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This is Hallowe'en

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Its Franks Birthday and things get hot 'n' heavy :]

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My heart was thumping and my hands were sweating, my lungs had tightened some what and it was hard to breathe. I had never felt so nervous in my life, but it was a good kind of nervous, an excited kind of nervous, like the day I lost my virginity. But tonight I was feeling this way for a not so sexual reason, because tonight was Hallowe'en and not just any hallowe'en. It was the hallowe'en of Franks eighteenth birthday, and I had arranged the most amazing party for him and he had no idea.
As far as Frank was aware, he would be going out for a meal with my mom, Mikey and me, they would come to pick me up and thats when Franks surprise party would begin. It was fancy dress and everyone currently standing in my living room were dressed as pirates. I had my costume waiting upstairs along with the one I had bought for Frank, Mikey was wearing his but had told me he would strategically hide it (God only knew how) and my mom didnt want to dress up. But she had made a load of pirate themed food which was awesome (and delicious, not that I'd eaten any or anything). I was stood in my hallway, wearing a shirt and jeans, a pair of shoes waiting to be 'put on' as I waited for them to arrive. Everyone in the living room were talking and laughing, and I hoped they'd quieten down before Frank got here.
"EVERYONE SHUT IT! THEIR HERE!" I recognised Rays yell and their was a moment of loud noise as the lights were turned off and everyone got into hiding places, I struggled to hide my laugh as I sat down on the floor, pulling on one of the shoes and waiting...
"Yo Bro'!" Mikey burst through the door after giving a single knock and I laughed as I saw him wearing a full length trench coat that was way too long for him so that it hid his outfit. Frank walked in behind him and gave me a small smile, followed by my mom who shut the door behind her.
"Arent you ready to go yet?" She asked in mock exsperation and I took hold of the shoe laces, starting to tie them as I shook my head.
"I've only got to get my shoes on." I whined and Mikey rolled his eyes.
"I told you he wouldnt be ready." He said and Frank giggled. The house was silent of all noise for a moment before I looked up and slapped my forehead, a little harder than I had meant to.
"Ow, shit. Err, I've left my tie in the living room - would you mind getting it for me Frankie?" I asked and Frank raised an eyebrow but shook his head.
"Nah, its cool." He said casually, going over to the living room. Mikey stepped aside and I saw my mom was practically holding her breath, I got to my feet and slipped off the shoe as Frank opened the living room door, flicking on the light and causing everyone to jump up from behind the chairs, curtains and in Rays case - a potted plant.
"SURPRISE!" Franks jaw dropped and for a moment he was silent, staring at all the grinning faces with painted on moustaches and eye patches. I bit my lip and waited for a reaction, I prayed he would like it, and to my relief his face slowly broke into a wide smile and everyone began to laugh and cheer as he turned to point at me.
"You did this!?" He cried and I laughed, nodding. Frank turned back and looked at the people in the room, there wasnt many of us I knew but it was all we needed. Ray, his parents, Bob and Alicia all began singing 'Happy birthday' and Mikey whipped off his trench coat with flourish, revealing an amazing pirate outfit and pulling a bandana from his pocket, singing along with everyone as he tied the fabric over his head.
"I cant believe it..." Frank breathed, walking slowly into the room as everyone sang for him, grinning at the look of shock on his face. He waited until the song had finished before everyone rushed forward to greet him, hugging him and laughing at his bewildered expression. Mikey ran into the room and pulled Alicia to him, kissing her quickly before pulling Frank into a one armed hug, only to be pushed away so my mom could embrace him.
"Happy Birthday honey!" She squealed and Frank laughed, hugging her back.
"I cant believe it, you guys all came here for me?" He asked, as if the idea was simply idiotic.
"Of course we did!" Cried Ray and Mikey shrugged.
"Well, that and the free food." He joked and my mom slapped him on the arm. Frank laughed and turned to look at me, I was leaning against the door frame and smirking proudly. A job well done, I would say. Frank grinned and ran to me, wrapping his arms tight around my neck and pressing his face into my shoulder, I embraced him tightly and smiled into his hair.
