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After all thats said and done could you look at my face?

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Gerard X Frankie I want to end my day with you in a hail of bullets Love/hot

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Warnings: [X] [R] - Published: 2009-05-23 - Updated: 2009-05-24 - 423 words

"Ow ow, get off" I yelped. I was getting the shit beat out of me. I, Gerard Way, way getting beaten by my boyfriend, Trent. God, how I hated him. Our love had just turned into this pool of lust and anger. Trent was addicted to pills and vodka, and even when I begged him to stop hurting himself and us he just wouldnt listin. "Shut up" he yelled. He backhanded my face. It took so much just so that I wouldnt sob. I thought of Frankie, the boy I longed to be with. I was quiet for too long and Trent who was already suspecting that I had feelings for Frankie yelled " You better stop thinking of him, unless you want me to do you hard so you remember who your with, Gee"
I pushed him away. He grabbed my face. "You little fag" He called me that to make himself feel better "I will hurt him so bad if you keep this up". I cried. He hit me one last time and then nothing....Frankie my love I need you....
I woke up. It hurt to move. The bruises covering my arms and legs were painful. I needed Frankie and Trent wasnt to be seen. I barely got dressed the bruises being to hard to handle. I called him
"Oh Hey Gee, Whats up?"
"Can you come over, he did it again..I hurt"
"That bitch! When will he stop? I told you to run if he touched you like that again"
"You know he is stronger I couldnt move. I was scared"
"Ok Im coming over"
He hung up. I cried into my pillow as I waited. I needed help. I needed a way out, an escape.
Frankie was just that and more. My Angel, my"
I felt someone rub my back. I shivered. "Baby, Gee Im here its me...I love you...Come here" he said it so sweetly. He embraced me with a hug. I whimpered, my bruises. "Oh baby Im sorry" Frankie said his voice trembled "I never want to hurt you". I smiled. He brushed his lips against mine. It was magical It felt like sparks of pleasure. What would my life be like without this wonderful man in my life. I would have been already dead if it werent for him. He whispered to me words of hope and love and us being together forever as he carresed my face, pushing the hair out of my lined eyes. If only, If only....
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