. Bob looked glum and I felt a frown on my face.
These guys truly were my family. I didn't realised that grown men could care so much about a girl they had only known for a month or two. I had underestimated them by so much. Bob checked his watch, “It's 9.45. We'd better get our stuff.” He walked away from the table. We sat in silence.
I quickly left the table, turned out of the hotel and collapsed around the side of the Hotel.
The image of Kat being raped burned my eye's. My Kat. Hurt.
I felt the blood hot tears burn my icy skin and rested my head against the wall.
“Gerard?” I opened my eye's. Kat stood over me. Her face tear stained and her hands held her stomach.”Oh God. You don't want me any-more do you? I shouldn't have led you on. Of course your not going to want me after this. I'm dirty. Ruined.”
I stood and took her in my arms. “That was a brave thing you did back there. I am so proud of you.”
“But you don't want me any-more. Of course you don't.”
“Kat no matter what happens, or who happened. I will always love you. I will always want you.” She looked up into my eyes.
“You don't want the baby though, right? I understand.” I took one hand from her waist and held it against her stomach. “This baby is just as much mine as it is yours now. I will never leave you or the baby. I told you, I will be the baby's dad if you want. I might not be it's father, but I can be it's daddy.”
“Oh Gerard, I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. I should have told you before. I'm so sorry. Really.” I kissed her now. My tongue pressing for entrance to her mouth. She pressed me gently against the hotel wall. She wrapped her fingers in my hair and freezing palm rested against my cheek. “I love you Gerard.” Kat murmured against my lips. I pulled her closer to me. My tongue melted against her own.
“GUYS COME ON! WE'RE LEAVING!” Ellie screamed around the corner. Kat laughed as she pulled away from me, she pressed one more kiss to my lips and I heard her breathing, hard and unsteady. It mixed with my own which was even heavier and I felt the bulge become stiff between my legs. Kat laughed harder against my chest as she felt it through the thin material of my cargo pants and her jeans.
“I really do love you Mr Way.”
“I really do love you too Kat and Baby.”
“COME ON! WE'LL LEAVE WITHOUT YOU!” Ellie's screams echoed down towards us and I took Kat's hand and lead her out of the alley but quickly dropped her hand as I saw my band member's stood waiting for us. “Dallas, here we come!” Frank shouted.

I stepped up onto the bus and dragged Kat and my own bag with me, the driver started the engine and the bus burst into life.
“GERARD!” From below I heard Kat screaming. Beside me Bob froze before I turned and ran back off the bus.

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