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Chapter 31.

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Gerard's P.O.V

I bounced back as I fell into Trace. “I just thought I ought to warn you that you and Kat might want to shag each other in the privacy of your own room the next time,” he spat at me, before turning away from me and walking into the suite he was sharing with his band mates. The door bounced on its hinges as it ricocheted of the frame. He'd seen us.

I opened the door to the suite I was sharing with Bob and was welcomed by the sound of Basketball on the small television set. As he saw me entered he flicked a switch on the remote and the room was plunged into darkness. I reached over and flicked the light switch. Now I saw Bob had sat up and was surrounded by drink cans. Some soda others much stronger. “Is she okay?” he asked his words not even slurred. No matter how much he drank, it never really mattered, he still had some recognition of the real world. “She's fine, some guy named Simon called Ellie though and she got upset.” I went over and sat beside him on my own bed. “I love her. I really love her Bob. I want to be there for her. Bob, Who's simon?”
“I hate that him. Stupid arrogant little arse.” Bob crunched a beer can his palm and threw it at the closet door. “He's the father isn't he? He's the father of Kat's kid. He did all that to her. He caused her all that pain.”
“It's all his fault she's here. All his fault she's hurt. All his fault I'm wrecking her life.” Sadness corrupted Bob's voice. “You aren't ruining her life. She loves it here,” he sighed and laughed at me. “You really love her don't you? You weren't even like this with LynZ. Your so happy aren't you? You really love my sister.” He looked at me in awe and my mouth moved, no words leaving it. “I do. I really love her. Bob, please believe me. I will do anything to keep Kat and that baby safe. Anything. At any cost.”
“She told me earlier about the whole dad thing. She really thinks you'll stand by her and the kid, but are you sure that's not the only reason you want to be with her? For the kid, cus you cant have LynZ's you think you can have my kid sisters?” I shook my head. That had never come into my mind. Never. I was in love with Kat for her. Not her kid. I was in love with her before I knew she was pregnant. I was in love with her as soon as I'd seen her leave the arrivals door and turn on her mobile phone. I'd seen her before any of the others but hadn't realised who she was. She had taken my breath away. As soon as I'd seen her my heart burst into flames and my vision had become blurred and then, when she'd walked over to Bob and he'd introduced her, I'd felt like an idiot. A real idiot. “Bob, how badly did Simon hurt her, I mean she's shown me the scars and the baby of course but inside, how badly is she bleeding?” He looked at me his eyes swimming with tears.
“I got a phone call when we were on break. Ellie said she was pretty cut up. I told you guys I was going to see mum and dad but I went on over to England to see her. She was staying with Ellie cus Mum had chucked her out when she refused to get rid of Simon. The first night she'd been out the house she'd gone to him and he'd asked her to sleep with him. See she'd refused to have sex with him when she was at Mum's so now he wanted it. Of course he did. He's a teenage boy. He hit her. Took a knife and cut away at her like a maniac. Said if she didn't he would.” Bob was crying now and I moved over to his bed and put my arm around his in support. Every time Kat had pulled away from me or held on tighter to me. Every time we had been interrupted and she'd seemed relieved.“He raped her.”
“Stole her virginity and left her his child.” Bob cried even harder into my shoulder.

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