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Chapter 39-Part 2

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Outside the rain had held up and only the ground onto which we crossed was wet. Everything outside was a blur, Charlotte rushed to Gee's side and handed him his mobile, “You've had 30 calls since you left the stage, most from your mother, seems Mikey thought it appropriate to tell her about the whole girlfriend thing. Oh, and a few were from the press.” He switched the cell of and wrapped his free arm around me waist. “Come on lets get the bags.” He steered me towards our bus and I followed Ray up the staircase. Ellie and I had left the bags piled in the living room. Everybody grabbed what they could carry but as soon as I took Ellie's handbag from the floor it was snatched from my hands by Mikey, “Cant have you straining yourself can we?” he laughed. I glared at him evilly. Ray was the last on the bus with me and he grabbed own bag from the floor as I lent to get it. He smiled and laughed. “Come on, lets go see Donna.” I sighed and let Ray lead me from the bus I'd loved so much. Only a few weeks and we'd hopefully be back on it. Hopefully.
We piled into a small minivan and I sat next to Gee in the middle row of seats, leaving an empty one for Ell who was sharing an emotional goodbye with William out on the tarmac. I watched as they kissed and he hugged her once more. I saw the gleam of tears in his eyes and saw that Sisky hugged him as he got to their van. I pulled open the door for Ell. She got into her seat quickly and wrapped her seatbelt around her. I noticed a small tear in her eye, “You okay?” she smiled weakly at me and rested her head against the cold window.
It was late, about 11. I really was tired and I found myself resting my head against Gee's shoulder before my eyes slowly closed.

Gee shifted beneath my head and my eyes opened. It was dark and everybody was unlocking their seatbelts. “Hey, you awake?” Gee asked gently taking my head from his shoulder and unlocking my seatbelt for me. “Are we home?” I asked, Ellie was out from her seat and was looking around at her new surroundings. “Yeah, we're home.” He opened the door and a cold breeze whipped through the van, lifting my hair hair from my shoulders.
We were parked against the path in a small neighbourhood. A one storey house was placed up from the drive which Mikey and Ray were ascending, carrying several bags. A small lady stood in the open doorway, her icy-blonde hair shone in the moonlight. Mikey wrapped his arm's around her and I realised we were at Donna's. I slid out from the van and stood beside Gee. “Do I look okay?” I asked brushing down my hair. “You like beautiful, come on, there's someone I want you too meet.” He led me up the drive and Frank and Ell followed us.
As we stood in-front of the doorway I felt myself hide behind Gee. Frank climbed the staircase before us and Donna enveloped him in a hug, “You've put on weight my boy.” She said pulling at Frank's cheek, “Oh you.” he said pulling at her own cheek. They laughed and Gee started to climb the stairs. I let go of his hand and stood beside El at the bottom of the stairs. “Hi Mom.” Donna came forward onto the porch and grabbed her eldest son. She held him for what seemed like an age before releasing him. “I missed you, you silly boy.” She held his hand and looked down the stairs at us. I hid in the shadows. “Mom this is a friend of ours Ellie.” Ellie climbed the steps and waved at Donna, “Hey Mrs Way thanks for having me!” Donna pulled her into a hug,
“Call me Donna love and its no problem, it'll be nice having some female company.” She let her go and Ell stood inside the doorway. “And this is Kat.” I walked towards the steps, my heart beating way too fast. I climbed up them and Donna folded her arms. She looked me up and down. The others were huddled in the small doorway and Frank was perched on Rays back. “Thank god your here!” Donna pulled me into a hug before holding me at arms length. She looked me over again. “You never told me she was this pretty Gee.” I looked at him and he was grinning like the cat that got the cream. “You never asked Mom.” He took my hand and led me into the small hallway. The others were now gathered in the living room around a couple of sofa's. Donna leaned in, “Coffee guys?”
“Please Donna.” everybody called in chorus.
“Help me Kat?” She asked, taking my hand. I smiled and she led me through to a smallish kitchen. It was tiled in peach and orange tiles and the cupboards were a chocolatey brown. “Sit down love,” she pulled a chair out from under the small table for me to sit in before taking a pot from a coffee machine and filling it with water. “Your all he ever speaks about, you know?” She sat in-front of me as she waited for the coffee. “Really?” Her hair was slung back in a ponytail now and I could see the varying contours of her face. “Every phone-call, every text-message. When you argued he cried down the phone to me for a good two hours at-least.”
“And I guess he'd told you about this?” I held my stomach protectively.
“He did eventually. He was worried that you were still with the dad. It nearly broke his already broken heart.” Gee came to the door his mobile in his hand.
“Mom are you gonna help me get the blankets, the guys want to get settled.” He came to stand behind me and kissed me. “It's so good to see you happy again Gerard.”She grabbed the tray of mugs and the coffee pot before leaving us in the kitchen alone. “How you feeling?” I stood up and he cupped my face in his hands. “Tired.” I laughed sleepily. He took my hand and we walked through to the living room. Everyone was in their P-J's and Ellie and Frank sat in-front of the fire playing cards. “I'd better go get changed.” I went to take my beg from the floor but Gee already had it over his back, his own in his hand. “I'll come with you. Is my room still set up Mom?” Donna walked back into the room her arms laden with thick blankets and by the door I saw a pile of pillows. “Help yourself boys, make sure the girls get the best though. And I want Kat sleeping on the couch cant have her sleeping on the floor now can we.” The boys made a mad scramble for the blankets but Ellie grabbed two for us first. “Mom, my room?”
“Go on down it should be the same, cobwebs and all.” She laughed. Gee led me from the living room and led me down the stairs to the basement. “And this is my room.” It was small and covered in wooden panelling. It wasn't that messy but drawing were smothered on the wall and heavy curtains were over the windows. It looked exactly as it had on life on the murder scene apart from bed which had been changed to a double. “It's kinda messy.”
“Don't matter. It's exactly what I expected.” He pulled me over to the bed and we lay down on it. He began to kiss me and I kissed him back. His fingers moved through my hair and his hand cupped my breast. “GERARD WAY! GET YOUR BUM UP HERE NOW! YOUR COFFEE'S GETTING COLD!” Donna shouted from the top stair and he released me. We were both breathless as I we got changed quickly. We ran up the stairs and I collapsed onto the empty sofa. Ellie lay on the other with Frank, both adorned in thick fleece blankets. “What took you so long?” Mikey laughed. Gee had pulled his t-shirt on too quickly and the smashing pumpkins design was on his back instead of his front. He quickly changed it back the right way and lay down on the sofa next to me. I lay in-front of him and pulled him under my blanket. “Night babe,” he said kissing my forehead.
“Love you Gee.” my eyes were slowly closing.
“Love you too sweetheart.” He pulled the hair back from my face just as I fell into a deep sleep.

We were finally at home.

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