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Paris is Lovely This Time of Year

I collapsed against Spencer, his frantic hands all over me until he finally got a firm hold of my body. My tongue swelled against my gasping moans of pain, my lungs could not gather enough air. My womb gave another strong contraction and I almost fell into darkness.

"Emma," Spencer cried against my forehead.

I opened my eyes and looked up into his orbs, so scared i didn't need his the color to change to know that. My body let up for a moment, and I could breathe again, better this time. I gasped so hard that I was beginning to feel lightheaded, my attempt to slow my breaths was thwarted by another strong contraction.

"Holey fuck!" I nearly shouted, I groaned at the movement, "He's coming!"

Spencer had lay me down, I felt the soft moss and the contraction stopped. I rolled to my side, into Spencer as he attempted to remove some of my clothing. He looked at my pelvis, his eyes searching for any sign that our son was coming.

"It's too early," I cried again, "Spencer, help me."

He grabbed my hands and allowed me to squeeze, he winced at my grip. My knuckles wore white as I attempted to stiffly my cries of pain. I hated being so vulnerable, the last time I was this exposed I nearly lost Spencer.

"Emma, breathe, please," He kissed my forehead and placed his hand on my stomach.

The moving from my womb calmed, and our son seemed to sway into a notion of silence. My body instantly relaxed, his voice was always so calming.

"How do you feel now?" He asked, his voice still thick with worry.

I tried to collect enough spit to wet my mouth, I didn't think I would be able to speak without it. He began to move his hand to my cheek and almost immediately our boy began to stir again.

"Don't move you hand," I whimpered, "it keeps him calm."

He smiled, so beautifully.

"He knows I'm here?"

"He knows when you're gone too," I commented as I tried to sit up.

He chuckled.

Spencer rested his hand on my shoulder, we both knew I should lay still. The woods grew still as we were, the contractions had stayed away for almost twenty minutes now. I felt confident I would be ok, somehow Spencer didn't. His eyes burned with sorrow and worry. My mother came looking for us, and discovered our hiding place.

"OH MY GOD!" She was nearly a mess, "Are you going through contractions!?"

There was nothing else I could say, another one hit and was so rough that it knocked me out cold.
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