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Chapter 40

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When I woke in the morning everything was still. Gee's arm lay heavily across me and Bob's snores filled the small room. Frank had slept on the sofa with Ell and he was drooling on his foot. I fought back the laughter and pulled Gee's arm gently from me and rolled off the sofa. I stood lightly on my feet and clawed my way through the mass of blankets and feet that lay on the floor around us.
I opened the door and tiptoed quietly through the dining room to the kitchen. “Morning Love, sleep well?” Donna turned to me a mug of coffee in her worn hands. She handed it to me and I sat at the table, “Yeh really well thanks, you?” She sat beside me a mug of coffee in her own hands.
“Yes thanks, as well as ever. The boys go off okay?”
“I'm not quite shore, I went straight to sleep.” I laughed, Gee was stood in the open doorway and he stood behind me, wrapping his arms around me. “Morning Love.” he kissed my cheek and I kissed his mouth gently. “Morning, everyone else up yet?” He shook his head and took the coffee his mother handed to him. “Thanks Mom. Not yet, Bob's stirring though. Shouldn't be long.” He sat in the chair opposite me and laughed as he pulled a loose curl from my ear. My mobile bleeped on the counter where I'd left it by accident the night before. I picked it up and answered it cautiously, the number unknown to my phone. “Hello?”
“Happy 8 month Anniversary Kat, Hows it all going?” I felt the phone slip through my fingers and clatter against the kitchen tiles. The tiny voice echoed across the small room. I stood, frozen. Ellie came into the room, woken by the noise and picked the small phone from the floor. “Leave her alone Simon.” She hung up the phone and passed it over to Gerard who jumped up from the table and came to hold me. “Are you okay? What did he say?” He whispered into my hair, my hot tears were soaking into his cotton t-shirt and I felt the sobs sting my throat. “Nothing, its fine.” I looked up to Ellie. 8 months. Longer than we had made out. She took one look into my glassy eyes and called Bobs name. We heard a rumbling from the other room and he stood in the doorway only seconds later. “What is it? What's happened?” His face was covered in thick blond stubble and I turned to him. I walked to him and fell into his arms. “Bob, its not fair. It's not right. He cant be.” I felt Bobs head lift from my shoulder and knew he was glancing at Gee. He steered me away from the others and led me up the stairs and into a room that could have only been Mikey's. “What's wrong Kat, what did he say?” I fell heavily onto the bed and my stomach twinged.
“Eight Months. Bob. Eight Months.” He sat on the floor in-front of me and brushed away the tears from my cheek. “Are you sure? Are you sure he said Eight?” I nodded slowly and he tensed beside me.
“We'll take you to the doctors, okay.” he said, more to himself than me. “We'll tell the others I'm taking you for a drive. That's all.”
“I want Gee to come.” He looked up at me as if I was mad.
“But, are you sure?” He took up my hand from my lap and traced my palm with his fingers. “Yeh, he's going to be a part of this baby's life Bob and there's nothing you can do about it.” I pulled away my hand and crossed my arms.
“I'd better make an appointment. Get ready.” He practically ran across the room and I saw tears in his eyes as he left. “I'm sorry Bob.” I whispered and ran my fingers across my stomach, my baby punching at them.
I trialled down to the basement and got changed quickly before having a quick wash and brushing my teeth. Gee changed quietly in the bedroom while I brushed my teeth in the en-suite and he cornered me as I went to go back upstairs. “Are you sure you want me to come? Its really hurt Bob.” I pulled him closer to me and kissed his lips passionately. He didn't respond and I released him, rejection flooding my veins. “Your part of the family now, no matter what he thinks. That is if you want to be?” He took my hands and rubbed them as they were so cold. “Of course I do, you know you and the baby are my life now.” He kissed me now returning the passion that I had given him earlier. “Lets go see this doctor then.” He took my hand again and led me up the stairs where Ellie and Bob were waiting for us. Bob took my hand from Gee and he led me outside after I briefly waved back to Donna and the others who had gathered at the door. Gee and Ellie followed us out and got into the van. “I'm sorry Kat, really, I'm really sorry. I know you want Gerard in the baby's life and I need to except that.” He looked like he was about to cry again,
“Bob it was harsh of me and I was being stupid. I was in shock. I'm sorry.” I hugged him and patted his back gently. “Come on, were going to be late.” He pulled me along to the van and I slid into the back with Ellie. She took my hand and squeezed my hand. Gee turned in the front passenger seat and smiled encouragingly at me. I returned it as Bob swung himself into the drivers seat. Gee switched on the radio as Bob ignited the engine. “About a girl” filled the car and Ellie tensed beside me before sliding down in her seat. Gee turned the station over and Ellie sat back up a little he expression glum. She missed him so much. One night and she was already depressed. Actually I couldn't imagine I would be much better without Gee around. Even when we weren't talking I wasn't that depressed because he was still around. William was gone from Ellie's life for now and she was turning into an emotional mess without him. Bob pulled into a hospital and parked in the closest available space to the hospital. Gee and Bob got out the car and opened Ellie's door and Gee did the same for me but Gee held my back to help me out. My bump was huge now, since Ellie had been on the bus I'd been eating bigger meals every day and now I couldn't move my arms easily and my shirts were bursting at the buttons. The t-shirt I was wearing showed the bottom of my bump off and none of my jeans could do up either so I was stuck in my jogging bottoms and uggs. “Maybe Bob could drop us off at the mall on the way back.” Gee pulled the hem of my t-shirt down, trying to hide my fleshy tummy. I laughed and took his hand as we walked across the parking lot. Bob led the way to the maternity ward desk and we were showed to a row of doctors offices. I sat down on one of the hard plastic chairs and my baby protested. “I know, I know.” I rubbed it and the kicking calmed a little.

