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I'm sure as hell the happiest i've ever been

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Spencer meets the mum

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My mother was relieved to hear that I was okay, she even overlooked my bump. It wasn't until we had sat down that she cried out in suprize.

"Oh my!" Her hands touching her face, "Why didn't you tell me this is what you went into hiding for?"

"I didn't go into hiding," I laughed with a fake tone, my eyes drifted to Spencer he was looking out my mother's window at the long dark beach, "i just took time off mom, found my Spencer, I," I held my tongue, there was really nothing I could reveal to my mother.

"You look so exhausted," My mother handed me a cup of hot tea, "Are you taking care of yourself?" She sat next to me.

I rubbed my eyes, the colored contacts were bothering me. Spencer sat on the arm of my chair, he stroked my hair and watched my belly like a hawk.

"To the best of my abilities, did the publishers hassle you badly?"

"No," my mother said shortly, "Well," she refrained, "They did call, I don't think they realized I even had no idea where you were... nobody did. Your father got back early from England this morning, did you want to see him?"

I shook my head, it was getting late, he was probably asleep.

I felt my womb pulse again, it hurt, like a cramp. I held my lower abdomen. Spencer placed his hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him, trying to hide my fear.

"So, Spencer, when are you guys having the wedding?"

"Summer, after the baby is here," He answered like gunfire, "Emma are you okay?"

"We have to go," I said this with such fear that Spencer grabbed me, "Mom, please understand that we have to leave."

Before she could say a word, we were gone.
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