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The exam

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A slightly uncomfortable exam for little Frankie

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Frank’s POV

“Geeee…we have to go….we’ll be late” I whined as I tried with all my will to pull away from his hungry lips that had been attached to mine. He sighed and took my hand to follow me into our school.

Our morning make out sessions had become a regular occurrence before each exam, usually making us both late although I got the impression that Gee didn’t particularly care. I cared enough for both of us.
“c’mon Frankie. We’ll be late!” Gerard stood in the hallway a few feet away from me, doing his best impression of me with that signature smirk across his face. I giggled to myself and ran after him, making our way towards the hall where our math exam was starting.

“How lovely of you to join us gentlemen! Find your seats quickly” the examiner bellowed, his booming voice echoing through the large hall and the students looking up, their eyes burning a hole through my back as I walked down the aisles, looking for my seat with Gee close at my heels.

I reached about twenty seats down before I realized I didn’t actually have a clue what seat number I was. Shit. I turned to Gerard who raised his eyebrows at me and led me towards his seat, sitting me on his lap when he reached it. The bastard had somehow managed to find out his own number when I hadn’t noticed. How he remembered it I had no idea. Even if I had known it, kissing Gerard would have blanked my mind completely anyway.

His hands were tightly wrapped around my waist, not allowing me to get up and ignoring my many protests. He was going to get me kicked out the exam.
“Is there a problem with your own seat which causes you to have to use this young man’s lap as a seat?” the booming voice called from the front of the hall, again causing everyone to turn around and stare. A few whispered comments broke out but after going out with someone as open and threatening as Gerard for so long, nobody would mutter a word to me anymore and the whispers were easier to ignore.
“Umm…no. It’s just…I don’t know where my seat is.”
I could hear Gerard’s soft giggle against my neck as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. I bet he was enjoying this.

The examiner sighed dramatically -at least he had a sense of humour- and stormed towards the list of names with the seat numbers.
“What’s your name?”
“Frank Iero”
“Seat thirty two!” he boomed. I quickly sprang from Gee’s lap and looked around for a moment, then realized that thankfully my seat was right next to his with only a small gap in between us.
I took my seat and the exam finally began, with glares from both the examiner and the majority of the students. Gee only continued to smirk at me from his own seat, flicking his long black hair from his pale, porcelain face and out of his beautiful eyes.

I stared down at my paper in front of me, not having much of a clue on how to do it. Every moment I was supposed to be spending ‘studying’ with Gee, we found many more interesting things to pass thee time and so I hadn’t a clue on how to do any of it.
I made my way hastily through the paper, guessing the majority of it and managing to work out a few questions, almost finishing in plenty of time. That was until I felt someone’s foot rubbing against me through my jeans. I suppressed the surprised moan that was about to escape my lips and turned around to find Gee had moved his desk almost right next to mine and it foot was down at my crotch.

I frowned at him, trying to indicate to him to stop but his smile only grew wider. He winked at me and switched his foot to his hand, moving closer and creeping up my thigh. I turned back to my paper, attempting to ignore the fast growing bulge in my restricting jeans. It was no use whatsoever. There was no way I could concentrate on math when my boyfriend and the most beautiful person I knew was turning me on during the exam. If we got caught, I didn’t even want to think about what would happen. But the thing was, the fact that we were in a hall full of people silently working that could find out at any moment just turned me on more.

I was getting to the point of a painfully bulging pair of pants. I looked towards the examiner who was already eyeing me up suspiciously. The clock told me we had ten minutes left. It didn’t sound that long, but with every passing second, Gee’s hand quickened causing the friction between me and my jeans to make it worse. I wasn’t so sure I would last even five minutes. Never mind ten. I bit down hard on my lip, working myself into a mess as Gee giggled softly. I couldn’t moan. I couldn’t make a noise.

His hand slipped inside my jeans. It had only made contact with my skin for a second before I gasped sharply, letting out a small whimper that unfortunately echoed throughout the silent hall.
Thankfully only a few heads turned but the examiner frowned at me, exchanging glances with our year head who had just walked in to join the party. Great.

Gerard’s hand expertly worked against me, producing muffled whimpers from my lips. I couldn’t last another minute of it. I was so close. I couldn’t stay quiet. My lip began to bleed from biting on it so hard.
Gee’s breath tickled my neck as he leaned in next to me.
“Just let it out baby”
I glanced towards the examiner who was sitting at the front, looking as if he were about to fall asleep and my year head teacher had left so I took Gerard’s advice.

I sat back in my seat, closing my eyes and letting his hand stroke, rub tickle. I didn’t care what he did cause it felt so good.
I still tried to keep my attention fixed on the sounds I was making and keeping them to a minimum. I was getting close and Gerard could sense it, quickening his pace on me, I could hear his deep breathing next to me and it looked as if it wasn’t just me that this was turning on.

“Gee….I-I’m gonna-” I panted, keeping my voice as close to a whisper as possible.
“Let me feel it baby.” he breathed and I gave in, letting out a moan of ecstasy as I came into my jeans and his hand brushed against my hips before leaving my body.
“Frank Iero! A word outside please!” Shit, he knew.
I reluctantly raised from my seat, feeling extremely uncomfortable in my now sticky boxers. I was pretty sure I waddled out the hall as if I had just wet myself -I guess you could call it that- with bright red cheeks and still trying to catch my breath.

“If it wasn’t bad enough that you came in to this exam late and didn’t even have the number of your seat. Then proceeded to sit in another boy’s lap. And now this! You continue to be disruptive and I will not tolerate your rude noises interrupting the other students! Do you want to be taken out of this exam?”
“No sir”
“Well then I suggest you behave yourself and at least try and act like you want to pass this. Go back inside. There is five minutes left.”

I shuffled my way back inside and to my seat, shooting a glare at a proud looking Gerard. That evil smirk still played on his lips.

I sat ignoring him for the last five minutes and had never been so thankful to hear the end of the exam.

“What the hell was that Gerard?!” I said as soon as we had gotten safely out of the hall.
“I bet nobody has ever gotten a hand job during a math exam Frankie” he winked.

A/N: I am soooo sorry for the lack of updates on 'I Never Told You What I Do For A Living' you all have permission to shout and throw rocks. i'm not gonna lie, i just have been so busy and then haven’t been bothered. this is my best attempt to make it up to you a wittle bit. its a way of exercising my dirty little mind. i was in my computing exam today and this kinda came to me cause i was that bored, frerard fantasies and such. i will prob add more chapters which wont link to each other AT ALL. they are just one shots and probably little dirty ones on their own.
enjoy. :)
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