"Thank you so much." He whispered and I nodded.
"You deserve it." I said and we pulled apart, blushing a little and I looked around, hoping we hadnt just made everyone suspicious, but people were too busy commenting on eachothers costumes and laughing over the moment Frank had walked into the room, only my mom was looking at us but her face didnt show what she was thinking. She was only smiling, and I hoped that knowing look in her eyes had nothing to do with what she had just seen.
"Why is everyone dressed like a pirate?" Frank giggled, looking at everyones beaming faces.
"Because its fancy dress stupid." I laughed. "And our costumes are upstairs, come on." I said, beckoning for him to follow me, his face lit up and I turned to face the others.
"We're just going to get changed." I called and I got various replies before making my way out of the living room and up the stairs.
"You got me a costume?" Frank asked excitedly and I nodded, taking his hand in mine.
"Of course." I smiled, loving the way his eyes shone with happiness, and the smile that seemed permanently etched into his features. He clutched my hand tightly and I took him into my bedroom where our costumes were layed out on the bed. His were torn brown trousers with black and white striped socks, matching T - shirt and brown waistcoat, a belt with a fake dagger, pistol and compass attached, a bandana and even a little stuffed parrot. He laughed as he saw it and picked it up, playing the beak which opened and closed. My costume was a 'captains' costume, consisting of a long scarlet coat with frilled sleeves and collar, black trousers, big brown boots, a black curly wig and a pirate hat that was stupidly big. I had decided against the hook though, choosing giant plastic rings instead.
"These are so cool." Frank laughed, looking down at the costumes with a large grin. I smiled and slipped my arms around his waist, unable to resist any longer. He was looking amazing already, wearing black jeans and a tight black shirt with a red tie, and although I knew he didnt really look any different, just knowing he was eighteen now made him seem older and for some reason, just that whole lot more attractive.
"I'm glad you like them." I said smoothly in his ear and he turned in my arms, running his hands round my hips and into my back pockets, pressing his body closer to mine.
"Thank you so much Gee, this whole thing means so much to me." He said sincerly, and I smiled.
"Its my pleasure Frankie, I really wanted to do this for you. It means as much to me as it does to you." I answered back honestly and he grinned, leaning up to meet me in a soft kiss. I cupped his face in my hands and worked my lips gently against his, knowing now that it was okay for me to do this and not worry about what it could lead to, because now there were no laws against us. Frank seemed to be sharing the same thought as me, and he pressed his lips harder against mine, letting my tongue slip into his mouth without hesitation and eagerly opening his mouth further. We couldnt kiss long, and we really shouldnt have started in the first place because it was becoming increasingly difficult to pull away. Eventually though we had no choice and we pulled apart. He smiled softly at me and I gently kissed the corner of his mouth before releasing him from my arms.
"We should get changed." I said quietly and he nodded, passing his tongue over his lips as he turned to grab his costume. I took mine and went into the ensuite bathroom, I had no problems with getting undressed infront of Frank, but I didnt want to make him feel uncomfortable so I left him to get changed in the main room.
I got dressed quickly, and then sweeped on some eyeliner, smudging it with my finger tip and admiring the affect in the mirror. I drew on a curly moustache using the eyeliner before leaving the bathroom to find Frank sat on the bed waiting for me. He grinned at me and we both shared a laugh as we saw eachother in our costumes.
Frank jumped to his feet and kissed me quickly before taking my hand and pulling me from the room, eager to get to his party and I was more than happy to get the good times started.

Frank went round the room, hugging and thanking everyone for the gifts they had given him. When he had seen the small pile of presents waiting for him on the coffee table he had been so surprised it was adorable, he just couldnt believe we had all gone out and bought him something. It had been great to see him opening his presents and staring in joy at all he had been given, the way he had unwrapped each gift carefully as if the very paper itself was precious and a single tear would break his heart. But watching him also made part of my heart ache just a little. He was so surprised and grateful for everything, and I felt a little guilty. For my eighteenth I had had a much bigger pile of parcels, and a much more extravagent party, and yet I dont think I had been any where near as grateful as Frank was. It made me wonder if I was just a little selfish, maybe I didnt appreciate things as much as I should do.
