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Chapter 39-Part 1

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Kat's P.O.V

3 weeks after the baby scare, the guys had been cross country and had performed nearly every night bar 2 or 3 when they'd chosen to sleep it off. Tonight was to be the last show and all three bands were going to perform on stage together. Everybody was packing up, we were in New Jersey and tonight, after the performance, we'd all be leaving the bus for a couple of months so the guys could break and see there family. The plan was for all 7 of us( and baby) to travel over to Gerard and Mikey's mums house to spend the night. The others were leaving in the morning, but Donna was keeping Bob, Ellie and I with her and Gerard. Bob and Gee didn't want me moved around allot and I knew that secretly Bob couldn't stand the idea of keeping Gee and I apart. Every night Gee would slip into my bunk after everyone else was either asleep or in the living area. He'd wrap his arms around us and sing me to sleep.

It was getting late, about 6 the boys had all been out on sound check all afternoon so Ellie and I had packed up everything, myself doing a little less lifting than Ellie on doctor's orders, and had double checked that the guys had packed everything they might need also. The boys had joined us on the bus to eat a takeaway which Charlotte had bought to the bus for us and we sat around the table. “You guys are coming to see us tonight, right?” Ray asked clearing the plates from in-front of me. “I guess, if you want, it would be quite fun to see you all on-stage together.”
“Actually I wouldn't mind watching either, it would be really good to see William sing again actually.” Ellie agreed opposite me. We'd been to see the bands play twice together and Ellie thought I hadn't realised when, after each of William's sets she'd disappeared. I'd seen the guys at every opportunity and had watched as every night William had been the first to leave the stage and run off in the direction of our bus.
Gerard had led with me last night and we'd talked about the move for a few hours. He'd mentioned that as he was grabbing his coffee from Charlotte that afternoon, he'd walked around the side of the bus to see William and Ellie making out against the side of it. He'd laughed about it and I'd tried to join in but I couldn't help but worry that she night get hurt. Of course I was glad she was happy but now we were leaving and they wouldn't see each other till the band's regrouped in a couple of weeks. William had told me that he was going home to Chicago for the break and was disappointed when I had told him we had no real plans of leaving New Jersey while on break.

