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Idon'tknow. Uh, Frank is sentenced to living in New Jersey and stuff. Ferard.

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I stared at the back of the seats in the row ahead of me on the plane, angry. Instead of touring with my father in Europe with his band, I was on a plane to New Jersey. NEW JERSEY. What's so great about that place? Nothing. Why my mother decided to run away to there I will never know.

The plane ride was horrible. Besides the fact that it was to go to Newark, New Jersey, it still sucked. I was stuck between an old lady and some snoring dude. And, being in the middle of the two, really sucked because I couldn't lookout the window, and it gave me a sense of disorientation which bothered me immensely.

The old lady wouldn't have been so bad if she would have shut up about Mr. Kibbles, her cat. I was finally glad upon her falling asleep. Though she did mumble something about Mr. Kibble'sI'm pretty sure. Or it's just New Jersey making me insane.She kept asking me if I thought that Mr. Kibbles would get lonely, if her pet-sitter was gonna feed him enough, and frankly I didn't give a flying fuck.

Had my own problems. Like going to New Jersey to live with mom. It was all because I got a tattoo. Well more the fact that I was under 18 and got a tattoo. Bob had connections, his sister was a tattoo artist, so not only did I get it when I was 15 but I got it for free! It was just a small tattoo on my neck, and I tried to hide it from my father, but he saw it anyways. Then, my father, in anger, claimed that I wasn't responsible enough to come with him and his band on tour. But it's not like his band is big, hell, it's the opposite. No one's ever heard of them anyways.

"We will be landing in Newark soon. Please fasten your seatbelts and thank you for riding with American Airlines. Enjoy your stay," the pilot announced. I was happy to get awayfrom MRS. Kibbles and the man who snored the whole way here.

When I got off the plane I didn't know where I was going or what I was looking for. Wondering around aimlessly for a while I finally decided to go claim my baggage. After I got my guitar and my clothes I decided to do something useful. I walked outside and hailed a cab, and upon being asked the destination I pulled out a sheet of paper from my pocket which I recorded the adress of my mother's home, which she had given my dad over the phone when he called to ask her if I could stay with her for awhile.

When I arrived at the house, I was amazed. It was actually nice. I was expecting something very crappy and low budget in 'the hood'. I walked up the steps, and taking in a deep breath knocked on the door. The door swung open and I was greeted by a hug.

"Frank!" My mother. She was pretty happy to see me.

"Hello mother," I said. She pulled away and examined my neck.

"This is the tattoo that got your father in a fit?" She laughed. LAUGHED. Like it was funny that I was missing out on Europe. I opened my mouth to say something but my attention turned to a man approaching me and my mom.

"So this is Frank?" He asked. I was confused.

"Oh, Frank, this is my fiancee," My mum smiled and pulled him closer to me. "He's a lawyer and he hastwo kids of his own. Gerard and Mikey. You'd like them." She got ENGAGED?! Somehow I felt weird. My mom got engaged and she never even told me.

"They're just not home right now," my mom said, probably talking about his kids I would assume.

"Uh... this baggage is really heavy," I said trying not to whine too much.

"Oh, yes, of course, I'll show you to your room," my mum's fiancee said and started walking down stairs. I followed while he lead me to a room in their basement and left only saying, "Supper is in a half hour". I placed my guitar in the corner of the room and unpacked my clothes.

A half hour went by pretty fast and I think my mum's fiancee's kids were home. I heard them come in and everyone greet them, except me staying in the comforts of the basement that was to be my current resident for the next month.

I heard my mom call down for supper time. I could only prepare myself for the awkwardness in meeting my... step brothers. My mom was waiting for me at the top of the stairs and when I arrived at the top she showed me to the kitchen. Everyone was seated already, waiting for me and my mom to join. My mom sat across from my 'to be step father' and his kids sat beside each other on one side while I assumed I was to sit across from them. I was intoduced to his kids.

"This is Mikey," my mother said and pointed to the one with brown hair. He had glasses and pretty awesome hair, "and.. this is Gerard." My mom said and pointed to the other one. Black hair. Eyeliner. Fucking bad news. He was quiet. Didn't even look up.I studied him closer and noticed bandages on his arms.

"What happened to you?" I asked. When I saw the looks on everybodies faces I knew I said the wrong thing.

"Well... when you love a man so much and he hurts you as bad as he did..." Gerard started.

"Gerard, don't, this isn't an appropriate dinner conversation..." Mikey said.

"Why?! I think it's a fine dinner conversation!" He said, "What? No one likes to talk about my sexual orinetation? You guys just don't want me here? Fine." He said andthen pulled himself away from the dinner table causing his chair to squeak, leaving the dinner table. After a 10 second silence, hearing a door slam downstairs.

This is what I'm stuck with for the next month.


A.N. I don't know what I'm thinking.

I'm actually suprised with 'Bandit Lee Way'. Not only is her name a guy name it means robber and stealer. And it was my cats name. And my cat was a dude. And my cat peed all over the rugs so we put him in the human society. OKAY, who cares. But anyways, congratulations to Gerard and LynZ, I mean it's about time, too. When the kid becomes a teenager, he'll be a middle aged man so it was an okay timing.

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