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If You Want To Call It A Heartache

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Drowning in the awkwardness.

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Okay, I was wrong. This wasn't bad, it was horrible. Already I've been here for not even an hour and I managed to piss Mikey off by bringing up the whole Gerard with bandages, made my mum's fiancee angry at Gerard, and I was stuck here for a month.

I wondered how my dad was doing in Europe. I wished that I could be anywhere but here right at the minute. And I didn't even know what I did wrong. I asked a simple question of curiosity. I mean we're SUPPOSE to be family and tell each other everything. Am I just going to be the one who doesn't belong for the next month?

Supper was a diesaster. Gerard leaving in anger, my mom's fiancee saying how dissapointed he was, having a gay son and all, my mom trying to calm her fiancee down, and me and Mikey silent. Mikey was glaring at me. I could tell that he was angry that I brought it up. My mum told her fiancee to calm down and to finish supper, so there we ate in silence. I was drowning in the awkwardness.

Sometime during dinner loud music was turned on. Iron Maiden, so who was I to complain. I mean, Misfits are my forever favourite band, but Maiden is always good.

"Mikey, go talk to him," my mother told him.Mikey rolled his eyes and sighed and went downstairs, only to return a couple minutes later with Gerard yelling, "stay the fuck out of my room." Mikey came storming upstair complaining about how stubborn he was.

I have to admit, I love Iron Maiden, but it started getting annoying. I decided to do something about this charade.

Walking down the stairs and going to what I assumed was Gerard's door, since the music was coming from that room. I knocked loud, hopefully he heard me, and came in. I didn't want to walk-in on him... cutting.He was at his desk, writing or drawing something, hard to tell from my view. He didn't seem to notice my entrance. I walked over to his stereo and turned in down a couple notches.

"What the hell are you doing in my room?" He asked. I ignored his question and studied his CD stack, nicely in a pile beside his stereo.

"Iron Maiden, huh?" I said, looking at all the titles. Number Of The Beast by Iron Maiden... Killers by Iron Maiden... Somewhere In Time by Iron Maiden... Best Of The Beast by Iron Maiden... Real Live Dead One by Iron Maiden... Death On The Road by Iron Maiden... The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg by Iron Maiden... American Psycho by The Misfits.

"You have Misfits?" I asked in suprise. When I turned around I expected him to be at his desk, but instead he was right behind me.

"Get out of my room," he said. But instead of listening to his order I looked at his desk and saw a stack of comic books. Not just 5 or 6. This was like 40. I stared in awe and walked towards it.

"You're a comic book nerd?!" I asked, even more suprised. I always thought they were nerdy. They're not really... emo. Were they?

"Just get out of my room, please," he said. I just looked at the titles.

"Go hang out with Mikey, just get out," he was begging now.

"Mikey doesn't like me," I pointed out.

"Just get out," he said. I sighed. I looked around at his room, it had a couple posters. Iron Maiden mainly. A bit of Misfits. A bit of The Cure and a Queen poster. I stared.

"So you just sit down here by youself and sketch pictures?" I asked when I saw a bunch of sketchings.

"Leave me alone!" Gerard said.

"Fine, just keep the music down," I said and walked out. I wouldn't have been suprised if he turned it back up as soon as I left, but he didn't, he kept it on low. Mikey was on the couch when I came out. He was watching some movie. It turned out to be Nightmare Before Christmas which was on T.V. Which was suprising since they usually play that the Christmas/Halloween timing. I sat down on the couch across from Mikey's.

"What did you say that made him turn the music down?" he asked.

"Nothing, I turned it down myself. And then I started talking about Iron Maiden and then he tried kicking me out and then I noticed his comic book pile and then left," I said.

"Frank... you better not lead Gerard on. Don't let him get the wrong idea that you're interested in him, OK? He's had his heart broken too many times and he's barely hanging in their," he said. It took me awhile to figure out what he was trying to say and then I understood. He thinks that I am using Gerard.

"You have me figured out wrong, I'm not... I would never..." I stuttered, clearly stunned.

"Yeah, that's what they all say," he said and got off the couch, leaving me in silence. He ended up going into his room and suddenly I don't think I liked the Way's at all. I mean he thought that I was using Gerard.

I would never do that. Would I?


Happy motherfucking birthday Danny Elfman.

Oh, and my brother told me all those Iron Maiden album titles cause he loves them and I don't know if those are actual Iron Maiden albums, so if they're not, don't think I'm some tragic poser.
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