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Chapter 32

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Kat's P.O.V

Ellie lay next to me, her flannel pajamas making me itch. “I think William is really sweet and earlier he said he liked my Heterochomia, he said it made me look really different. Like It made me special.”
“I think you might be in there love. He shook your hand for a little too long me thinks.” I laughed and she giggled. “You and Julian are really over then?” I turned my head to look at her but she continued to stare at the ceiling. I nudged her but she didn't look at me. “You know what, he really wasn't that into me in the end. As soon as you left he didn't see me all that much. But he did kick Simon's arse. Beat him up really well.”
“I'm sorry smells, I didn't want it to come between you.”
“Anyway, what were you and Gerard doing earlier?”
“Nothing,” She gave me a really skeptical look and I laughed. “Do you really have to ask me?” She giggled, “You and Gerard? You had sex?” I stopped and felt my face frown.
“I couldn't and luckily that was when Simon called so I had reason to stop or I think I might have burst into tears there and then.”
“Oh Kat.” She rubbed my hand and I felt tears prickle the side's of my eyes. There was a knock on the door and I rolled off the bed. “Are you okay Kat?” Ellie rolled to my side of the bed to see me in a heap on the floor. I scrambled to my feet. “Who the fuck is calling round at..” I picked up my mobile, “1 in the morning? Your joking me.” I walked slowly to the door and opened it. In front of me stood Mr William Beckett. “You know its rude to call on a lady at this time?” I laughed as he began to apologize. “I'm only joking, hold on.” Now I realized he was staring at my stomach and I realized that it was really obvious in my p.j vest. “Yeah,um, well yeah.” I turned back to the bed and grabbed Ellie's hand. “Go on. Its you he's here to see.”
“I'm in my flannel pajamas, I'm covered in cows!” She scrambled out of her side of the bed and smoothed down her hair before turning to the door. “Hi William.” He smiled and his face crumpled in this really cute way. I couldn't help awwring. He was to cute. Ellie turned back to me and gave me the evilest glare she ever had and I lay back on my pillow.
“I just wanted to say goodnight. I cant wait to spend some more time with you. I mean you and the band. I think I really might learn something.” He smiled again and I watched as Ellie's knees buckled slightly. I began to giggle and had to hold my mouth to stop myself from laughing. “Ellie?”
“Yes, William.”
“Can I kiss you goodnight please?” I felt my stomach twitch and snorted as I began to laugh.
“I guess.” he leaned forward in the doorway and pressed his mouth to her cheek gently. Again I found myself awwring. I was now sat up in bed and watched as they parted. “Goodnight Ellie.” he began to walk away but she called after him, “William wait.” She pulled his wrist slightly and he turned to face her. He took her face in his palm and pressed another kiss to her lips. She giggled and they both whispered a goodnight. She slammed the door and skipped back to the bed.

“THE BEST DAY EVER! I REPEAT THE BEST DAY EVER!” She squealed in my ear. “Goodnight EL, loves you.” I tucked the pillow over my ear as she began to murmur about how cute William was. “SHUT THE FUCK! LET THE PREGNANT GIRL GET SOME SLEEP PLEASE!!!!”

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