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Honey, please dont

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Gerard goes to Frankies, but while he's gone what does his boyfriend find?

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So, here I am at Frankies place. Its nice, and cozy. I left Trent a note explaining I was going to be out till tomorrow. I sit on Frankies bed. Wow, How I would love to stay here with him forever."Gee?" I hear Frankie call. I smile and walk to the living room where he is sitting seductivly. "Yes?" I ask innocently. Im such a whore I thought. "Keep me company"
Frankie wasnt being seductive anymore I could tell. We sat there watching some show with vampires in it, and it was almost lame. I couldnt stop thinking about Trent. I needed a release.
"Frankie, Take me. Now." I say forcfully
"Gee, no your boyfriend beat you 3 hours ago we shouldnt"
"I Need a release I need to stop thinking about his face please?"
"Fine only cause I cant see you this way"
We got undressed so face it was unreal. Frankie was always dominent (SP?), becuase I didnt feel the need to be on top. I wasnt stronger than him even though I looked it. I was about 5 inches taller than him, but he remained on top. To the neighbors they probably were digusted. All you could hear were moans, whimpers, and screams, really. I suppied most of them. "Oh Gee My love I adore you" Frankie said as he thrusted deeper. I was dying from the passion. We made love for about 3 hours with no stoping. WOW. I remember telling him I loved him and falling asleep in his strong arms.
8 am the next day
I wake up slightly sore remembering the passionate banging of last night.
I put my clothes on eagerly cause I smell coffee and Frankie. Im addicted to him.
I got to the kitchen and there is a coffee waiting for me. I smile. What a nice scene.
I slurp my coffee and I hear Frankie giggle. "I better get going" I say almost upset at the thought of thinking of returning to Trent who would be ready to beat me. I kiss my true love goodbye and he hugs me and gives me a look that says Dont go. I Drive home, ready for worst. I walk in it smells like beer. I see Trent sitting on the couch still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. "Baby did you sleep?" I ask. "No baby I drank and I found this. He held my letter and Frankies jacket along with my cell phone. Damn he has Frankies Jacket
"You were with him last night"
"No...No" I stutter
"But this he holds up my Phone "Oh Frankie come over I hurt"". He read my texts.
"He's a friend" I say
"Yeah a friend who you suck off" He was anger "all I do is love you and you have an affair, with a whore" Im mad now "He is not a whore and you dont love me all the things you love come in a bottle!" Trent stomps over to me He kicks me hard in the groin. I get up. "I care about you and all you do is beat me!" Im yelling now. Trent hits me "When will you learn?" He pulls out a knife and then I feel him stab me in the groin. Im gonna die. I love you Frankie...
Im going to die. I dont want to die. I dont want to die. Frankie.
Then there is darkness and breathlessness.
So Long and Goodnight

Wow I wrote alot this time thanks to those who read please review if you want Gee to live
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