Franks presents lay on the coffee table, neatly assembled with the cards dotted around them, but he had yet to open the presents off me. He had recieved a Bouncing Souls T - shirt off Mikey and Alicia, a pair of Iron Maiden trainers and three Misfits concert tickets off Ray and his parents, a plain silver chain link bracelet and a frame off my ma', inside the frame had been a picture of her and Frank playing the x-box together, my mom had been about to shove Frank to put him off and Mikey had been behind the sofa with his fist in the air, clearly yelling something. I had taken the photo when I was trying out a new camera of Ma's, I didnt know she had kept it but I was glad she did. And from Bob Frank had received three studded belts, each one belt with alternating with another color - red, green and pink.
I waited until Frank had sat back down before giving him my presents.
I had wanted to buy him tonnes of things, to spoil him rotten and make sure it was birthday he would never forget, but then I realised if I did such a thing people would get suspicious. They would wonder why I had bought him so many things if we were merely friends. So I had played it safe and bought him two gifts, and then when no one else was around I had a third present for him upstairs.
"And heres my presents." I grinned, handing Frank the card and single box shaped gift. Frank took them from me with a grin and carefully unwrapped the parcel, pulling away the black paper to reveal the Saw movie box set beneath. He grinned and looked up at me.
"Thanks Gee." He cried and I shrugged, he didnt even know the best of it yet... but he was about to.
Frank picked up the white envelope and pulled the card free, it was just a normal birthday card, but when he opened a slip of white paper fell into his lap. Confused, he laid the card down on the table and picked up the little piece of paper. His eyes scanned the words printed on it and his lips parted.
"Oh my god..." He whispered, and before I knew it I had been knocked back into the wall from the force of him diving on me. "Gee - thank you so much!" He cried, burying his face into my shirt and wrapping his arms tight around my neck. I laughed and embraced him, not caring if anyone saw. I was just so happy he liked it.
"What is it?" Asked Mikey, craning his neck to try and get a glimpse of the paper.
"Its an appointment for me to get a tatoo next Saturday." Frank said excitedly, pulling away from me and staring down at the paper in his hands as if it were the holy grail itself. My moms face went white and she glared at me.
"Gerard, did you have to?" She snapped and I gave her a sheepish grin.
"Tattoo of what?" Mikey asked and Frank tilted his head to the side, thinking.
"Anything he wants." I answered for him. "And I'll be paying for it." I added, giving Frank a warm smile, he giving a grin so large it lit up his entire face.
"Thank you Gerard." He whispered. "Thank you everyone." He added, turning to face the room at large. "This is the best birthday I've ever had." He grinned and everyone gave him warm smiles.
"And its only just getting started, now - wheres the food at?" Asked Mikey, jumping to his feet and making a bee line for the kitchen.

I stood at the door waving good bye to Mikey and Alicia, they were the last to leave and it was getting pretty late. Frank was staying over at mine because my mom would be getting up early the next morning to go visit some friends and Frank wanted to 'watch the rest of the saw movies' before he went. So she had set off home half way through the first Saw movie and Frank was left to stay with me for the night, not that either of us were complaining.
The party had been great, ending in a horror movie marathon and everyone had ended up getting so scared that when some trick or treaters came to the door no one had the nerve to go and answer it, just in case it wasnt some innocent kids.
Ray and his parents had left only half an hour before Bob did, and then Mikey and Alicia had left about twenty minutes after that. It was past midnight but I wasnt tired, and Frank too was still filled with energy, probably from all the candy we had been eating.
I went back into the living room and smiled at Frank who was sat watching the end credits of the last Saw movie. He turned and grinned at me and got to his feet, running into my arms and wrapping his legs around my waist, pressing a chaste kiss to my lips.
