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We are alone

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Lets Talk and understand more

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2009-05-24 - Updated: 2009-05-24 - 620 words

I fell asleep again. Damn I always do that!I thought. I get up and its not as painful this time. I wonder where Frankie is. I go into the living room where I find him on the couch. He gestures me to sit down. I do. He puts his arm around me. Which would almost look odd, but It doesnt. I cuddle into him placing my head at the crook of his neck. He looks down at me with a smile. "Gee, You realize you cant let him keep doing this to you. He is beneath you. What will it take to make you realize he is not the guy you feel in love with 2 years ago?" Frankie says to me
I look up "Im his release in this world"
"You dont need him! He could kill you!"
"He just needs therapy"
"Yeah he needs a straightjacket. I hate what he does to you. You are a beautiful guy. Your talented and amazing and he is a drugie that is just tearing you down"
"Okay..The what about you?" I dont agree with him completely but I feel like changing the subject bacause I dont wnat to talk about Trent any more.
"You deserve better than me, but I care about you and love you thats all a relationship needs" Frankie has this really deep side of him. The side that has a way with words. Im blushing.
"Your so sweet to me" I mumble, but he still hears me
"I love you, baby Gee" He says sliding his hand down my cheek. I kiss him and he holds the back of my head to deepen the kiss. I put my tounge in his ever so wanting mouth. I feel his teeth and tounge which would normally be strange, but with him I could do anything and feel alright.
I gasp for air. He pulls back with a smile. "Oh Gee" He moans. "You make the hottest noises" I say as I force my lips back on his and remove the jacet he is wearing. I throw it to the other side of the room. Then as we kiss and feel on each other time flies and everything around us doesnt matter anymore and everything bad just slips from our minds. I need this boy and he needs me and For Gods sake please let this last forever. If only I could just run away with you. I love his everything. But does anyone notice? But does anyone care?
We sit back after an hour of making out with each other and Im breathless. My beloved is making coffee. YAY coffee and making out!?. I look at the time He would have been home by now. Its 6:58 He must be getting drunk. Great he is proably goin to rape me again. I never tell Frankie about the rape, just the beatings. I wondered what he would say or do if he knew.
"Oh God" I yell crying. Trent is forcing himself in me. Its painful. "Shut up" He restrains me against the tile of our shower. He is raping me again, and I take it. Im grasping the tile. It hurts so bad. "Ughh Im gonna---" Trent moans. He fills me with his warm liquid. It sickens me.
I cant beilive I used to enjoy this. I quickly get up. I put my pants on and leave to go to Frankies
"Frankie can I say at your place tonight?"
I dont want to be raped again. Im close to crying and telling my love everything.
"I guess, why?"
I sob into him.
"Oh Gee"
I could never tell him ever,But i just might have to.
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