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I care

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I think Im dead now, but why would Frankie be here?

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Im awake, or dead. I hear noises, beeps and such. So annoying. I feel someone raise my hand, but I dont want to open my eyes. Ow. I open my eyes. Oh Im in a hospital. Theres a nurse taking my blood again, cause I notice the pricks in my arm. I try to talk but its muffled, I have a tube in my throat. I pull my hand away from her. She is startled, she didnt notice I was awake. Im about to pull the tube out, but she stops me. She does it herself and I nearly hack up a lung. "Mr. Way, You need to relax Im going to give you your medication". Her voice is soft and motherly. "Call me Gerard, Mr. Way is my father" I mumble. She looks at me strangley.
"Wheres Frankie?"
"Hmm? Mr. Iero has come here everyday since you have been here, Mr. Way"
Why is she still calling me Mr. Way?"How long have I been in here then?" Im impatient.
"2 months. Mr. Iero said that your friend accidently hurt you" She stares at me to confirm it.
"Yeah...yes thats what happen" Frankie lied to doctors for me...I love him
"Well Mr. Way---" She starts. I cut her off. "Gerard. Okay?"
"Um...okay.. Well Mr. W---I mean Gerard you should be free to go home tommorow.
Home is the last place I want to be
"What were my injuries?" I changed the subject.
"Um 2 Bruised ribs, Gash to your groin, and a bump to the head. You have alot of bruises in general Gerard"
Crap"Yeah Im clumsy I fall down alot" I lied
"Hmm" She says not beiliveing my story. Hell I wouldnt either.
The door opens, Its Frankie. Ah my angel
"I'll leave you two alone" And she leaves.
"Hey baby" Frankie says casually
"Frankie you saved me"
"Yeah Trent tried beating me when I came for you, I texted you and you didnt respond I worried and had to come over"
I gasped. "Did he hurt you?". Frankie sighs. He lifted up the sleeve to his shirt and theres a bruise on his arm its large and painful looking. "Oh Baby.." I graze over it with my fingertips, and I see him close his eyes and wince.
I get up which I shouldnt be doing and I hug him. I have a hard time holding him Im so unused to my body now. He pulls back not wanting to hurt me. "Baby. Trent left after I got you. He ran."
Frankie said this with a smile "The asshole deserved it"
"You lied to the doctors for me" I said
"Yeah the whole way I had to find a way to tell it without mentioning the beatings"
I should tell him about the rape too. He has done so much...for me. Its only fair if he knows.
"Frankie, he has done more than just beat me" I say looking down at my hands.
"Like What?" He grabs hold of one of my hands.
"He has raped me before" I said thinking of all those painful times in our shower. I thought of the first time he did. How painful it was and I was so scared. He used the shower becuase he didnt have to fight me as much and he could do whatever in that small space. There was the one wall in the shower where I was repeatedly thrown against. I hated that wall the memories it brought on me. I had to start taking a shower when he was away just so he wouldnt do it again.
I hated that wall.
"What? Baby I...I cant imagine. Why didnt you tell me?"
"Because you would worry even more and I dont know what youd do if you found out" I started crying. "You arent going back to him not after that, not after this. I walked in to see you being repeatedly kicked while unconsiosus (SP?)" Frankie was tearing up too.
I kiss him my only plan. He kissed back. "I dont want you to hurt ever again" He said.
"And im not all to sure I can prevent it, Gee" I look at him with big eyes
"I care about you. I dont want to hurt you" He says
"You wont!" I yell. "I need you and its my plan to stay by your side forever"
He sighs and looks deeply into my eyes lifting up my chin. "Okay, Okay I love you Baby Gee Now you sleep okay? I'll be right here when you wake up"
And I drift off into my heaven where me and Frankie are hand in hand.
This time I'll show them, show them all just how much you mean to me and after all the things we put each other through

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