"Did you have a good time?" I asked and Frank nodded, nuzzling his face into my neck and kissing the flesh there gently.
"I had a great time, thank you so much for this Gee." He answered and I could feel his smile through his kisses.
"It was my pleasure, and if you come with me I have one more present for you upstairs." I said and Frank leaned back to raise his eyebrows at me. I rolled my eyes and lowered him to his feet, taking his hand and walking towards the stairs.
"Not like that Frank, get your mind out the gutter." I chuckled and he grinned at me, allowing me to pull him up the stairs and into my bedroom. I let go of his hand and walked over to the draw where I kept all my drawings and looked around for the one I wanted. Frank sat down on my bed and watched me with curious eyes.
I found the piece I wanted and pulled it out of the drawer, turning to face Frank who was watching me with a small smile.
"Its nothing huge." I said honestly. "But I wanted to give you something personal." I handed Frank the drawing and watched as his eyes roamed over it, growing wide as they took it in. I had drawn him and me, stood in a tight embrace and sharing a soft kiss, surrounded by black feathers that were falling from the sky and into the graveyard we were stood in. I had spent hours on it, making sure each detail was perfect and then shading it in black and white to make it more somber. As Frank was looking at it I went over to my mirror and pulled off the hat and wig, using my sleeve to wipe away the eyeliner moustache.
"Gerard..." His soft whisper caused me turn and look at him, his eyes still glued to the page. "This is beautiful." He breathed and I smiled, blushing a little. I walked over to the bed and sat beside him, allowing him to rest his head on my arm.
"Really, its amazing." He added and I kissed the top of his head.
"I'm glad you like it." I whispered and he turned to meet me in a sudden but soft kiss, his lips moulding to mine perfectly. He let the picture gently float to the floor and then turned his body so that he could wrap his arms around me, and we fell together against the pillows. I wrapped my arms around him and our legs entwined as our lips worked softly together, tongues dipping into eachothers mouths to steal a taste with every chance they got. I pressed my hands to his waist and pushed them beneath his shirt, feeling his soft skin and savouring the way his body felt beneath my finger tips. His hands found their way into my hair and the kiss intensified as we pushed our bodies closer. I knew he trusted me, and I knew I loved him, and thats why I didnt think twice about what we were doing, it just felt so right, so natural - that I didnt have to think about it.
I pushed my hands further up his shirt and caressed his back and chest, rubbing my thigh against his crotch and causing him to bite down playfully on my bottom lip. The room was silent except for the wet sounds of kissing and the snatches of air each time we could sneak in a breath, and the sound was making me want him even more. Knowing he was eighteen meant there was nothing in my mind to make me even consider stopping and I rolled us over so that I could settle atop him, using my knees to keep most of my weight off him. His tongue pushed into my mouth as I slid my hands up his sides to his chest, eagerly feeling every inch of his skin and brushing my fingertips over his nipples. He bucked his hips up in response and gasped into my mouth, tangling his fingers in my hair and pressing his lips harder against mine. Our kissing became passionate and frenzied as our hips began to grind, and I could feel his erection growing against mine, the feeling making me go mad with desire. But I had to keep some control and I pulled back to look into his glazed hazel eyes.
"Frankie..." I panted and he smiled shyly at me. "We... we shouldnt, I mean... we dont have to..." I stuttered and he leant up to kiss me once quickly on the lips.
"Gee, I've been waiting for my birthday for so long... I've had the most amazing presents but there was only one thing I wanted... you." He looked me deep in the eyes and I could see he meant what he said. He trusted me now so fully that there was no fear for what we were about to do.
"I love you Frankie..." I whispered and he rubbed his fingers over the back of my neck.
"I love you Gee..."

A/N: Agh!! This chapter was such a pain to write x_x I wrote a really long, detailed chapter and then my damn computer crashed and it didnt save dies I just had to re-write it and I'm sorry to say it probably didnt turn out as good as the last time, but I've been away on holiday for a week and I really didnt want to keep you guys waiting any longer. So I hope this is okay :/
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