The hands on the clock seemed to move ever slower and we'd been waiting for 20 minutes before the doctor came out of his office. A guy? Did they really expect me to be with a guy doctor? I looked at Gee, willing him to turn me away and lead me from the evil pervy doctor. But instead he pushed the bottom of my back and led me through to the office, shaking the doctors hand on his way in, Bob did the same and Ellie waved at him uncomfortably. “Well, Katherine if you'd like to sit on the bed up here, I'll just take a look at you.” Gee helped me up onto the bed. He went to take the seat beside the bed but Bob was already sat there. I looked at Gee apologetically but he smiled at me in understanding and took the seat next to Ell, she squeezed his hand and glared at Bob. The doctor switched on the ultrasound machine and it made a low humming noise. “So Katherine, you think you may in fact be 8 months pregnant?” He held a sheet of official looking paper in his hands and scribbled down everything that Bob told him. I kept glancing over at Gee but he just smiled at me. Why had Bob sat there? He knew Gee would have. “And have you had any problems recently Katherine?”
“Not really, same as every pregnant woman I guess, Bad back, cravings.” He slid away the sheet and rolled my shirt up before squirting the ultrasound jelly stuff onto my stomach. I jumped as the cold gel hit my stomach. It was if Gee had placed his cold hand straight onto it. I felt myself tense a little as the scanner was placed on my stomach. Gee jumped up as if to protect me but he froze as the image of my baby flashed up upon the screen. I felt my pulse slow as I saw my baby's own reflected on the monitor.”Is, Is that, that the, the baby?” my eyes were drawn to Gee as he stuttered. “hmm.” I took his hand as he came to stand in-front of Bob. “Maybe we should leave you alone for a while and I need to ask you some questions if you don't mind Mr Bryar.” Ellie waved at the monitor as she followed Bob and the doctor, “Bye Baby, Love you.” her cheery ton e made me want to laugh. She closed the door behind her and I held the scanner steady over my stomach. “That's really our baby?” I turned to Gee, still shocked that he was accepting the baby as his own. “Yep, our baby. See that blue bit? That its heart and the big bit there is its head.” I turned to look at his face , tears in his eyes, he smiled at me. “It's waving look, hey baby.” he waved at the monitor and the baby mirrored his actions.
There was a knock at the door and Gee turned to wipe the tears from his eyes as Ellie and the Doctor walked in, shortly followed by Bob.”Well Miss Hollywell, everything seems in order, I think we're finished. You can go.”

Sorry for the wait guys, hope it was worth it.
Congratulations to Gerard and LynZ on Bandits birth! First baby of the Black Parade WOOP!xxxxx
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