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Chapter 41

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Gee's P.O.V

Three hours after leaving the hospital we piled out of the car onto the side-walk outside Mom's. I lifted the back door of the van and grabbed some of the bags, leaving the rest for Bob.
I didn't know how much money I'd spent and I didn't care. Bob had wanted to pay for the baby clothes but I couldn't let him. The baby was my responsibility and I'd do the best I could for it and Kat.
I looked back at the van as I reached the door and Kat stood smiling at me as Ellie helped her out the van. I pushed open the front door and kicked the bags inside gently. Bob was struggling to get the large crib box out of the van so I ran down to help him. “How the hell are we going to get this on the bus? Its not going to be able to come with us right?” Bob struggled with his end, breathless. “We an always get a Moses Basket for the bus. The crib can stay here at Mom's.” He stopped halfway up the drive, his strained arms red from the number of bags they carried. “You seriously think Kat'll be staying with you at your mom's?” I hadn't really thought about what we would do when the baby was born. I mean Lindsay has the apartment and I didn't really have anywhere else apart from Mom's. “I guess, I mean, we really should find an apartment.”
“I think you've forgotten Gerard, but Kat's my sister, my sixteen year old sister. When we're not on tour she'll be with me.” I had forgotten how young she really was. Being sixteen meant Bob was Kat's guardian. She'd have to do what Bob wanted. “Your seriously going to try and keep Kat and my baby away from me?” By this time the girls had reached us and they looked at Bob and I as we argued on the drive. “I never said I was going to keep you apart. You'll be together on tour. But as her brother, Kat should be with me. Oh yeah, and Gerard, I hate to remind you but its not your baby Kat's carrying, your not its father. It's Kat's.” I felt tears swell beneath my eyes. He was right, I'd just thought being with her, Kat would be with me. She took my arm, her anger at Bob clear to all. “I'LL LIVE WHERE I WANT TO LIVE THANK YOU! Come on Gee, Lets go.” She pulled me away and the crib bounced on the drive as I dropped it. The others had come to the door at the sound of our arrival and stared at us in disbelief. “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING?” Bob shouted after us. “AS FAR AWAY FROM YOU AS POSSIBLE!” Kat screamed back at her brother.

As we turned the corner she pulled herself into my chest as the tears she cried ran down her cheeks. “Shh baby, It's going to be okay, I'm here.”

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