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Chapter 30!

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Gerard's P.O.V

Inside the room it was pitch black and I gently pushed Kat against the bed. I pulled the cardigan from her arms and tore her t-shirt from over her head. I pressed my mouth to the lip of her throat, my lips felt as if they were frozen against an ice-burg.
Her hands played against the top of my jeans which she'd unbuckled in the hall. I pushed her hands down and my jeans slipped down to my ankles. She laid herself down on the bed and pulled me onto her. Her bump was stuck between us and I couldn't reach her. I turned so that now she lay on top of me and she pulled at my t-shirt. It was quickly over my head and her ice like lips traced my jawline. Her tongue slipped into my mouth as pulled at the belt of her jeans. She took my hands and wrapped them firmly around her waist. Her fiery hands were in my boxers, her fingers tenderly rubbing my hard length onto which she pressed herself more and more.
I felt my fingers begin to wrestle with the clasp of her bra and within me I felt a gasp of ice cold air escape and a noise that sounded a lot like a roar escaped my lips as I erupted into Kat's hand. I pulled at jeans now, nearly ripping them at the seams. Just to feel her on me. “I love you Gerard.” I stopped at looked at her face. Her eyes were shining like I'd never seen them before. They were like puddles on water moonlight. “What?” Her face dropped, before it had been a brilliant smile now a frown crossed her face. “I love you too. I love you like nothing else.” I pulled her lips down to mine and held her there. Every second that passed caused my length more and more pain. I tugged at her jeans and she pushed them down, climbing to sit on top of me now. She lent down to kiss my chest but her bump pressed against my stomach and held her some distance away. I pulled her down towards me and she held onto my arms tightly. My fingers pushed aside her pants and my cock fought for entrance into her. As I pressed against her the sound of a mobile bleeped from somewhere in the room.

"And some nights your breathing fire
And some nights your carved in ice
Some nights your like nothing I've felt or seen before
Or will again "

“What the hell?!”
“What's wrong?” Kat moved on top of me and reached under Ellie's bag to find her phone. She rolled off me gracefully and pressed the enter button. I heard a boys voice whispering, “Hello?Hello? Is she okay Ellie? Hows the baby?” Kat hung up the phone and turned to the door as a loud know echoed down the hallway. I grabbed my stuff from the floor and went to hide in the bathroom. She grabbed her Pj's from the bed and got dressed quickly. She picked her clothes up from the floor and placed them next to Ellie's bag. She opened the door and I hear Ellie's voice.
“Why did Simon just call you?”
“Did he? Kat he really wants to know how you are. Its his baby too. He keeps ringing me and I refuse to tell him anything I promise. I wouldn't tell him anything you don't want me too. Now can we hurry up and get Gerard out of our En-suite before Bob turns up wanting to know why his best friends gone missing?” I put my boxers and jeans on quickly and walked out into the main room as I pulled my T-shirt over my head. “I'm just going. I walked over to Kat and kissed her holding on long and changing the pressure I used, she did the same. “Guys I am here.” Kat laughed and I pulled away,”Love you.” I left them, Kat stood pouting at me and I laughed as I closed the door behind me and nearly crashed into Trace.
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