At about 7ish we all huddled under a few large umbrellas that Worm and Bob carried to cross the parking lot. Rain lashed down around us and slashed away at the side of our large army of buses. Inside the venue everyone was running around as if war was to begin. There had been enough hassle every-night having 2 support acts but tonight all 3 bands would need to be on-stage at the same time after each doing their own sets. This seemed to involve a lot of cables and wiring and I found myself continuously being caught by Gee as I stumbled my way through to the dressing room.
As wee reached the door, Bob opened it and revealed the bedlam inside. The whole band were in one room and Ellie had decided to lay across the couch so Mikey had chosen to sit on the floor. This many other people including myself to fall over Mikey's long legs.
Charlotte came running to the door to gather the guys up to walk up to the stage. Tonight the guys would sit and watch their supports before themselves performing. They really were looking forward to it and I was looking forward to spending even more time with my brother and his friends. Ellie couldn't wait and was the first out of the room. I noticed she was clung onto Williams arm as we all marched through the long corridor to the stage.
A couple of chairs had been set up for us and Mikey and Ellie decided to sit on the floor while Frank decided to sit on an upturned drum(at this Bob had snorted and told him to get lost, of course Frank had ignored him) while Ray, Bob, Gee and I sat on the plastic chairs. Metro Station were on stage as we sat down, the familiar chorus of seventeen forever beating out from the amps. Ellie smiled up at me and I watched on in awe of Trace as he moved his way effortlessly around the stage. The girls in the front row were screaming for him and I watched as one girl was dragged almost lifeless from the crowd by one of the security guards. Trace looked back at us and I waved.
As the sounds of Seventeen Forever ended, Trace took to the mike, “We'd just like to dedicate this to El and Kat,” he smiled back at us and I frowned. Ellie pulled me to my feet and we went to stand closer to the stage. Trace began to play and I realised he'd just dedicated Shake it to me an El. Earlier in the week we'd been stopped in Seattle and El and I had been dancing like loonies in the car park to shake it. We started to dance now, shaking it all around the backstage area.
When Metro Station came off stage The Academy Is.. took to it. Trace and Mas started to dance along with me an El. William looked around at her whenever he got the chance. He'd smile and she'd giggle. It really was cute.
When The Academy is.. had finished their set William ran off stage and pulled Ell into a tight hug. We all watched on in silence. They realised and turned to us. William dropped her quickly and El moved away. Te band crew were on stage now pulling of instruments to replace with MY CHEM'S. The band disappeared and came back 10 minutes later dressed in tight jeans and leather jackets. Gerard pulled me back behind the curtain. He kissed me passionately his hands moving around my body. “3 MINUTES!” somebody behind us called. Gee stopped and looked at me, “Love you,” he kissed me lips again,
“Love you too, good luck!” I pushed him away and Mikey grabbed his arm to pull him on stage. He'd left me breathless and Ell shook her head at me when I went to stand beside her. “You wanna be more careful, I saw you from over here.”
“Sorry.” We watched the stage in avid anticipation.
I'd watched how, every night, the guys took to the stage their normal everyday selves and become the men that all their screaming fans knew and loved. It was as if their other personalities came to life.
An hour later the guys stopped playing their set and calmed down a little. Gee to the mike once again but spoke to the crowd instead of singing. “HEY GUYS, DID YOU ENJOY YOUR NIGHT?” his voice echoed out across the large hall. Thousands of screams replied. “WERE GLAD YOU DID. NOW WE'D LIKE TO WELCOME OUR GREAT SUPPORT ACTS, METRO STATION AND THE ACADEMY IS.. TO THE STAGE!” Trace and Mas hugged me as they passed. The others were carrying on different instruments. Anthony smiled as he and Blake pushed on Blake's keyboard. As William passed he hugged me and turned to Ell before kissing her on the lips in-front of everybody. I began to laugh and Ell slapped my arm. As both bands stood on stage, Gee began to speak to the crowd again his voice no longer a shout, “We want to play you guys a song that I'd like to dedicate to a very special friend of mine, my new girlfriend in fact.” He turned to look at me and Ell looked from him to me again and again. Everybody on stage turned to face me and Bob smiled. Mikey followed as did Ray and Frank who began to giggle as he hooked up his amp. The bands started up and I recognized the song instantly although the guys had changed it some what. Gee kept looking back at me as he sang along with William who kept looking back to watch Ell and I as we danced around back stage,
“You're just too good to be true.Can't take my eyes off you.You'd be like Heaven to touch.I wanna hold you so much.At long last love has arrived.And I thank God I'm alive.
You're just too good to be true.Can't take my eyes off you.Pardon the way that I stare.There's nothing else to compare.The sight of you leaves me weak.There are no words left to speak,But if you feel like I feel,Please let me know that it's real.You're just too good to be true.Can't take my eyes off you.I love you, baby,And if it's quite alright,I need you, baby,To warm a lonely night.I love you, baby.Trust in me when I say:Oh, pretty baby,Don't bring me down, I pray.Oh, pretty baby, now that I found you, stay
And let me love you, baby.Let me love you." I looked back at Gee and now saw that Trace was watching us as he sung with Gee as-well. I smiled as Ell and I danced. After the kiss I'd tried to avoid Trace really, especially as me and Gee were so strong.
"I love you, baby,And if it's quite alright,I need you, baby,To warm a lonely night.I love you, baby.Trust in me when I say:Oh, pretty baby,Don't bring me down, I pray.Oh, pretty baby, now that I found you, stay.”
The fans had slowed and most were holding up their mobiles as they would lighters. I'd never seen Gee so happy on stage and his mood was making everybody feel the same. As the guys finished up Gee was the first to leave the stage. He walked towards me but I ran towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck before sticking my tongue down his throat. He lifted me somewhat off the ground before I realized that we were stood somewhat on the stage and some of the fans had seen us. The other guys gathered around us quickly as Mikey noticed the fans had seen. I held Gee's hand and pulled him off stage where again I kissed him. “I love you Gerard Way and there's nothing you can do to stop me!” Mikey pulled me away from Gee and slapped his brothers arm, “When did you think you were going to tell us hmm? When?” Mikey's tone was angry but Ray and Frank began to laugh and Mikey's face softened and he was laughing as-well. “You knew?” Gee held my hand and frowned at his brother. “Yeah, since maybe when you called Kat and not us when frank played you.” I laughed that had been like the second day I'd been here. Gee and the others started to walk down the corridor and I realized now that I was about to go to the house where Gee had grown up. And the most worrying part? Meeting his mum.

´╗┐Sorry its such a long chapter guys, thanks for reading! katty x
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