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Chapter 38

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Gerard's P.O.V

I pulled the curtain across. She'd pulled away. I'd seen that. I grabbed the pen and my notebook from my bunk and walked on through to the back room.
I pulled out my headphones and plugged them into my IPOD. I searched through until I came to 21st Century Breakdown and the loud chords played down into the base of my ear. I began to draw, longer lines, then shorter.

10 minutes later I looked down at the page and the image of Kat I had drawn there. Bob held her one arm, Ellie the other. Her small-bump protruded from under her shirt. I'd drawn her hair down, curling around her shoulders.
I watched now as the curtain to the music room was pulled back slightly and an envelope pushed through. I let the curtain fall and Kat's footsteps echo back down the hall before I got up to pick up the small package.
I pulled back the top of the envelope and turned it over into my lap. A small piece of paper fell out.

I'm sorry Gee,
Forgive me, Please
K xx

The paper was damp around the edges due to the tears I imagined she had cried while writing it. I took the envelope back up and now a bigger piece of photo-paper fell onto my palm also. The image of Kat's baby lay there, staring up at me. It was okay. They were both okay. Kat was forgiving me.

I left the sketchbook on the sofa, took the headphones from my ears and pulled back the curtain of the music room. It was slightly darker in the bunks and I walked towards Kat's.
She lay, facing the wall singing quietly while rubbing her stomach. I lay behind her on the tiny bed and I began to sing along with her. I placed my hand over her own and rubbed it gently. She turned under my arm, “I'm so sorry Gee. I , I shouldn't have shouted at you, I'm sorry. The Baby. I thought it was gone, and you hear these things about Baby's moving when things are put near it like, so after last night I thought, you know, it was you. I'm sorry. So sorry.” she wept into my chest and I felt the tears stinging at my own eyes. “I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I, I didn't know about the, well about the Simon thing. I shouldn't have touched you like that.” She looked up at me, her eyes wide.
“Oh Gerard. I love you so much.”
“I love you too Kat.” I kissed the tip of her nose and took the scan from my pocket. “I thought you told Trace Ellie had all the scans?” I said , my finger tracing the small child's spine.
“I wanted you to be the first to see it, other than Ell and Bob I mean.”
“It's gorgeous.”
“It's only a shadow.”
“Yeah, but its our baby shadow.” She looked up at me again, she lay on my arm, the other hand held the scan and I held it above us. “Our baby shadow?” she asked, holding her bump.
“Well, you still want me to be the dad right?”
“Of course, Oh Gee, Our baby? Are you sure you want to? Don't think because you want to be with me that you have to take it on because you don't I'd completely understand.”
“I want too. I love you and I already love the baby.” She kissed me tenderly again.
“Thank you Gee, Thank you.”
“Thank you Kat, your the one who's changed me.”

Kat took my hand and placed it over the bump, “Hey baby, mummy's here. This is your daddy, baby. And we both love you so much. Your going to be so lucky baby. SO lucky.” The baby kicked beneath my hand and I knew that everything would be okay now.

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